Saturday, June 4, 2011

* Suffering from Wanderlust *

Have I mentioned lately that I've never felt such a desire, in my entire life, TO GO SOMEWHERE! Just about anywhere! This powerful force grabbed me a few days ago and hasn't lessened its grip, even a smidgen. I could go on and on as to the whys and wherefores, but I know for sure that my desire to get away and to WRITE is a huge part of it. (Oh, is it coming through loud and clear that I want to go alone?! Although I would take Vern if it was possible!)

Sweet Vern napping on his bed by the fireplace.

Part of me would love to go to a darling, beach side cottage, where the ocean waves would lull me to sleep at night, after a long, glorious day of research and writing.

Part of me yearns to visit the small town in Iowa that I love so dearly. It was the home of my grandparents and parents, long before I came along.

Right now I'd settle for a little 2 or 3 day get-away. Less than 50 miles away if that's all I could have. I just want to get OUTTA HERE

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Got any luxurious time-share places I could visit? ☺

“He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left” -Chinese proverb


  1. Check out this site for Writers' Retreats (I already picked Missouri for you):

  2. What about Trout Lodge (a YMCA facility)? It would probably be affordable...

    What about Pere Marquette Lodge in Grafton, Illinois? It's quite picturesque...

  3. I just checked, and those two places are more than I thought they would be.

    What about checking with some of the universities (Mizzou, for example)? Some of them might rent out their dorm rooms. They would probably be hot (the ac is probably not turned on in the summer) but it would be a "base" for you...

  4. I'm sorry that I don't know the geography of Missouri, so I can't offer a suggestion.

    I've always fancied a weekend retreat in one of those convents that are Silent Orders. No intrusion from the modern world.

    I hope you find a bolt hole soon!

    Ali x

  5. I can't make any suggestions since I'm not familiar with Missouri or the nearby area, but I hope you find a great place for at least a quick get-away soon. I can relate to how you're feeling, that's one of the reasons I decided to focus on day trips with Clancy this summer. Are there any state parks in your area that have lodging? Here there are some nice ones.

    Wherever you go, I hope Vern keeps you company. He's such a doll! :)

  6. I don't know where you live but I get those yearning feelings too! Sometimes they are so bad, I tell my husband I need to go see my sister in AZ or VA. He understands. It's like there is a gypsy gene inside of me. Calling me.

    This time I just made arrangements at a B&B in St. Augustine. One that will take both my girls for $15.00 a night. Has a pool and is down in the historical part of town so we can walk and shop and dine outside with the girls.Just a short trip to satisfy an itch.

    Sometimes you've just got to get away. Listen to your inner self and go and enjoy while you are still physically and financially able to go.

    Time's a wastin and they're calling. ~Ames :)

  7. Living over here in England, I'm afraid that I can't really come up with any suggestions for you, Becky! Hope something comes up for you and that you can get away, if only for a little break.

  8. come visit me! I'm in Sao Paulo until Wednesday... wouldn't that be something??
    I love VERN!!!

  9. I would gladly let you use our cabin. Just went up there today to let Cooper swim in the lake (little too chilly for the rest of us). Of course, you'd have to come to Michigan. :)

  10. I know when I get the urge to travel it drives me crazy until I do! Hope you can find a place to go too! hugs, Linda

  11. I can't suggest anything, but I can sure relate to the feeling!

  12. So many places are not that far away. As much as you like music, you might really enjoy Nashville. We certainly did! You'd be too busy to write, though.


  13. I hope you can get away sometime soon. I've had that feeling before too.

  14. OMG. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I want to go somewhere so badly. Wish we could switch houses, Becky! Susan

  15. I feel exactly the same. There is a B&B in Illinois near Alton on a bluff, if it is still there, called Tara Point. Check that out.

  16. A big Thank You to everyone! All of your ideas, suggestions and good wishes mean the world to me. I wish I could travel all over and visit every one of you!...especially YOU, OJ! :)
    I think I may have found a place! But, I won't divulge any info...yet. Not until it's a "done deal!"

  17. Oh, I can relate! I love the feel of the highway beneath my tires and the promise of an open road. Hope you find an opportunity to get away!


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