Tuesday, November 8, 2011

* Random Thoughts *

As a woman who is forgetful on a daily basis, and semi-confused quite often, I'm happy to announce that I do indeed know that today is a Tuesday and it's November 8th. 

I'd lost track of time for a few days, but I think I've got it straightened out now! With The Ronald having surgery on the 1st day of the month, and it being the day after Halloween, time spun out of control for a while. I'm pretty sure I've got things under control....but don't hold your breath.

Here are my latest random thoughts:

** Why does a Tire Shop give out appointments...say for 4:00pm, and the customer (me) is there until almost 6:00pm? I am grateful that they could fix my flat and didn't tell me I needed a new one. BUT, they also said I needed a new air filter, which I saw, and it was filthy, so I said Yes. Wouldn't you think they'd tell the customer (me) that the filter had to be delivered to them and it would take forever?? Oh well....such is life.

** After I left the Tire Shop, I stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond, (since it was nearby) hoping to find two little plugs or drain stoppers that I wanted so badly. Remember my post from Nostalgic Sunday, sharing my thoughts & photos about the little things in life that make me happy? Well, for the sum total of $5.97, I bought them! I could've danced right out of that store. And my aggravation at the Tire Shop...What aggravation? I'd finally got my two little drain stopper thingys! (I even took pictures, but then changed my mind about posting them!)

** While listening to my car radio during my errands, I was reminded once again that some singers and/or groups should really not sing Christmas Carols. Yikes! Or at least make better song choices. A couple of times I couldn't hit the Off button fast enough. (and yes, we have a local station that began playing all Christmas music recently.)

(photo taken by Becky Povich)

This is a tree in our front yard. Aren't the colors glorious?
I truly believe I've witnessed many more wondrous trees this autumn, then ever before.

** I'll announce the winner of Melissa's book tomorrow, so if anyone wants to still be in the drawing, leave a comment on last Wednesday's post. **

Welcome to my newest follower: Just Stuff from a Boomer! I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." -- Alexander Woollcott


  1. Yes, lovely tree. It has rained for two days here...and we needed it...but that is so dark and draining...I still need the sun for a longer before winter!!!!

  2. Oh Becky--Please rethink, and post the photos of them. I've never seen drain stopper thingys. You mentioned them, got me slathering with anticipation, and then left me crestfallen.

    Too SA? Sorry.

    Yes, it's funny how small things excite us. (And tire shops are not usually exciting places to hang out in, either.)

  3. I love the photo! And the little things that can erase an aggravating experience. :)

  4. Hi Bookie! It's been dreary here, too. I can't take too many days in a row of that, either. Gotta have my sunshine, even if it's below Zero!

    Hi Sioux! You crack me up! And you're NEVER too SA for me!! I'll e-mail you the photos of my new drain thingys!! :D

    Hi Peggy! Thanks! Yes, if it wasn't for those little things...gosh, what would we do?

  5. Hey Donna! You must've posted your comment the same time I posted mine, because there you are...before me! Thanks for stopping! Glad you like the photo.

  6. It's a beautiful tree. But now I have that Tanya Tucker song in my head again..."There's a tree, out in the back yard, that never has been broken by the wind." Funny. It seems that Tanya and Strong Enough to Bend are missing from your playlist!

  7. Hey Val! I liked Tanya Tucker and I'm familiar with some of her songs, but I don't think I know that one.

  8. It really is the small things that make life the easiest. Glad you found your stoppers! I need to go find some new drip pans for the stove...I hate to clean them...it's like fingernails on a blackboard--and cheesecloth. I've been told to put cheesecloth over the heat ducts to reduce dust. Maybe I need to make a trip to BB and Beyond!

  9. Down with Tanya Tucker! She took Glen Campbell away from me many years ago.

    The skank!

  10. Hooray for the joy of drain stopper thingys! I love that you take pleasure in the little things of life. You are one cool chicky.

  11. I will admit...my Christmas decorations are already up...

    I just love the season. Though I'm currently not listening to Christmas music. And I agree, some people just shouldn't sing Christmas songs.

