Tuesday, June 1, 2010

* It Can't Be Almost Wednesday Already *

My apologies to friends I owe e-mails to.....
To friends I owe comments to....
My day began around 4:30am and hasn't stopped yet......no time wasting, and no nap, either!
And it appears the rest of the week will be very similar.
But it's all good. No problems. Just Busy!

I'm sure I'll be back to post something tomorrow. You know I can't stay away!

Somewhere during those precious 24 Hours I'm given each and every new day.....I must get going on the June birthday cards, and devote much more time to my book!! Please send me good vibes, good karma, cosmic encouragement, well wishes, whatever!

I cut this headline out of the newspaper some time ago. Although I think the situation in the Gulf is very tragic and sad, I couldn't help but use this for my blog.
See. I'm BP. Get it?? And I really need to be urged to work harder on those cards and on my book!

"I am definitely going to take a course on time management...just as soon as I can work it into my schedule" -- Louis E. Boone


  1. Please be careful that you don't wear yourself out and get sick. OK?

    It think this is just a crazy time of year for many people. Yesterday I was grumbling about being so far behind in my housework for a Monday afternoon, then I realized it was Tuesday afternoon. Yikes!

    Have a wonderful, PRODUCTIVE day. :)

  2. That was cute - BP needs to work harder. Well I say just keep moving but don't get stressed. It will all come together.


  3. Hi Becky,
    Cute caption on your calendar, although I like your BP much more than the infamous oil company.
    Critique group wasn't the same without you yesterday.

  4. Be gentle with yourself, Becky. What gets done gets done and what doesn't, doesn't. Life is for living, not stressing. You are a great person who already gets a LOT done so go easy on you! Just a few words of unsolicited advice from one who used to be a blender brain! ha! Sincerely, Susan

  5. Becky, I'm catching up on a little blog reading this fine morning and wanted to say a. congrats on your story acceptance! And that Mark Twain quote is one of my all-time favorites. (I have as much fun catching up on your quotes as your posts :-)

    Guess I should get to work, too. (But I enjoyed my little blog break.)

  6. OH you're right BP. Get with it girl!

  7. LOVE IT! I think I need a glaring newspaper headline to encourage me to get going!!!

  8. Dear B.P.:

    I know that working harder isn't really the problem, you just have so much to do!

    I'll keep you in my prayers. You really are getting a lot accomplished and it will fall into place. I have to admit that I've been missing your comments on my blog, cuz I've been doing some actual writing again!

    Take care Becky,

    K.M. (doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?) lol

  9. Whatever it takes to get the ball rolling is what I say! And for me it may take an extra large baseball bat.


  10. What a cool message for you! But don't over do it!

  11. You're a pip! You make me laugh. Now, get back to work. :)

  12. How clever! You ARE BP. :D You're a busy gal, Becky. I hope progress on your book is being made (I'm sure that it is). Don't wear yourself out, my dear.

  13. Hey everyone!! Thank you all SOOOO much!! You don't know how great all your comments make me feel!

    I'll be back to leaving better replies by tomorrow or Friday, probably!! :)

  14. hey! we all have those days/weeks. you'll get back on track. have a good day. rose

  15. Thanks, Rose! You're a sweetie!

  16. I dunno BP. Sometimes I think you need to take a break to defrag. Everything comes together better after you've done that!


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