Thursday, September 8, 2011

* News for Local Friends *

Beautiful Office Furniture For Sale

As I wrote on August 24th, The Ronald and I are going to downsize and move sometime in the near future. 

We'll have quite a few things to sell. A few of those items are in my office. They are gorgeous pieces of furniture (at least I think so!) in the Christopher Lowell Shore Collection, which was exclusive at Office Depot. They're about 5 years old, were professionally assembled, and look practically brand new.

I managed to clean them out sufficiently for "Selling" Photos!

Desk with hutch on top.

Another view of desk and hutch.

Pull-out thingy for key board (and part of chair)

The desk chair. It also has arms, which I had taken off.
We still have them, though.

Another view of desk, hutch, and chair.

Hutch on top of bookcase.
(Only one light bulb in at the moment!)

This is the bookcase under the hutch.

Another view of bookcase and hutch.

All of the furniture is in wonderful shape. Everything is attached (not just a hutch standing on top of the desk or bookcase).

Anyone who is interested, please e-mail me. I'm asking very reasonable prices. Oh, and none of the accessories are included!

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  1. New keyboard, ugh typos everywhere. Let me start again. This is beautiful furniture and you should be able to sell it TODAY. Too bad I can't use it.
    Are you moving to a smaller house or condo? My aunt is looking for an over 55 community out your way. Do you know of any? Not apartments.

  2. Thanks, Linda! That's okay about the happens! I deleted your other comment. I'll e-mail you about the retirement communities, etc.

  3. Hey Becky,

    Love the new look of your blog. it is so you!

    Sorry I can't use any new furniture--no place to put it--but if I were in the market, I would definitely be interested.

    Stay happy--but don't climb up on chairs--it could be dangerous.


  4. Love the furniture...too bad the money tree out back has already shed it's leaves!

    I think you'll love the results of de-cluttering and downsizing.

    When I came here from NY, I shipped just 150 pounds of stuff - and got rid of thirty years of furniture and possessions.

    At first, it was scary to think of losing all of my "stuff" - then it became very freeing.

  5. New look is good...and colorful...I think I see Vern there sipping tea!

  6. Hey Donna. Glad you like the new template! I was browsing last night and found several I just loved! And of course I'm staying happy!...but I'm not a chair climber, so no need to worry about that! :)

  7. Hi June FC! I understand about the money tree, same thing been happenin' to me! And oh, I love de-cluttering and the whole freeing, weight lifting off my shoulders, feelings!Thanks!

  8. Hi Claudia! Thanks! And yep, that's Vern and me, sipping tea (or coffee!) and listenin' to some great rock and roll!

  9. Thanks, Sue! I love the new "Me", too! :)

  10. Looks good, but we're already overflowing with stuff!


  11. Hi Pat! Thanks, and I know what you mean!

  12. I'm glad I dropped by for a visit. I'll come back soon and stay awhile. You write exceptionally well, and your sense of humor sparkles with wit. I think I my try to find a way to listen to your music selections while I work on some of my stuff Good wishes to you!


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