Friday, July 8, 2011


Time for another "I Wonder" blog post.

I Wonder: Are any of you writing for any anthologies or contests? I mentioned this last Friday and I'm happy to say that I submitted a story on July 4th for Storm Country. That's kind of appropriate isn't it? Sending it in on our country's birthday.

I Wonder: Will I be able to write two stories to submit to Chicken Soup for the Soul before July 31st? I do believe I will. I've already begun one for the "Say Goodbye to Back Pain" book, and I have my eye on a couple of others. 

I Wonder: What books are you reading right now? I just picked up a book from the library ( more buying least for a while!) that I had to wait a couple of weeks to get. That's always a good sign when all the copies are checked out and on reserve, don't you think? The name of it is "Best Staged Plans" by Claire Cook. I happened upon Claire's blog and/or website last month (I have no idea how I arrived there.) She's having a give-away and other things going on. If you want to be inspired, you really must hop over and read about her. She has an amazing that sounds dream-like, but is real. *Hint: one of her books was made into a very popular movie! 

** Also welcome to my newest followers: Diane, Deb, and Harry Goaz. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!

"Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined."-- Henry David Thoreau


  1. I'm still working on my "heat" story. Hopefully on Monday I will be able to submit it. (Thanks for the reminder.)

  2. Hi Becky, I've just finished "The Postmistress", by Sarah Blake and the week before last finished an Afrikaans book called "An affair to Forget", by Marie Opperman (tranlation mine) The first book took place during WWII but about people around the edges of the war. The second one, a true story, the author obsessed about what her husband and the "other" woman did and said to each other during their affair. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I love having you as a follower. Bless you,dear Becky. Have a great weekend. Jo

  3. I'm working on a manuscript revision right now, so no submissions to journals or anthologies are planned while I finish this up. Best wishes on your submissions, hope you hear good news!

  4. Maybe someday I'll write but for now I'm a reader. I will check out Claire Cook!
    hugs, Linda

  5. I know you will be able to write two stories by the 31st!

  6. It's funny. Since becoming a blogger, I don't have the same drive to submit that I once did. I like the creative control of a blog (and the ability to combine music, text, and pictures of my choice) so much better than working with a publishing company, and I also like the immediate feedback.


  7. I just noticed that you joined The Rogues, so I came on board here as well! I have just had my second eye surgery (yesterday) and can now begin my summer reading. Before my eyes quit on me completely, I was reading "Look Homeward Angel" for the second or third time. I plan to finish it before I launch into the rest of the books on my Kindle. When we get back from Jekyll Island, I will post my summer reading list on my blog.

  8. Reading stirs my creativity. I have a stack of books to read on my night stand now. Which means I am probably going to have a few sleepless nights. Once I get started I tend to keep going until the book is done. I need to get back into writing again.~Ames

  9. Becky, sorry about your bad back. You are targeting the right market. I am reading Toni Morrison, Jazz. Her sentences make my head spin...oh to write like her.

  10. Well, thank you for wondering. I am working on a frigid tale for Storm Country, plus a couple of Chicken Soups.

    I just finished reading "The Help", and started "In Zanesville", by Jo Ann Beard. After that will be "The Girl Who Fell From the Sky", by Heidi Durrow.

    I don't know what's gotten into me with all the fiction. I'm normally more of a nonfiction kind of gal.

  11. I'm reading 'Honor's Reward' by John Bevere--it's pretty good; Beth Moore's 'So Long Insecurity'--a little wordy but quite an eye opener; 'Your Eco-Friendly Yard'--some nice ideas in it; 'Gardening for a Lifetime' by Sydney Eddison--this is a stunning book for gardeners; Maya Angelou's 'Great Food, All Day Long'--fabulous recipes and writing; and 'The Whole Foods Market Cookbook'--don't even bother! I'm a serial reader.

  12. I just read Birthday Pie by Arthur Wooten (review to come on my blog) and next up is Karen Walker's Following the Whispers. WIP is just begun novel based on my mother's early WWII experiences, and also re-writing a story I wrote 10 years ago - it's about fairies. Do little girls still like fairies???

  13. Good luck with the stories! (You can do it!) LOVE the Thoreau quote!

  14. I just finished reading ON WRITING (finally) and it was very inspiring and helpful. I'm hoping to start BIRD BY BIRD this weekend, between revisions and traveling to Brooklyn for my grandfather's 100th birthday. (Yup, really!)

  15. I'm not doing any writing for publication. Perhaps some day when I've finished some of my projects. It's getting closer. I just finished reading "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy and am now reading "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Good luck with getting your submissions in, Becky. I'm sure you can do it. Our library is having a book sale next week. We sorted out a bunch that we had already read to donate to them to sell. The book shelves were getting too full!! haha! :)

  17. Hi Sioux! That's great, and I know you'll get it sent in time!

    Hi Jo! I've heard lots of good things about The Postmistress. That definitely will have to be one of my of these days...books to read! And thank you, I love having you as a follower, too!

    Hi Joanne! Oh, that's wonderful that you're working on your revisions!

    Hey Linda! If it wasn't for all us readers, there wouldn't be many books for us to read, would there?! Glad you love to read...and someday maybe you WILL write, too!

    Chatty ~ You have such confidence in me! Maybe it will float this way! Thanks!

    Hi Sue.. I totally understand! I hadn't thought of it that way until just now, but I think blogging is partly why I don't submit as often as I used to. I hope to change that now, though!

    Hi Judie! Thanks for stopping! I'm so glad your eye surgery was successful! Yes, let us know about your reading list!

    Hi Ames! I know what you mean! I've really gotten a kick out of the fact, too, that many of us readers/writers have "stacks" of books on our nightstands...not just one at a time!! I thought I was the only weird one! :)

    Hi Linda! Oh yes...Toni Morrison!

    Hey Val ~ Congrats on writing AND reading!! Good luck on your submissions!!

    Hi Debora! You ARE a serial reader! That's great! And thanks for the reviews.

  18. Hi Melissa! Good for you on your writing! As far as fairies...I don't know if little girls like them or not..but I've seen bloggers who do! Now, if I can just remember where I saw them....

    Hi Catherine! Thank you for your confidence. That's very sweet! I love that quote, too. It's one of my all time favorites. I used to have it posted on my blog, but I change them around a bit. (P.S. I used it in one of the Chicken Soup books I'm in..about my son getting into the college he dreamed of.)

    Hi Paul! Oh, I LOVE Bird by Bird. I almost never gave it a second look, though, because of the title! And Happy Birthday to your grandpa!! That's wonderful! Will he be mentioned on The Today Show? And receive a letter from The President? I hope so!

    Hi Joyful! Thanks for stopping!'re reading some of the classics! Wonderful!

    Hi Daisy! Thanks! Ah yes...the library sales! I have to stay away from them!! :)


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