Friday, May 20, 2011

* Back to Normal....Maybe? *

What is normal, anyway? These days I don't know. Or if there even is a "normal" anymore. My blog buddy, Toby Speed, wrote an excellent post yesterday called "Things I miss about the low-tech life." I felt as if she read a part of my mind, a part that I hadn't even listened to yet. Ahhh, so that's what's wrong with me! I'm a semi-techno-junkie. I love my blog friends and being able to find fast answers to earth shattering questions on what was the actor's name in that bit part in that little known movie from 1946?

I'm not on Twitter yet, and I barely log in to Facebook anymore. I just never got the whole point of Facebook, I guess, especially since I have a blog and much rather spend time in blogland. And, I have a Blackberry which I'm kinda, sorta addicted to. ☺

So, thank you, Toby! This weekend, I am taking a semi-vacation from Techno-Land. If you happen to stop by, you just might see me doing one or more of the household chores below....AND with a smile on my face!

 I also plan on putting pen to paper and mailing some handwritten notes.

 AND, I plan to do a little journaling in addition to my "normal" writing on my laptop.

What about you? Do you feel stressed, flying through cyberspace at excessive speeds? Do you try to keep a happy medium of old versus new? And if

“Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” -- Eddie Cantor


  1. This was a nice post. I need to slow down some days. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Anne

  2. Thank you, Anne! We can all thank Toby for writing about it on her blog, too!

  3. I keep it mostly "old school." I tried twitter, but didn't think most people are interested in learning what I was going to eat for lunch, I am refusing to do facebook, so blogging is it!

  4. Becky, you're welcome, and thank you, too, for such a great post! We're definitely on the same wavelength. I woke up today and decided to stop thinking no, no, no. No more hours online, no more Googling everything under the sun. I decided to say yes -- yes to activities that bring me into the moment, such as household chores and a walk on the beach. So I've been enjoying a short vacation from Techno-Land as well. Say yes to the present!

    Hugs to you,

  5. Good thoughts Becky. I need to take some time to catch up on some little things also! Just taking time is hard and it shouldn't be!

  6. I agree Becky, that was a good post. I think we all ought to take time off from blogging, facebooking and whatever and just live life! I was getting that I was almost begrudging it when I was out and away from my blog. Now that is just not GOOD! I'm going to try to balance it out a bit in the future, and not let this technology take over my life!!

  7. Having grown up with technology, it's interesting to see how my preferences (distractions) change over the years. In college, it was AIM. I couldn't get through a paper without compulsively checking away messages every ten minutes. Then it was facebook, which I'm starting to lose interest in. It's great keeping in touch with people, but I also find myself not all that interested in what they have going on. I end up getting "facebook envy" and feel my life is so lame compared to others, when the truth is, they have their moments too. Everyone has a laundry day!

    I avoided Twitter but it ended up being the best move. In conjunction with blogging, it's great connecting with other writers and learning from one another. I don't tweet often, but when I have time, I'll go chime in conversations. I kind of prefer twitter friends to neighbors these days...

  8. I pretty much stick to blogging, and lately haven't even had much time for that. But, I do take a little time to walk and breathe.

  9. Fabulous post and quote.

    At times I do find myself missing a low-tech way of life. What happened to just sitting and reading or good old-fashioned card games? Sometimes we need to turn those computers ad mobiles off!

    Ellie Garratt

  10. Hi Becky,

    I've been doing a lot less blogging this week and more cleaning and organizing around our home (I always take pictures though, so even my chores become blog posts, lol.)

    I have also had to do some computer maintenance, which has been frustrating, but finally have everything the way I like it, except for tuning the colors on my new monitor.

    I'm setting it up to do more crafting and more writing ... but blogging is so easy and fun that I tend to gravitate towards it as the path or least resistance. I have opted out of 3 regular linky parties for this week though because I've been busy with other things.

    I really enjoy FB because I have all of my favorite people at my fingertips ... like one huge email list, live and in color. I also include my family a lot in my blog, and many are not regular blog readers. So when I do a post that I think many of them will enjoy, I'll put a link to it on FB.

    I don't want to be on Twitter, because I don't want to be tied to my phone. I don't go online on my phone either, though I could. I just use it for phone calls and texting (when I have to text). I could use it for taking pictures, but I carry my other two cameras with me in my purse, so I don't need to.

    That is how that I manage how much I am online ... I am only online when I am at home in front of the computer. I read my books the old fashioned way too. I don't even want a Kindle. We don't have a laptop, and at this point I wait until I get home from a trip to take my pictures off of my cameras.

    Like you, I am trying hard to keep a balance. I try to use all of these cool computer things as tools, and don't really consider them an addiction. My passions right now seem to be photography and reading books, and I don't see where there is too much harm in those.

    Hey, I think that I just wrote a whole blog post! I think that I will copy and paste it, no joke.

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday,



  11. So true. Problem is every good thing in life has some element of responsibility attached to it.

  12. I never touched a computer until two years ago, when I started my blog. I don't own a cell-phone or a TV. I've always lived a very simple, but active life, mostly outdoors and in nature. I am enjoying blogging, mostly for all the wonderful people I've met, but I'm not heavily invested in it.

  13. I miss handwritten notes - there is something so much more personal about them. Just found some reminiscences my grandfather wrote by hand on lined yellow paper. Somehow so much more interesting that had he typed them! I am weary of always "looking down" - at a screen of some kind! want to look up and see the sky and the trees and the people!

  14. I hope you are enjoying your time away! I actually love Facebook best--quick and easy and I don't have to write much.

  15. Love this post! I miss hanging clothes out on the clothesline, and getting a long letter in the mail from a friend. Ah those were the good old days!~Ames

  16. Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping and leaving a comment! I'm really happy and in a way, kind of suprised, that y'all feel a little bit the same way I do! If only we could combine some of the really great things of today, with the really great things of our yesterdays....

  17. You just summed up what I've been so desperately missing lately: puttering! Glad you enjoyed the weekend!

  18. P.S. The above comment was meant to go in your newest post. I'm having some really weird problems with Blogger!!


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