Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Borders, Books, Dogs & Cats

* Yesterday I made an impromptu stop at a neaby animal rescue, knowing full well I'm not ready to get another dog. So, what did I do? I looked at the cats. I saw one in particular that reminded me of some  friends' gorgeous cats. He/she kept rubbing right up against the cage and letting me pet/scratch him/her. "It" was the only one in the entire room of cats I was interested in, so I went to the desk to ask about being able to hold it. There was paper work to be filled out. Then an attendant walked with me to the cat area. Inside the little "getting to know each other" room, the cat had no interest in me whatsoever. The little rascal only wanted attention while IN THE CAGE. Not to worry, says the attendant. I've got just the right cat for you. She brings back a boney, scrawny cat that doesn't seem any more interested than the previous one. This one, though, has a special effect on me. I STARTED TO BREAK OUT IN A RASH THAT ITCHED. (yes, I have been "kind of" allergic to some cats before, but that thought never occurred to me. Duh!)

Tiger-Girl   1/1/1997 - 12/13/2010  (I miss her so.)

Okay, so I allowed myself to be escorted back to the dog cages. There were about 20 dogs, and none of them did a thing for me. Just proves I am NOT ready for another dog in my life. And maybe I never will......And it also proved to me that I really do NOT want a cat, either...and that's good to know.

* This evening I got an e-mail from Mike Edwards, President & CEO of Borders. Betcha didn't know I was such good friends with him, did ya? Ahhh, I can't lie. It was a mass e-mail to everyone on their mass e-mail list. The good news is that Borders IS NOT going out of business. Whether Borders is your favorite book store or not isn't really important. As a book lover and published writer, I don't want to see any book store or publisher or agent go out of business, but that's exactly what is happening in the industry. Partly due to the economy and partly because of ebooks and self publishing. (That's a whole other subject which I'm not going to go into.) I'm just happy to know that Borders, as of today, filed for Chapter 11 and is reorganizing. Anyone interested in reading more about it, here's the link:
(The book stores and online store are all supposed to be Open For Business, as usual.)

A special Welcome and Thank You to my newest Follower: Beth Fred. Thanks, Beth! I hope you enjoy stopping here from time to time!

And, speaking of stopping by blogs....I want to apologize... I just can't seem to keep up with all the blogs I want to check on! I do peek at some, from time to time and just don't leave comments, and some I don't even get around to very often. I hope no one takes it personally. All my blog friends mean so much to me. Please understand that I'm desperately trying to get my memoir completed. That is at the top of my list, and other things are suffering because of it. But, it ever gonna be worth it when I'm finished!

"Give me a home with stacks and stacks of books, warmth in the cold of winter, and coolness during a heat wave. Give me plenty of my favorite drink(s): coffee, tea and diet soda. Give me my loving husband and entire family and friends.....and still with all of this.....I weep because Tiger-Girl is not here to share it with me." -- Becky Povich


  1. Perhaps one day when you are least expecting it someone will bring a dog into your life and you will know it is the right dog, right time. Or you wake up one day and decide that you need the companionship of another dog - not to take Tiger-Girl's place but a dog to take his/her own place.
    We have always had multiple animals usually at the same time - so there has always been a continuation.
    It is sometimes very hard to get around to all the blogs that you want and need to. Surely we all have other things going on that can take all our time, and when extra things come up it is nearly impossible.
    Yes, my son told me about Borders. For selfish reasons I hope their store near me is not one on the list to close. It isn't exactly down the street from me, but the next one would be many miles away. I understand the economics of it but nonetheless it saddens me that the 'little book store on the corner' hardly exists today. Book stores and old hardware stores are for me the adults 5 and dime.

  2. I have two dogs, Sampson and Petey and they are Rhodesian Ridgebacks 120 lbs each, brothers from the same litter. If you want a loving well behaved loyal kicked back dog they are wonderful.

    I love you blog and I am now a follower.
    Have a great week Becky

  3. Thanks, Mya for all your wonderful comments. I agree on everything and love your 5 and Dime thoughts!

    Patti: Hello, welcome and thank you so much! I had to look up photos of your doggies, because I wasn't familiar with them. They're beautiful! And I do see "why the name". Your description of them is EXACTLY what I'm looking a not-really-looking kind of way!

