Thursday, July 29, 2010

* Finally -- I'm Having My July Contest! *

 I've finally come up with my July Contest! It's going to be my biggest and best so far. There are many prizes and they will all go to ONE WINNER. All of the items are new, never been used. As I browse and shop, I always come across things that I think would make neat gifts for friends, and that's what these prizes are.
These all match: 6 file folders, darling little sticky notes, 4 pens, & a set of 8 note cards.
If you love pink and'll love these!

A closer look at the sticky notes: 2 sizes and different patterns.

2 cute little hard cover books. Both are 5½" x 6".

This book is awesome. I've given quite a few as gifts, and I have one, too.
It's the perfect book for keeping track of the books and authors you've read.

There are dozens of these kinds of books, but I've always liked this one the best because it gives you an entire page for one author. Then you list all the books you've read by that person, and can rate it, etc.
Some of the other books to keep track of your reading just aren't set up the same.

It also has an area to write down the books you've loaned out to friends.

This is a great area to keep track of readers groups, clubs, meetings, etc.

Just a closer look at the 4 pens and the note card set of 8.

This book looks really cute. I barely opened it because I didn't want it to look "used"!
It says" A story for anyone who thinks she can't save the world".

This little book is full of homemade tea recipes and yummy treats to go along with your tea!

Well, there you have it! You could be the winner of all these items. The rules are very simple.

1) You must be a follower of mine.
2) You need to leave a comment & say why you would like to win these items! No particular word count required. You can be as long-winded or micro-minded as you wish! Creativity is a PLUS. Winner will be drawn randomly, but hey, let's make it fun and interesting, okay?!
3) Contest will end on Tuesday, August 3rd, at midnight CDT. Enter soon, before you miss it.
Have Fun and Good Luck!

** A little P.S. to this. You don't necessarily have to be a grandma to enjoy the "grandma" book. It's about how one person can make a change in this world! **

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." - Mark Twain


  1. The Grandma book did it for me - perhaps by saving the world, I can save myself, too!

    What a haul of great stuff!

  2. What a great give-a-way! I love the Grandmother book. I read about the native women who make up the Grandmothers recently. Too cool! I could use the file folders -- I need all the help I can get to be organized! Besides --- I like PINK!

  3. I write, therefore I adore cute office supplies. :)

    Hopefully I won't be able to identify with the grandma book any time soon, but everything else looks wonderful.

  4. Glad to hear you were sipping your own tea, Becky! Both that tea book win would be TEARIFFIC for me. Toss my name in the hat or it or anything. Stay cool out there....

  5. everything is so cute but the book organizer got me. Currently I use a sheet of paper to keep my list current!

  6. Oh the office supplies are so cute, I adore flowers and writing, so this would be just perfect!
    At 23 I hardly think of being a grandmother, but as one who spends quite some time in the kitchen, that teatime treats book has definitely caught my eye ;)

    You must really love us if you put that much thought into picking out these things for the prize!
    Thanks! Even if I don't win, knowing you love us is a larger prize!

  7. Those are some terrific prizes that would certainly help me be more organized! And they're pretty, too!

    By the way, enjoyed your post on Tiger. What a good boy he is!


  8. I feel like I shouldn't enter because I won a few months ago, but what a generous and beautiful gift package, Becky!

    I really like the book journal, from a practical perspective. I have began doing reviews of t.v. shows and movies on my blog, and have been thinking of doing book reviews too. That journal would be helpful.

    Everything else is just plain pretty, girly stuff that I would love to win!

  9. I am a follower of yours. I am a grandma. And I LOVE pink. sandie

  10. I dunno...even if I win you'll have a hard time outdoing yourself after that chicken! :D

    Creative reason why I deserve to win -- A limerick about myself:

    When I was young I was quite buff,
    But now I'm like marshmallow fluff;
    Yet I feel in the pink
    holding paper and ink.
    So I hope I win all of that stuff!

    HA! I better stick to essays and short stories...LOL

  11. Becky, only you would have a July contest the last couple days of July! :-)

    Hmmmm...why I should win? Put me down with what Lisa said.

  12. Hi Becky....I would like to win because I love pink, I love pink folders, I can always use notecards, and love to read. That's for starters. I am a faithful Follower and I think you are cool! Susan

  13. What a generous giveaway, Becky! Such a wonderful collection of items too. I could easily see myself (or most anyone!) using all of those.

