Friday, May 28, 2010

** This 'n That on a Friday Night **

It's  been a busy, but productive week. I'd have to say that yesterday was THE busiest and THE productiviest! <<  is that even a word?! I do like to make up words sometimes!

Yesterday, I got up early and decided I really needed and wanted to walk on one of "my trails". There are a couple near my home that I rather drive to, and walk along the path, than to just stay home and walk in the neighborhood. So...whatever works, right? I usually never remember to take my camera, but I made sure I took that, too. It's just very beautiful and peaceful. I love to walk alone, and be in my own thoughts, etc.
One of these days, as soon as possible, I really have to get a better camera. Mine is fine for "normal" pictures, but not for distance or really close-up shots.'s two.

This is a rather large pond and pretty waterfall in the back. And right behind it, just on the other side of the tiny bushes, is a fairly busy street. There is also a cute gazebo, where many weddings are held. I couldn't get close enough to take a picture of it, though.

(I should send a shout-out to Daisy at Dancing With Daisy, because she always posts pretty photos from her walks, too. I was just thinking about all those snowy and icy pictures we all posted this past winter. How far away that all seems now, but we thought spring and summer would never arrive!)

Before I left the house, I called and made an appointment for Tiger to get groomed. She was shedding really badly and also needed her nails "done"! They were able to take her right away, so I dropped her off on the way to the trail.

After my walk, I decided I really needed the inside of my car cleaned, since it was full of old dog on to the car wash...inside and out. They did a fantastic job.

I came home and did some vacuuming......old dog hairs! I also washed the 2 little quilts that are used for Tiger's bed.....and her pillow cover...because they guessed it: dog hairs.

I slightly edited and submitted a story to Guideposts that I'd worked on a year or so ago, and had even submitted elsewhere. I feel really good about it, although, I always feel very optimistic about my writing!! Their guidelines said it can take two months to hear from them, which is quite normal. I'm not going to divulge what it's about at this time. I'm kind of funny sometimes about that!

Somewhere in there, I stopped by my chiropractor's to get an adjustment!

AND, somewhere in there, I had lunch, worked some in my office, watched a little TV, etc.

Here's Tiger's "after" photo! She actually looked a lot thinner with so much hair brushed and washed out!
I love it, too, that Kennelwood always puts an appropriate bandana on her when she's all finished. This one is red, white and blue and says USA on it....obviously for Memorial Day.

This weekend, let's all remember what Memorial Day is really all about.
Have a safe and happy one.....looks like Tiger definitely will.

"For in acceptance lieth peace". -- Amy Carmichael


  1. You were a busy gal today - you go girl. And yes - let us really remember what Memorial Day is all about. sandie

  2. My goodness where do you get your energy? The day was so beautiful, glad you could enjoy it.

  3. Hey Chatty/Sandie! Yep, I was a busy gal...yesterday! Today I still got a lot accomplished, but it was all at home, sitting at my desk most of the day!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey Linda! I am NOT a high-energy-level person! I only have days like that every once in a Blue Moon! I'll probably be worthless tomorrow! :o

  5. Awww, Tiger looks so cute with that bandana :)
    You were quite the busy bee, glad you had so much done in one day!

  6. Wow, that was a productive day! Thank you for the link and mentioning my blog, Becky! :-) I love that waterfall picture--looks like a very pretty and peaceful spot. And speaking of peaceful, Tiger looks pretty peaceful too after her makeover. I bet it felt good to her to get groomed.

  7. Hi Becky,

    Your pictures are lovely, and yes it does look like quite relaxing walk. I love taking nature walks, they refresh the soul. And Tiger looks so cute in her little bandana, and I'm sure she smells much better as well, I know Joey always smells so good after he gets a hair cut and groomed.

    BTW... just so you don't get to excited, and upset with me this time. LOL... I removed myself from your followers since I don't do the follower thingy anymore. I noticed you are moving right along, you almost have 60 followers, and I will continue to follow you wherever you go.... hee, hee.


  8. you make me tired, i need to sit down. love the pic of the dod. have a slow, slow weekend. rose

  9. oh..those pictures are pretty..and if you do ever get a 'better' will no doubt have a blast with it!

    ciao bella
    thanks for stopping in!

    creative carmelina

  10. Hi Becky, thanks for the beautiful pictures. That is so neat that you have that wonderful "trail" close by. It is a good feeling when you get so much done in one day, isn't it? Also, I really enjoy the new background on your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Wow--bet you were as pooped as Tiger looks after that busy day!!! Cute photo!

  12. Hi Estrella! Thanks! Yeah, I kinda love my dog a lot!! :)

    Hi Daisy! Thanks! Glad you liked the pictures, and yes, Tiger usually comes home pretty tired after her day at the "doggy spa"!!

    Hi Ann! Thanks! Luckily, Tiger hardly ever has a bad "aroma" wafting from her body! :)
    And I totally understand about your following status!!

    Hi Rose! Thanks, and just typing it all, made me tired! I honestly am a very low energy person, but I delight in the days when I do feel good and productive!

    Hi Carmelina...thanks so much! I'm going to borrow my son's camera when either of us remembers, because we got him a really nice one, for his birthday a couple of years ago and he said good old mom could keep it for awhile!

    Hi Kathy! Thanks, and yes I'm so glad, too, that I have such pretty areas near my home. And I was playing around with the different templates last night and came up with this one. Glad you like it!

    Thanks, Tam! And yep, I was that tired, too!

  13. My walking route is pretty, but yours is gorgeous!

    Tiger looks so cute with the bandana. I can buy one from our groomer, but they definitely don't come free. Hope you are having a great holiday weekend.


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