Wednesday, March 16, 2011

* To Tell The Truth *

Okay, I'm going to fess up today. I think I'm really supposed to wait a bit longer, but since I may have mislead people on Number 2, I feel the need to clear things up.

1) Yes, this happened.

2)  Yes, this happened, too. Long story short: I cried when I was in the exam room, the nurse gave me kleenexes and looked scared, herself, telling me to please not cry. The "big, mean-looking dentist" came in and when I wouldn't quit crying, covered my mouth with his hand, pressing hard and kept telling me to shut up!! Can you imagine?? He was a pediatric dentist, and supposed to be so good!

3)  Yes, this happened. Another LONG story, but while playing in the basement of the apartment building we lived in at the time, the old neighbor lady had an old stove stored down there. Another friend and I played in the basement and pretended we cooked on the stove, etc. Somehow, a heating element was missing and she accused ME of taking it. Like I had a use for THAT! Another tearful episode...

4)  NOPE! I did bowl for many years and loved it, but never got a 300. My highest game was something like 225.

5)  Yes, this happened, too. We were trolling for fish in my brother-in-law's boat, and a huge barracuda just happened to get hooked onto my fishing pole. It was really exciting and scary, both, and he had to do most of the work because I wasn't strong enough to reel him in!

So, there you go. I had a difficult time with this, especially after reading some of the others. I'm amazed at the adventures and/or scary things that happened to my friends!

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"I am such a bad liar. I would like to lie, though." -- Natalie Imbruglia


  1. I always thought my dentist when I was little was creepy, but I think I'd rather have mine than yours! Poor thing, I'm surprised you go to the dentist at all after that experience. I should've stuck with the bowling one, but it really seemed possible - at least once! Okay, now I had to play this game, check out my blog for my truths and lie. :-) Okay, but I'm curious what the neighbor lady thought you stole!

  2. Well, what do you know...I got this one right!!!

    That is horrible about the pediatric dentist. I'm glad it wasn't sexual abuse, which is what I was thinking, but still, that is NOT a way for a dentist to act. I wonder, did his mean badgering get to you to stop crying? Or did you cry all the more?

    Have a great day,

  3. Your barracuda story reminded me of the stingray I caught in Florida. I was so disappointed...My dad cut the line and let it go...

  4. When we lived in Key West there was a little inlet just up the road where my hubby would take my son (6 at the time) fishing. They caught barracudas a couple of times. Those are some creepy fish. Ugh.

    The dentist was a nut job. That's my armchair psychiatric opinion.

  5. Oh my! That dentist story--how dreadful! That would be enough to shake your confidence in any dentist again, I'd think!

  6. Thanks, y'all....yeah that dentist gets a mention in my memoir...The Pediatric Dentist from Hell!

  7. I noticed the dentist thing right away because I've spent the afternoon at the dentist's office and have to go back next week for a crown. I'll crown him if he doesn't behave though. Ha. (He's really a sweetheart though.)


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