Sunday, February 19, 2012

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Time for Another Nostalgic Sunday

I'm feeling especially nostalgic today and I know it's because of the poem I posted yesterday. Those memories of prop planes and of being a little girl also pertain to my dad. Some of  you may remember my posts about his years as a college professor at a local aeronautical college - Parks College. 

(Parks has always been part of SLU - St. Louis University. Back in those days, it had its own buildings and wasn't physically connected to SLU.) Whenever I'd be outside playing, it was normal for a prop plane to fly over our neighborhood. If I would've actually known that a student might be the pilot, I may have been a bit scared to be standing there, looking up at it!

This is how I'll always remember my dad.

Those were the happiest years of my childhood. The summer after I finished 2nd Grade, though, we moved to Nebraska because my dad wanted a different job. Maybe those early years are so special because they didn't last very long.....and our family life changed.

What do you think? Do you have vivid childhood memories? Happy or sad?

Welcome to my newest follower, Julie Hedlund. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see. Thank you!

"Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes." ~ Gloria Naylor


  1. Oh yes...I have vivid childhood memories...of mom and dad and my grandparents and the market garden farm they ran and then the big farm just outside of Orillia. Mostly all good. It was a different time of sun and warm soil and freedom.

  2. My dad was a lineman for Southwestern Bell. Mom had taken my sister and me to the park one summer afternoon. I was happily flinging myself back-and-forth on a metal dolphin atop a large spring when I saw my dad walking toward us. My mom turned and gasped. Dad's cotton, plaid, button-up shirt was in tatters. His climbers had slipped out of an over-climbed telephone pole, and he SLID down it to the ground.

    Dad spent the next week laying in my bed in the back bedroom, the one with two windows that got the best breeze. He was shirtless, with strips of bacon across his torso acting as a poultice to draw the splinters to the surface.

    Surely that was not the medical practice of the day. I need to ask my mom for the details.

  3. I think most childhoods are a mix of memories, but as we get older we have the wonderful ability to sift through them and save only the best to hold close to our hearts.

  4. What wonderful photos and memories. I love remembering my Daddy and have fond memories of my childhood. I grew up in a small Southern town just about like Andy's Mayberry! Happy happy times! ♥

  5. Wonderful memories you shared. An emmotive trigger. Thank you.

  6. You were adorable and your father so handsome.

    Memories are childhood are always so vivid. Mine are mixed - some happy, some not but I appreciate them all because they shaped who I am.

  7. Loved this post today, and enjoyed seeing the old photos. Yes, I have very happy childhood memories of growing up with my mum and dad. I was always surrounded by so much love :) As you can see, I've managed to sneak over here today. Thank you so much for taking the time to come over and comment on my posts, even though I can't be around very much at the moment. I do enjoy your Nostalgic Sundays, I must admit! Take care my friend.

  8. I have some wonderful childhood memories, but I wish they were more vivid. Seems I don't remember specifics as well as I'd like to. I'm not sure why.

    Maybe if I wrote an autobiography it would start opening some of those doors of memory.


  9. PS. Love your old photos, and your dad must have been a lovely man.

  10. Hi Becky! Thanks so much for all your visits and comments to my blog. Always love having you.

    Thinking of our parents always makes us nostalgic, doesn't it? Susan

  11. Certainly some happy, vivid ones. Riding the bus with a friend to Northwest Plaza, an outdoor mall, and spending all Saturday looking at the furniture and dreaming what we'd have in our house, eating french onion soup and a fountain coke for lunch, and wading in the fountains...Fun!

  12. That picture of you looks like you were about to get into some kind of mischief.

    Lots of good memories from the childhood. For some reason, my father was always singing 'Sweet Caroline' to me, though that isn't my name. :)

  13. Great pictures, Becky. Your dad looks like he could double for Ward Cleaver!

    Critter Alley

  14. Today is actually my dad's birthday. He would have been 89. He passed away in 2009. I have vivid memories of a very happy childhood. Yet I do not remember details like people on our "townie" facebook page do - names and such. I remember playing by the brook behind the neighbors house and skating on the pond there. I remember walking home from school on the stone wall that went almost the whole length of Abbott Street. Things like that. I love what Bookie said in her comment :-)

  15. Sadly, I don't have many childhood memories. But I wish I did. Most of what I remember, I'm not sure is real.

  16. What a dear post about your dad! I am so glad you have lovely memories of your dad and childhood! You look so adorable in your photo too. Second grade was a good year!
    My father built us a doll house one Christmas and I have wonderful memories of trying to figure out what he was secretively doing, and of opening that wonderful present!

  17. Your photo is precious! I have tons of good memories, but my memoir starts at age 10 so they aren't included. That was the age when my parents got divorced, and life changed forever. I don't think parents grasp the impact of what they represent for their children.

  18. Beautiful post. Sadly, my dad passed away about a year ago. I miss him too. I too am thankful for the memories~

  19. Love the photos. And what a nice post about your dad.

  20. Thanks for sharing your memories. It's funny.. the things that we remember among all the events of our lives. I have great memories of growing up!
    Thanks for being the FIRST FOLLOWER on my new blog! ;) Seeing your photo always makes me smile!

  21. Love that photo of your father!!

    The Andy Griffith Show is my all-time favorite show. I still watch it almost every day.

    I can tell I am going to enjoy your blog very much! Thanks for stopping by.


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