  4. Aww Becky, I know how you must be missing Tiger. When you least expect it another little fur bundle will happen into your heart.

    The industry is changing by the moment isn't it? I have a friend who swore by books and now has been converted by Nook. Scary how fast it's happening.

  5. Becky it was good that you stopped by the animal shelter..just shows how much you care but aren't ready. No cat for you lady!! Allergies do not make loving relationships. There will come a time for another dog if it is meant to be.

    Don't worry about visiting us, it does it hard sometimes, just work on that book! I also got that message from Borders and I'm so glad they aren't closing completely. I love 'real' books! hugs, Linda

  6. "The good news is that Borders IS NOT going out of business..."

    The bad news is: the Borders bookstore, a possible four-minute brisk walk away from my front door and the hangout I and my entire neighborhood call our second home, IS! We're simply shattered. What's even more devastating: the employees (<--people we have come to know as friends --and, in many cases, more like family members) learned of their job loss mere minutes before the rest of the world did. It is all very, very sad indeed. Liquidation starts today...

  7. You'll be ready when you're ready, honey; and I know you will be ready sooner or later because you have so much love to give! Pets and people alike are very lucky to be your friends :)


  8. Don't give up on cats! :-( Ok, don't force it either. I find most cats to be loving...sometimes they aren't because they've been in a shelter too long, they're like prisoners. Anyway, regarding the itching, that cat may have had more dander than most. I am more allergic to my Pumpkin than my Reesey because of the dander. I take my Zyrtec and keep them anyway. I hope you find the right pet when the time is right and bless your heart for going to a shelter to adopt!
    I'm so happy my local Borders isn't closing because I will not shop at Barnes & Noble. I don't like the local one at all.

  9. Aww, sweet Tiger! She was one of a kind. I am sure you will be missing her forever. So glad to hear that about Borders!! When I saw that I immediately thought that technology was to blame!! I don't think I would be able to "curl up" and read that way. Hope you are not "itchy" anymore! Two of the kids get that, they just look sooo uncomfortable! Take care!

  10. I think the trip to the pound was a sign, you just aren't ready. I have a friend who got a puppy soon after losing her dog to an illness. While she loves the puppy he is a HANDFUL
    and a half! You'll know when you are ready. :)

  11. I feel you... This week I was just downright lazy about blogging. I tried to respond to all who left comments on my blogs. But didn't do to much visiting, but I did get three books read this week.

  12. When you're ready for another pooch the Lord will put him/her in your path and you'll know it is time.

    I have trouble keeping up with blog commenting, too, and find I sometimes spend more time reading and commenting than working on my writing. It's a dilemma.

  13. At least you know that now is not the right time for you yet to have another dog. It takes time to get to that point, I think.

    I was sad when I heard about Borders too.

    Good luck with working on and finishing up your book. I know that is your main goal right now. :)

  14. Fortunately, my local Borders remained open.

    And you'll get another dog when the time is right. And then everything will be right about it. :-)

  15. I agree with Mya. You'll know it's the right pet when you meet him or her, because the little guy or gal will speak directly to your heart. Also sad about Borders, and hope they don't close the one by us either!

  16. I agree with Mya, the right pet will let you know it is the right one. Also sad about Borders, and hope they don't close the one near us.

  17. I know what you mean about not having time to check all the blogs you'd like to, Becky. There are some I check faithfully every single day, however. Come to Writing Straight from the Heart any time you have a free moment. You will always be welcome. No stress, though. If you don't have time, that's just the way it is. Have a great Saturday! Susan

  18. Hi, Becky,

    Can't force the timing. You just can't. You'll know it when you see him or her, and you'll know the right one. You will.

    I've been thinking of this lately. The Gypsy has something ailing him -- time for the vet and who knows what. At 13 and a half, it's not surprising something's amiss and I'm hoping it is only an easy to treat thing. Still, I look at him and it breaks my heart for the huge space he fills. We all know one day we will say goodbye -- we just don't want that day to come any sooner than it needs to. And I'm not so sure I could easily walk into a shelter and pick out a new one. In fact, I know iit will be very hard.

    Gotta go now. Can't see the screen aymore... didn't mean for that to happen...

  19. I'm glad you visited the shelter to feel things out. There are so many critters in need of a loving home.



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