  14. i'm a follower. love the grandmother book. I'm a first time "grannie".my gradchild lives in a different state so this distance is hard. thanks for your comnt on my blog re reincarnation. no idea of it, but wanted responses. thanks

  15. Hi Becky Please enter my name and I will post your contest on my blog too. Let's see why would I like this stash. Well geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee who wouldn't? I love pink, I love to write, to read, I'm a granny and just because I rarely ever win anything. So there..............teehee. Love you sister, Mollye

  16. How sweet you are to offer these goodies. I need the books and author notebook so I can remember all the good books I've read!

  17. What a wonderful offering of gifts! You are too generous. The reason I love these items is they scream me. I'm a grandma, I drink tea, I read books, and I use office supplies all the time! Now, doesn't that seem like an awesome reason why it fits me? Besides, I love getting things in the mail. It is the highlight of my day:))

  18. You have a neat contest with a neat prize. Yes, it would appeal to more ladies than men.
    Thank you but I will pass on it.
    I'll have to see about becoming a 'reader' as I have a hard time pleasing all the ones I have right now. Returning comments takes a lot of time but I try (most of the time).

    I liked your Mark Twain quote but I can't find where it was that he said it. It is all over the Internet but never with a source. I am sure someone know, just don't know who or where to find.
    I like Mark Twain's work too.

  19. Wow! I've had Christmases with fewer gifts! You are one talented gift picker-outer, Miss Becky!!!

  20. had to jump back to you re my post reincarnation. no idea if this could happen. i wanted to try to encourage discussion.

  21. Thanks very much to everyone who's left a comment so far! I love all the various reasons WHY each one of you would love to win.
    And really, I didn't spend much money AT ALL. I just know how to find the bargains! :D

  22. Ok, so here goes.

    I would like to win these prizes purely for selfish reasons...

    In September, at the age of 42, I will be going back to school, to learn to be a Medical Assistant.

    I was laid off from my job in November of last year, and so I feel like it's time for a fresh start. Becoming a Medical Assistant represents a complete change in careers for me, as I have never worked in the medical field. EVER.

    I think about going back to school and changing careers at this age, and I am all at once excited and terrified.

    I could sure use a present right about now.
    I could sure use a present.

  23. Having just discovered you through Daisy, I've become a follower.
    It all looks lovely, but I like the teatime treats. I just love a treat with my cup of tea, I like baking too.

  24. What an awesome give away!! I came over because Daisy said this was the place to be :-) I NEED to win all of the things book related. I am so tired of asking people, "Do you know if I've read this one?" because I read too many at a time and forget which book is which... it could also be because I'm getting old, but I'm going with the too many books theory.

  25. Hello and Welcome to TotalBlammBlamm, Lynne, and Imbeingheldhostage!! Thanks for becoming a follower & commenting. You are now entered in the contest!
    Thank you, Thank you!

  26. Becky---

    I NEED that teatime treat book. My gut is not quite large enough and saggy enough to tuck into my socks (yet). However, with a few new delectable recipes to stir me into some baking frenzies, I think it will happen soon...

  27. Ohhh great pens and note cards. I came here from Daisy's blog. Nice to meet you. Your give away is nice.

  28. I finally got over here. Chatty Crone has told me you are wonderful and she is right!! I am a new follower. I love to read and take notes so these wonderful items would be right up my alley. I love Roses and so these cute office supplies would make me smile. Thanks for the chance.

  29. WOW! What a haul! Love love, love any pink girly office products. I am freak like that. The writers journal would be handy, and the two books would make great gifts. Pick me! Pick me

  30. Wow, you have some stuff there. I'm trying to get organized, so I'd like the organizing books. If I win, I'll share all the other stuff :-).

  31. Being a retired teacher, when the stores start offering all the school supply sales, I can feel that urge to stock up--- I loved to get all that stuff!! Now, when I saw those post-it-notes, pens, and books, lots of books, the feelings came back. Thanks, Becky, I'd love to be your lucky winner.

  32. Hi Sioux, Sandy, Linda, Frantic Mommy, Lynn and Nancy! And welcome to those of you that are new to my blog! I'm just thrilled and amazed how many wonderful people (mostly women!) I am getting to know through blogging. It's really a wonderful experience. I can't wait to see who The Big Winner is, tonite at midnight! Good Luck to all, and if anyone knows of anyone else who'd like to enter, send them on over!


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