Saturday, April 16, 2011

* I'm Not a Poet....and Don't I Know it *

April is poetry month: I'd like to share some of my poetry (?) talents.

Let me first say, I do not write poetry. I know I am not any good at it. So, whenever I have to write any, I always write silly stuff, in an attempt to be humorous.This particular one was written quickly, in an exercise where everyone had to write down one word, then write a sentence with it, and then pass it to the person on their left. The next word had to be included in the next sentence, etc. (those words are underlined)

Ron and I drove by the town dump.
It seemed as if our lives were at stake.
The money was mistakenly put in a can.
We needed a magical seer to locate it
among the piles of trash.
As I climbed out of the car,
walking toward a bright red light,
my neck tattoo shone in the dark.
It sure didn't smell like a garden out here.

There you are. Poetry: Povich-Style!


  1. Wow, this is an original!Povich Pretty Poetry!

  2. Oh, Donna! Don't you think it's just awful?? Do you recognize the exercise? It was at Saturday Writers workshop last October! :D

  3. That would be a challenger, Becky. Hey! Like your new profile photo! So cute. Susan

  4. I don't know...I think you have a certain "something." Seriously, I am a horrible poet! I've tried and tried. Trust me, you write better poetry than I do--by a long shot!

  5. Becky, I am delighted to see your efforts. I think you did a great job. There are still 13 more days left for poetry month. How about another one?

  6. I agree with Barb -- how about another?? :)

  7. I really like the last line. Forays into uncharted territories--good for your writing muscles.

  8. Ah...thanks y'all. You're really all too kind! And obviously a little batty, like me! :)

  9. That's funny! So, several of you wrote it? Like the old game of "telephone" but on paper?

    Becky, I just published my first poem too yesterday on my blog ... I thank you for stopping by, but it was buried a few posts down, under The Letter N is for Naked in Nature ... if you have a chance to take a look, it is pretty funny.

    Love ya,

    Have a wonderful week ... oh, I love your new profile pic and the look of your blog. Great job!

    Kathy M.

  10. Just the title of this blog post deserves an award. Check out my O post tomorrow - I've written a silly poem too.

  11. To me, poetry is all about having fun with words, Becky, and I think you did just that! :D Hope you have a great week!

  12. Hi Kathy! No, I wrote the whole thing...just had to include those underlined words that were passed to me! I'll check out your blog asap.

    Glad you and Susan like my profile picture!

    Awwww, thanks Melissa and Daisy! And I'll check out your blog, too, Melissa!

  13. How fun! And great poem, very original, really liked it :)
    Love that you've decided to post a poem for Poetry Month (I'm posting one per week this month)


  14. hahah...probably the only kind of poetry I'd do. I think Dr. Suess brainwashed me as a child. If it doesn't rhyme, I don't get it. ;)


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