Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Microfiction Muse #19

Welcome to a new weekly feature from Diane Estrella: The Microfiction Muse! Microfiction means the shortest of short stories. Think Aesop’s fables, comic strips, or even jokes: complete stories that can be told in under a minute. You are invited to write a story about a select picture in 140 characters or less (including spaces and punctuation).

Ha! It's gonna be so fun taking my first slide down that water slide around the back. They'll never figure out how I got up here, either!
(my count: 137)


  1. This is a fun meme. I'll have to try it sometime.

    Well done! (And a cute photo to work with, too.)


  2. Isn't it amazing how quickly you can use up 140 characters?! For a wordy gal like myself, those things are near-impossible.

    Cute little story...very cute photo. I wonder, how DID he get up there.

    Have a great day.


  3. Cute one this week! I sure can see how that would be refreshing for a summer like we're having. Hugs :O)

  4. "If that stupid cat can jump from here to that tree branch, I know I can too!"

  5. Whoa. Gettin' out the window was easy. But jumpin' off this woof looks a bit harder. One, two, three!

  6. I tried a meme like this once...and failed. I wound up getting confused and wrote 140 words. (By now you know how great I am at observing limits.) You can imagine the host's dismay, and mine.

    This is really cute. I may try again sometime.

  7. It is a mystery how the dog got up on the roof...he's a clever canine to be able to slide down a waterslide!

  8. I want to join in on the fun! Move over Fido, make room for me! I guess we all have to be creative in beating this crazy heat!

  9. me and the dog have the same idea,,sheesh, a water slide would be nice with all this 100+ heat,, pluse this made me grin...

  10. Great photo! You told a whole story in such few words. Lovely!

  11. Hi Sue! Thanks..and you definitely need to get on board! It's so fun and takes no time at all.

    Hi Patti! These are pretty easy for me, as far as fiction goes. I can write a tiny bit with a photo prompt, because I'm NOT a wordy writer! :)

    Hi Diane! Thanks so much for hosting this. More bloggers should really join in!

    Hey Melissa~ Good one! See? You need to do this next week.

    Hey Cactus Gal! Funny!

    Myrna, you really should join in. I know you'd be great at it. And don't feel bad...the very first time I did one, I did exactly as you did. I didn't know what "140 characters" meant, and I used 140 words. But everyone was really nice about it!

    Hi Pat! Great photo!

    Hey 5th Sister! thanks!

    Hi glnroz! thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Linda! thanks!

    P.S. I would've sworn I replied to all your comments earlier today...but I've also been up since 5:00 am, so who knows?!

  12. How cute! Now I want to know how the dog got up on the roof! What an adorable photo.

    I love your photo taken from the airplane too, that's awesome!

  13. Hi Julie! Yeah, isnt' that dog photo a riot?! There's probably a secret set of stairs. And thanks for mentioning the clouds picture. I just love it, too! I'm a big-time-cloud-watcher!


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