Sunday, March 27, 2011

* The Life Sherpa Guy Really Knows His Stuff *

From what I've heard through the grapevine and read on some of today's blog posts, I'd say our Guest Speaker yesterday at Saturday Writers was a Huge Hit! I haven't written much about our meetings on my personal blog, because I write about it on its own blog.

Joe Holleman
(photo: courtesy Sheree Nielsen)

Whenever someone books a speaker for a presentation, the outcome isn't guaranteed. You choose people you either know well and/or admire greatly, make the request, and go from there. Yesterday's speaker was a well known reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. His name is Joe Holleman and he writes a humorous column, Life Sherpa, in the Life & Style section, which can be read online at the link provided. I hadn't met Joe or knew anything about him, other than reading his column. It occurred to me that he'd most likely give a great presentation on writing, and in particular, writing for a newspaper. I e-mailed with my request and voile'... he accepted. He did not disappoint us. He energized everyone with his presentation. He educated us, entertained us, and answered questions.

Being the president of any group takes quite a bit of time and work, but I am loving every minute of it. I titled my latest column in our newsletter: Work + Great People = Fun.That's the way I look at most things in life. If something requires a lot of work, then I want to be able to enjoy it and the people I work with.

These past three months have been great. Our board members are awesome, hardworking individuals. A few of them have been on the board in the past, which is so helpful to me. Whenever I have questions, I can turn to them. Our new board members are also very helpful. Because they are new, they particularly have enthusiastic ideas.

I'd like to publicly thank them, plus the previous years' board members. Saturday Writers is an awesome writers' group, because of hard work, innovative ideas, great speakers, educational workshops, and talented members. If is wasn 't for all of you, Saturday Writers wouldn't be what it is today.

Joe also shared some of his favorite writer quotes with us. The following is one of my top choices!

"My most important piece of advice to all you would-be writers: When you write, try to leave the stuff out that people don’t read." – Elmore Leonard


  1. Great meeting, Beck! And I am all the way in the vote for stale peeps! I'll have to try them in the microwave now.

  2. I just became a follower to Saturday blog...had to find it. Told Donna SW was on my Bucket List! Nice job on your pages, Becky!

    Oh, and thanks for super kind words on my own blog!

  3. I was so sad that I couldn't come to the meeting yesterday (but thought I'd have hated driving home in the snow if I had come).

    I really want to hear Joe Holleman speak.

    Maybe I'll get another chance someday.

  4. Sounds like a good one. Seems like a humorist often makes a good speaker.


  5. Sorry I missed the meeting--I plumb forgot! Sounds like it was a good one. Oh, and I have a contribution for your gift basket! Don't let me forget to get it to you!

  6. Hi Becky,

    Wow, that sounds great. If I lived a bit closer, I would join you guys too. Good for you for putting your energy there.

    I got your card, and I LOVE it! I will use it as a bookmark and think of you often, whenever I see it. Thank you!


  7. Yes Becky, it shows how much hard work you put into the group. I really enjoyed Joe and the group. Thanks to all, especially you.

  8. It was a super meeting. You did an amazing job. You're like the Energizer Bunny, and I love your hairdo.

  9. Hello Anonymous ~ Wish you would've left your name for me, too! Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. I'm not sure about the peeps in the microwave, though! That was Sioux's idea, I think!

    Hi Bookie ~ Thanks for your comments. I saw yours on Donna's blog, too, about joining SW being on your Bucket List!That would be awesome for you to come visit us! We could definitely provide you a home away from home for a few days, too!

    Hey June ~ I'm sorry you missed it, too, but I totally understand! The weather did turn bad right after the meeting. Joe was phenominal! And yes, hopefully he can come back sometime.

    Hi Sue ~ Thanks, yes he was great.

    Hey Tammy ~ You missed the best one yet. Let me know when and how you want to meet up with the basket stuff!

    Hi Kathy ~ Yes, I wish so many of you lived near here and we could get together in person! I'm glad you liked my card. I really wasn't very happy with it. Like I told you, my creative side wasn't cooperating that day! Thanks! :)

    Hi Lynn ~ Well, gee, y'all are embarrassing me! "I'm just doing my job, ma'am". Isn't that what Joe Friday of Dragnet used to say?!

  10. Hey Donna! Thanks, AGAIN! And calling me the Energizer Bunny is really funny. I may SEEM like one, but whenever I have a big day, like meeting days, I'm worn out for about 24 hours...or more! :)
    Thanks for the compliment on my hair, too!

  11. Becky, It sounds like a great way to spend a saturday! Wish I lived closer!

  12. I'll never cease to say this until I have one of my own: you are so lucky to have a real life writer's group :)

  13. I love that Elmore Leonard quote, and it helps me appreciate that I've never been a skimmer. I read every word, and so I expect those who read my writing to read every word. With that expectation, I'm less likely, I guess, to write the stuff people don't read!


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