Tuesday, May 17, 2011

* Some Comments Still Missing *

I just discovered that some of the comments I thought were only temporarily missing, appear to be completely Lost in Blogger Space. While this is annoying in itself....you know...all those grand compliments I receive from time to time ☺.... I'm worried that some might be missing from the 200th Follower Contest comments.

Which means, I hope everyone goes back to here  to double check and make sure your comment is there! I don't want anyone to be left out. So, please check it and if you don't see yours, go ahead and leave a new one!!

"If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let'em go, because, man, they're gone."-- Jack Handey


  1. My comment is there. I had one post (still as a draft) that was replicated six or seven times.

    Made me seem sort of prolific.

  2. Yeah, I noticed some of the comments on my blog were never restored. It's frustrating for sure. I also had an old post that was re-published totally out of the blue. Very strange! I hope the Blogger troubles are behind us, fingers crossed!

  3. Ugh! It's certainly been frustrating. Hope the worst is over.


  4. Becky, Every single thumbnail of all my Followers is gone. Will they come back? PLEASE tell me 'yes.' Susan

  5. Jack's got a way with words, dudn't he?!

    Sorry to hear some of your comments have gone astray and, then, stayed there. Did you check the clothes dryer? Rogue socks sometimes turn up there. Maybe your comments will, too. Lol!

  6. Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping and commenting. Yes, it's very frustrating! AND, Susan....my followers are "gone" now, too!! Yikes! I'm going to go check on Blogger's "issues" right now!

  7. Blogger says they are still working on fixing everything....so hopefully, they can.

  8. I just love your quotes at the top of your header. :). Hope you are having a good day.

  9. We all lost comments. I just see that Chatty Crone never got hers back. Oh gosh. Friday the 13th, which happened to be my 71st birthday, I spent the day trying to set up a WordPress blog, just in case Blogger dies. Unfortunately, I can't figure out anything past the basics on WP, yet, so I'm glad my blog didn't disappear. Pretty scary.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  10. Aloha Becky;
    Yes, I remember going through a few blogs and not. I'm glad things are ok now.
    I love that artist who makes art with books, absolutely stunning.
    You've been busy too; glad you had time to stop by my blog, always glad to hear from you dear friend. You always leave such kind comments for me.
    Warm hugs to you.

  11. oh oh, my first sentence in my comment was incomplete. The rest is suppose to be " being able to leave a comment."
    ok, bye


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