Friday, November 12, 2010

* Beautiful Moments Need Not Be Expensive *

This kind of says it all, doesn't it?

I just realized this morning that I missed my 2 Year Blog Anniversary by two days! I began blogging on November 10, 2008, after much persuading and urging by writer-blog-friend, Karrie Mcallister. She helped me realize that I did indeed need a blog. Karrie even helped me get started on blogspot...all the way from Ohio. Yay for e-mail! I'm sure other writer friends told me about blogging, too, but Karrie was the catalyst.
Thanks again, Karrie! I owe ya!

Remember when I posted a picture of this old tree recently? I mentioned that's where we see an owl or two from time to time. Well.....I know it's very hard to see, but at the top of the tree, a little left of the center, is one of those beautiful birds! I actually took this picture from my office window this morning, holding my camera between the slats in the blinds. I zoomed as close as I could (not the best camera for long shots!) and used the "no flash" feature. If you click on this, though, you'll see a huge view.
What prompted me to look out the window was I heard the familar hoot-hoot that I hear so often! The last time that happened, by the time I went and grabbed my camera, he had flown away.
More Simple Pleasures!

Tiger-Gal's view when she lays by the front storm door.

She LOVES to lay there and keep a watchful eye, and/or snooze and I LOVE to watch her, too.
More Simple Pleasures!

Two Guys With Books!
I bought the little duck for a couple of dollars earlier this year at a place called Apple Wagon. It's located in Williamsburg, Missouri, which we pass when we drive to Osage Beach, Mo. He was just so cute, standing there holding his book...and me being a book person...I just had to have him! I didn't think any more about in maybe having a "collection of book holding animals and/or people"...until I saw old Santa there, at Dollar Tree! Well, you know I had to buy him, too. So, I guess since I have TWO of them, I've officially begun a collection!
More Simple Pleasures!

"The simplest things give me ideas." - Joan Miro


  1. Good Morning, Becky... thanks for these nice reminders of the simple things that make life so nice. My favorite is Tiger Girl lying by the front door. What a sweetie!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Karrie! Got'cha! Thanks!!

    Hi Sheila! Thanks so much! And I agree, I love my Tiger Girl!!

  3. Great pictures. Everyday simple pleasures are always the best. Hope you have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  4. Love the owl picture!!
    I will keep my eye out for figures holding books!

  5. Hi Marty! Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day, and weekend!

    Hi Alice! Thanks! Glad you like the owl picture...and oooh, yeah...keep an eye out for those figures holding books!! :)

  6. Congrats on your Blogoversary! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy anniversary, Becky.
    I love visiting your blog. Your posts are always uplifting and positive. It's like eating a jelly donut without the calories.
    Donna V.

  8. I have a darling figurine of a mama bunny reading to a pile of baby bunnies! I completely forgot about it until I saw this post. I'll have to move them to a place of honor on my living room bookshelf. :)

  9. Hey! and Happy November to you...a nice beginning to the day. I love the pictures. They inspire me to hit the keyboard and tell about my own bossy kitty who doesn't lie there so calmly. Hit my blog to see what she does!

    love you. Betty

  10. What a lovely post, Becky! Tiger has a beautiful view indeed. No wonder she likes to keep watch there. The book holding figures are really cute too! Have a nice weekend! :)

  11. Hi Becky,

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! I began my blog exactly 2 days before you did. Isn't that funny? My sister Julie was the one who encouraged me to go for it.

    Thank you for the reminder of the simple things. I love the photo of Tiger keeping an eye on things.

    God bless you and have a great weekend!


  12. I saw the owl right away! That's awesome! Congratulations on your two year blog anniversary:) Here's to many, many more. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

  13. Congratulations on your blogoversary. I love your thoughts on simplicity. I must focus more on such pleasures.

  14. congratulations!!!!

    you're right, that first pic says it all :-)

  15. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!! Time sure flies, doesn't it?

    Simple pleasures are indeed some of the best things in our lives. Sadly, though, we are often too busy to notice them...or we just keep looking for "great and mighty" things and overlook what's right in front of our face.

    Thanks for sharing your great photos. I love the one of Tiger lying in front of the door.

    Have a great day.


  16. congratulations for your 2-year blogaversary!! I am thrilled to be part of your awesome "flock" of followers ;-). Speaking of simple pleasures: I'm having a hot bowl of tortilla soup after being away from home for 2 weeks; eventhough I'm still at an airport waiting for my last flight, at least I'm back "home"!! Enjoying this moment like you have no idea. Have great weekend!!!

  17. Happy Two Year Anniversary my friend! I love your simple pleasures today. Makes me stop and think! I am so blessed.
    Warm Hugs,

  18. Happy 2 year anniversary! Congrats!

    I love taking note of the simple things in life - they're just a great little reminder that happiness can be found all around us! :)

  19. Happy Two Year Blogging Anniversary! Love the pictures and your book buddies. Such a warm hearted post.

  20. Happy blogoversary to you! Love the shot of the owl. Aren't they just the most magnificent creatures? We have several in our area, and I love to hear them hooting. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Kat

  21. Happy Blogaversary!

    Now I'll have my eye out for figurines holding books!

  22. Happy Blog anniversary, Becky! You always have something that makes me go "What d'ya know!?" Today it was the owl photo.

    Very c-hoot! (I know-that was bad. Pretend I didn't say that.)

  23. I imagine the sun feels good on Tiger Gal's bones when she sunbathes by the door...

  24. Becky,

    Simple pleasures are SWEET and make life so RICH!

    We also have an owl living nearby and enjoy the Hoot Hoot Hoot in the evenings.

    Blessings! sandy

  25. Congratulations Becky! See, you're having so much fun you've lost track of time. Hehehe.
    I love the tree photo with the owl. It reminds of a time when my husband and I were driving down a country road on a neighboring island, an owl flew across our path, settled on a fence post. I yelled for my husband to stop so that I could take a picture. I love owls, I don't even know why.

  26. Happy two year anniversary. And I thinkg it is the simple pleasures that make life so wonderful.

  27. Happy belated blogoversary Becky, I'm so happy you started blogging and that I've found you among so many blogs! :)

    Huge hugs darling!

    PS: those little guys holding their books are just adorable :)

  28. Hi Becky, I'm glad you're finding so many simple pleasures to enjoy and to share! This was a lovely post.

  29. Very cool owl picture!!! I often hear them, but I never get to see them. This was a treat!

  30. Oh, my, I have missed a lot in these past couple of weeks. A belated happy blogaversary to you! I'm delighted I discovered you (or you discovered me, which is how I discovered you!) and look forward to many happy returns!


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