Thursday, April 12, 2012

* And The Winner Is...*

Good Morning! Happy Thursday! (Hey, I know what day it is today.) This post will be short and sweet, just like my review of Lois' memoir >> see yesterday's post.

Since being back from our little get-away at The Lake, I haven't gotten much accomplished, so today I'm kicking into high gear. Recently I read something about setting a timer for 30 minute intervals, in which to get various tasks done. (AND to keep from wasting time!) So, that's my plan of action for today!

And now, without further ado........THE WINNER of Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor's Journey of Faith and Self, down.........keep going......

Since  many left TWO comments, I thought the most trustworthy way of choosing a winner, would be the old-fashioned way. Write names on tiny pieces of paper, fold, throw into a bowl, and pick one randomly.

It was kind of difficult, squatting down so I wouldn't see any names, getting my camera in position to snap the picture, AND grasp a piece of paper....but I did it, and didn't even lose my balance and fall over! (which wouldn't be uncommon for me)

Congratulations, Val! And many thanks to everyone who was kind enough to stop by and leave a comment or two.

As I'm cleaning house today, I'll have some of my favorite music blasting! (remember to check out my Play List) And when I'm writing, I'll either have no music, or soft instrumentals. Whatever you do today, make it magnificent!

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living." -- Anais Nin


  1. Congrat to the LUCKY WINNER!!! I LOVE your little bowl, "TOO CUTE"!!!

  2. I use a big red bowl for my giveaway contests. It's more fun to draw the name myself...


    PS. Congrats to Val.

  3. I will be seeing Val this weekend. You can give me her prize and I will be glad to deliver it to her. (And if she says I'm making up a lie, don't listen to her. She's an overworked teacher and is not always too lucid... ;)

  4. Excuse me?! Where is MY name!! Hee Hee! Seriously, many congratulations to Val. I'm sure she will be thrilled with her prize.

  5. Congrats, Val! I'm sure you'll love the book. And, I don't listen to enough music, especially when writing.

  6. Congratulations to Val. A deserving winner I am sure. No sour grapes here. None.

  7. Ha!I think you have to be an octopus to do all that maneuvering without falling over. Congrats to Val!

  8. Sorry I missed this yesterday. Congrats to Val.
    I love the quote.

  9. Well this is fun Becky! So glad you stopped by my blog - I've seen you on Robert's blog as well, and I think some others too (maybe Sue's?) I'll be back to yours - it's good to get to know a new friend!

  10. Sigh. Blogger hates me.

    I left a comment Thursday, between The Elephant's Child and Lisa Ricard Claro. It disappeared, and is still at large as I type this. Maybe it's in 5PAM. Maybe, like the proverbial dog with an appetite for homework, Blogger ate it. I will try to recreate my speech as the proud winner of Caring Lessons.

    Thank you, Becky. You are the name-drawingest name-drawer to ever draw a name!

    Sioux is a selfless soul who offers to deliver my prize every time I win something. Which is twice. But I think I prefer it the old-fashioned way, by snail mail. I can't impose upon Crocs-shod Sioux to waste valuable time in which she could be washing her hair in her employer's sink.

    I really did post this thanks in a timely manner. We'll see if this one makes it through the filter.

  11. Congrats to the winner! When I popped in over here I got so excited to see my name only to find out it was another Val!!!! It was fun just thinking of winning though!!!

  12. Congrats Val! Drawing names the old fashioned way is good!


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