  12. Your beautiful tree looks like a painting. Glad you are back on track, Becky.

  13. Hi Becky, glad your find at the Bed, bath and beyond shop helped get rid of the tension of the previous wait. Your tree's colours are spectacular. Good to see you again my friend. Hugs Jo

  14. Hi Becky. Yes, it's really annoying when you make an appointment for a certain time, and then have to wait for SO long. As you say, what is the point of making an appointment. Just as well make it, first come, first served!! That is such a beautiful photo of the colours on the tree in your front garden.

  15. Hi Becky ... well, yes, they could have told you about your wait ahead of time; but all is well that ends well.

    I love how you get so excited about the little things; like remembering and finding the perfect item at the perfect time. I'm that too. Sometimes just knowing that I get to wear my new pair of jeans will get me out of bed in the morning, lol.

    I hope that The Ronald is doing well now, and your trees are so pretty!

    I think that I know how to get rid of that box. Go to Edit Post and then to the HTML option. Scroll down to the very bottom and there should be a code that says something about a "table". Erase it, save and repost. Ta da! I think that you were making a caption and it took on a mind of its own.

    Love ya, have a great day, and PICK ME! PICK ME!!!

    Kathy M.

  16. Thank you for the shout out Becky. I just came over to see what was going on with you.

    I make appointments at my dealership to do things like oil changes, tire roatations, etc and your are so right. It still takes hours. I say I make appointments... they don't write them down, so when they say come at XX time and there is no "appointment sheet" what's the point?

    I noticed the Tanya Tucker comments. We saw her in a concert in a mowed down cornfield in S.C. a decade ago. We could hear her on her mic asking her band "How much longer?" like she had to sing for a certain length of time and then she was on her bus and outta there. Actually, I was ready to escape that cornfield myself.

    I do remember pay toilets. Thank goodness that didn't catch on.

  17. Not sure exactly why, but tire shops are some of my least favorite places in the world.

    Probably a combo of the smell and the extended waiting!


  18. Hi Becky,

    ...Just stopped by to say hi! Lovely blog, lovely vibe! I am a "follow" now.


  19. Hi Becky! What a gorgeous tree.

  20. Hi Debora! Thanks, and yes I think you need a trip to BB&B, too!

    Sioux, you are one wacky woman! And of course, that's one of the reasons I like ya so much! I also love the word "skank!"

    Thanks so much, Melissa. You are one cool chicky, too! :)

    Hi Kelley! Ahh, you're a girl of my heart! Get into the Season whenever you feel like it!

    Thanks, Linda! I wish I could paint a tree like that! :)

    Hi Jo! Thanks. It really is funny how such minor and supposedly meaningless items can mean SO MUCH!

    Hi Thisisme! Thank you, and I'm glad you like the photo of the tree!

    Hi Kathy! I laughed when I read that a pair of new jeans will get you out of bed in the morning! That is so cute! Oh, and thanks for helping me get rid of the annoying "box".

    Hey Just Stuff from a Boomer! That is something about Tanya Tucker. I can just picture it, too. She probably couldn't wait to get to her drugs or booze...sadly so.
    I'm glad you remember pay toilets, too!...and yes glad they are gone!

    Hi Sue! Agree!

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much! I hope you saw that I joined Jen's VIP Club!

    Hi Lynn! Thanks!

  21. Hi Becky....Oh, tire shops and other frustrations are definitely part of life for us all.

    Great shot of your tree!

    Hope your hubs is doing well.

    Take care. Susan

  22. Thanks for your sweet comments on my card! I love your post today - very funny! Love the picture of the tree - Autumn truly is glorious - my favorite time of the year. Went to the book fair at my daughter's school today and looked for Melissa's book - did not really think it would be there but did not want to miss it if it was! Of course this is middle school, maybe it would be at the elementary school book fair. Will be calling them to see if they have had theirs yet :)

  23. Hi Susan! Thank you, and thanks for asking about Ron. He's doing better every day!

    Hi Becky! Thanks so much. You're a sweetie! And autumn is my favorite season, too. I'm not sure about Melissa's book being at book fairs, but that's a great question. I'll e-mail and ask her and let you know!

  24. You are always so upbeat even when complaining!LOL Your tree is awesome! Wish we had color like that here.
    I got excited about a find in Goodwill the other day--a coat for nine dollars that I love!!


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