Friday, July 29, 2011


Today's "I Wonder" is all about writerly things!

First of all, the hugely talented Mr. Robert Brault has a special request. If you don't already know who he is or what he writes, then do not, hop & jump right over to his blog by clicking on the link below. 
 I Wonder: How many hundreds/thousands of letters can we generate?

On July 8th, I posted about trying to write two stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and have them submitted by the 31st. I am very pleased to report that I have indeed sent two stories and have a third one that will probably be ready to submit before August 7th, which is the deadline.

 I Wonder:  How many of you will submit a story or more? If you're afraid....don't be! You can't be published, if you don't submit something!

Addendum: I just checked the website (7:20 am CDT) and quite a few new books have been added! I don't think they were listed yesterday, so the site has been updated with a few deadlines having passed.  Click HERE to go straight to the page of new books, new deadlines! Good Luck!

2nd Addendum: It's now 1:30 pm CDT and I recently received a new Call Out for Submissions e-mail from Chicken Soup concerning the deadline for the Caregiver book. It's been extended until August 31st. That is a good sign for those of you wanting to send something, because it means they haven't rec'd enough quality stories. So sharpen up those pencils, crack those knuckles and get going!!
I also noticed that Thin Threads  has Calls for Submissions on their anthologies. I highly recommend them, too. Look at the two books below with the nearest deadlines! Oh my gosh, I just have to write something for the Pets & Companions book! I'll be burning the midnight oil Saturday night, I think!

Thin Threads of Pets & Companions - July 30th, 2011
Thin Threads of Babies & New Parents - September 30th, 2011
 If you go to their website, you'll find other upcoming books that don't have deadlines yet.

I Wonder: How many stories can be written in a few days? It depends on the author! It takes me many drafts just to write a short 900 word essay! Others can think, type, and submit within mere hours!

"Failure? I never encountered it. All I ever met were temporary setbacks."-- Dottie Walters


  1. Hi Becky, thank goodness there's an extended deadline for Chicken Soup for the Soul! I desperately want to submit to them but time has been limited with getting two articles ready to be sent out with South Africans who flew out this week. I've submitted photos and needed to send high res photos to the mag. Only possible if you use a disc. I will check the Thin Threads link too. Thanks for jostling my brain, Ha! I'll get to it NOW. Have a great weekend. Jo

  2. Thanks, Jo. After I read your comment and replied by e-mail, it occurred to me to make the deadlines clearer on this post. When I went back to double check the dates, I was happily surprised to see quite a few new books had been added! SO..I added that, in bold green letters. (Hope I haven't entirely confused everyone!)

  3. Hi Becky - -thanks for checking out my blog. I have to say that I have never even considered followers -- my thinking being that no one would ever be especially interested in my musings!!

    Loved your comments here!

  4. Becky, good luck with your submissions! I hope they are accepted. Thank you for sharing all the links. I need things to slow down a little here so I can have time to do things like this. Days are going by so fast. Have a nice weekend!

  5. I read your post and am now inspired to keep on writing! I write a lot, but rarely submit anything. I love your blog so had no choice but to become a new follower. :)

  6. I have been working on a couple of stories for that fast-approaching deadline. But I've always been a procrastinator. Must be the Aquarius in me.

    Thanks for that note about the new titles. You're right. I know some were not there two days ago. Sorry to see that there's not an "I Can't Believe My Husband Did That!" title. I have a wealth of material for that one, and it's growing every day!

  7. Hi Jan! Well thanks for stopping by at my blog, too! And yes, you need a Followers button!!

    Hi Chatty! Thanks and glad to see you're baaaccckkk!

    Hi Daisy! Thanks. If the days are going by too about writing at night?! (oh, am I a comedian, or what?!)

    Hi Randi! Well, thank you and Welcome! Yes, keep writing...and start submitting. Many of my blog friends are also writers. Check my Favorite Blogs on the left and you're sure to see lots of great posts.

    Val...You are TOO much!! Speaking of a comedian...if I'm a "one" on the comedian're a "10"

  8. I don't know, Becky, maybe I'm just down this afternoon. I'm feeling like my writings will never be chosen for publication.

    I submitted a Chicken Soup story for the Christmas book. I have also already submitted one for the back pain book, and I'm in the process of doing one for 3 other books---stress, home sweet home, and say hello to a better body.

    But for some reason, I am just feeling like it's hopeless. Maybe I'm just deceived into thinking that I write well. Maybe I'm really a crummy writer.

    My bog readership has taken an incredible nosedive, so I'm not feeling very positive right at the moment. Any honest insight you can give is welcome.

    Blessings and hugs,

  9. Hi Peggy! Glad you like the quote!

    Hey Patti...I'm sorry you're feeling so down right now. I'll e-mail you, ok?

  10. Hey Julie! Thanks! I'm thrilled the picture turned out so good! I only took the one, and my camera is not a very good one, either! It really is amazing to be up among the clouds, isn't it?! I'm ready for another trip!! :)

  11. Thank you, Becky, for the information about the Chicken Soup books! As always, you are a great source of inspiration and information (and what a wonderful combination that is!) Annie

  12. Okay Becky. You even got me to go to the Chicken Soup site and see if there's something I might be able to squeeze into a deadline now that they've extended so many of them.

  13. Hi Annie Joy! Thanks so much. You're so kind!

    Okay, Cactus Country! Woo-hoo! Let me know if you do send anything in!


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