Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wandering Wednesday

As far as my rant yesterday, I really don't know what all the changes will be when all is said and done, and I decided to Go With The Flow and not waste [any more of] my time stressing over it! (But I can still be mad, right?!) AND, I googled Free Blogs, and found a couple that I messed around with yesterday. Also found a couple that weren't free, but were reasonable. I'm ready to just wait and see. And as Doris Day always sang  --  ♪♫ Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be, will be.. ♪♫

* Also, I apologize for not responding to your comments lately. I honestly appreciate everyone who reads my blog, and especially those who take the time to leave a comment. AND, I've also been terrible about getting around to read all the blogs I love. I'm going to try to do much better on that. *


I won't be posting anything new until at least Sunday night. One of my cousins and her husband are coming to town. I'm SO excited because we've only seen each other twice since we were little girls, and I've never met her husband! She's bringing some old photos to share, too.

(photo taken by Becky)

The Ronald and I are really enjoying bird watching. We have one bird feeder in our back yard (in above photo) and three in the front, all hanging from tree branches. My favorite is the cardinal. The males seem to have a particularly brilliant color this year. I have no idea if it's mating season, or what...but when I see and/or hear one, I must stop and revel in their charm and beauty!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? What brings you joy?

"In memory everything seems to happen to music." - Tennessee Williams


  1. It is the little things which bring me joy (little things for a little mind?). I love dawn, and the softness of dusk, the birds on the feeder. Water. Trees. Autumnal colours.....

  2. Have fun with your cousin, Becky!


  3. Not really too much we can do about Blogger and their weird quirks...after is a FREE service to us.

  4. Hi Becky....Have FUN FUN FUN this weekend. (I know you will.)

    I have a busy weekend coming up....birthday party in a restaurant Friday night; lunch with a friend on Friday, too; plus a tag sale.

    Also a hair cut at a charity event. woo hoo Going to be a busy one.

    What brings me joy? hmmmmm So many things----music (by banjo and guitar); miniatures and dollhouses; dolls; writin; reading; BLOGGING; blog friends (like YOU); flowers; yard sales; thrift shops; and eating out! How's that for starters? ha ha ha And oh yeah, my gratitude journal....all tremendous sources of joy. Thanks for asking, Beck. Have a great day and weekend. Susan

  5. I hope you have a terrific weekend. I have no plans but I know it will be joyful. I'm so fortunate.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award.

  6. I like to watch our birds too. We have hundreds of hummingbirds that live in the neighboring trees. One actually flew up to our sliding door and looked me in the eye. So cheeky...
    Have a great reunion with your cousin!


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