Friday, January 18, 2013


Many of us have blogged about having difficulty remembering things. I'm referring to our short-term memory: Major things. Minor things. Dates, appointments, e-mails, phone calls, errands that need to be completed, particular items from the grocery store, etc.

I'm constantly apologizing for forgetting, too. Even when I write notes....they get covered up with papers, they don't make it to my purse, they don't get written on the calendar. I drive myself nuts! I don't know what the answer is. 

Does anyone have a system that works for them??

Here's one of my latest and funniest memory lapses:
I made quite a few Christmas cut-out cookies last month and used the Two Christmas Sprinkle Colors on them: Red and Green.

These are from my 2011 cookies.

Since I was making dozens and dozens of cookies, I began to run out of one of the colors. I knew which color it was, but when I got to the grocery aisle and began looking at the colors, I never could remember.....and, of course I'd forgotten to write it down! 

So, first trip to store, I came home with Red Sprinkles, which resulted in 1-1/2 containers of Red, and only the 1/4 container of Green. Oooh, I was aggravated at myself!

A few days later, I'm back at the store, and this time I'd even written the color on my list, which I forgot and left on the kitchen island. Again, I stand and look at the colors. Again, I'm not sure. I buy another container of Red! 

So, at home I had 2-1/2 containers of Red and still the one, lonely 1/4 container of Green!

I stopped even trying after that. I managed to do fine with the Green I had, and I'll have plenty of Red for Valentine's Day, and everything else right up to Christmas cookies of 2013!

(As I've said before, it's a very good thing my Long-Term Memory is amazing since I write about my memories!)

* What forgetful things have you done recently?? Am I ready for the Loony Bin, or am I "sort of" normal?! *

"Life must go on; I forget just why." -- Edna St. Vincent Millay


  1. Well, you really made me smile there, because this is just the kind of thing I would do myself.

    I now make my shopping lists extra big. For one thing, that makes them harder to forget, and also it saves me putting my reading glasses on in the supermarket now my eyes need more help with close-up work!

  2. You are not alone. My short term memory goes quicker than it comes...EXAMPLE...Hubby and I were headed out and on the way I said give me a pen I need to write down an item I want to get. By the time he gave me the pen, I forgot what I wanted, I am still trying to remember what it was... So you see you are not alone. ; )

  3. I am just like this! Look at the bright side- when less than pleasant things happen, they get forgotten almost immediately! :D Mine is a result of years of inadequate sleep. I may be only 31 years old, but my short term memory is terrible. Also, my short term memory is terrible! ;)

  4. I do the same thing. I think it is normal. lol

  5. You're so so normal. I forget so much, I forget what I forget. Love the quote and glad you're ready for Valentine's.

  6. Oh dear, Becky. This made me laugh. You aren't alone. I think we all have these little lapses. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  7. Yes, short term memory is a problem these days.

    If you have a smart phone here is what I do. I put everything in the phone. I schedule almost everything I want to do and everything I have to do (tasks and appointments) and I set reminders also. The phone is small enough to carry around but you have to remember to look at it. If you need some extra help you can use post-its for extra important things and post them wherever you need them. I find my bathroom mirror is a good spot. A larger post it is even big enough to write a short list and then I stick it in my wallet when I go out and need to reference the list.

    If you don't have a smart phone, you can buy a portable calendar (the fold over type or a larger one that you can carry around) and do the same thing.

    If all this is too much trouble and you like lists, then using post it notes can work too or combine a small notebook of lists with post-it reminders.

    What I've learned is nothing works unless you use it -))

  8. Becky if we took your brain and mine - we might have a whole one!

  9. I have lists and I have lists of my lists. I have three calendars and the one on the computer.I have post it notes stuck to everything. I have an index card file. Yet somehow, I manage to get dates mixed up and forget appointments alltogether. I can walk through a room, determine that I need to do something, get sidetracked for only a moment and then stand there trying to remembver what it was I was going to do. It's hopeless...

  10. Not so much the short-term stuff, but I have a mental block about some items. Like how to calculate slope in algebra. It used to be my job to help at-risk kids with their math. I did it for years. But every year, I had to ask my math-teaching buddy how to calculate slope.

    Another thing I never remember is the name of that cult that laid down dead on their beds in their Nike tennis shoes and waited for the comet to take them away. Not that I need such information. I just can't ever think of the name when it comes to mind.

  11. Normal, Becky.

    Just this week, I couldn't for the LIFE of me think of what you call the thing to clean off the car!

    We were in the middle of a snowstorm and I said to my husband, do you have a????????

    Well, of COURSE, I was thinking of a windshield scraper but do you think I could bring the words out of my brain? Nooooooo.

    He looked at me like I was some kind of a nut! Finally, I remembered what it was called. But it wasn't til the storm ended. ha hahahah

    So, you are normal. Susan

  12. Oh my gosh....All of you are so funny! Thanks for all your comments!

  13. Oh, BECKY, that was SO funny!
    I was literally laughing out loud.

    You need to write a note to remind you to remember to take your note!

    But I love how you’re able to put a positive spin on it:

    >> . . . and I'll have plenty of Red for Valentine's Day

    There was something else I meant to say here but . . .

    . . . I’ve forgotten what it was.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  14. One of my absolute worst efforts was coming home from work one day, frazzled. We had bought milk on the way home. I took my shoes off in the car. On the way through the house I threw the milk under the bed, and only realised when my shoes didn't fit tidily in the refrigerator. Should I have remembered which hand held the milk? Of course. Did I? No.

  15. Oh dear me Becky. This post did make me smile, as I think we can all relate to it, although I think buying all that red colouring was possibly a little excessive!! There's no hope for you I'm afraid. Take care.

  16. My favorite is storming into a room with full purpose only to forget why the heck I'm there!

  17. I have been forgetting stuff too; names and such.

    I use index cards to write down my shopping lists. They are more sturdy and somehow less easily lost in my purse.

    Kathy M.

  18. Oh Becky. I find myself doing this all the time. I REALLY have to concentrate when I write notes to take to the store.

    And I LOVE this Edna St. Vincent Millay line. I have some poems of hers in my files that I really like also.

    Remember: Relax. This is what I'm concentrating on doing. Stress can really scramble the brain!

  19. I love posts that reassure me that I am not the only person losing her short term memory.

    Kinda stinks, doesn't it? And what I do is keep lists in my iPhone so it's generally with me.

    But it ain't an easy adjustment to make. I used to have a great memory!


  20. My memory is horrific so I started writing notes in my phone. I forget a lot of things, but NEVER my phone. :) I've started putting my grocery list on it too. Comes in pretty handy.

    Love the quote.

  21. Oh my! That is funny! I couldn't manage at the store without a detailed list! Today I took my water glass when I went shopping and tonight I couldn't find it. I even looked inside my car. It was by the back door with my keys. Hubby found it! lol Who wants to be and I surely don't! hahaha!

  22. Can I ever identify with this -- and chuckle along with everyone else! I'd be lost (well, lost-er) w/o my "tickler" file at work; all else is alphabet soup.
    'Nervous to admit, in some early waking moments I have to STOP and ask myself, "What day is this?"

  23. I do stuff like that all the time. My last episode involved olive oil. Which I will now never run out of. Ever.

  24. Hi Becky, Forst, there's nothing wrong with you! As a lifestyle coach, I run into these comments just like your all the time. We all forget things and it's ok.
    We are busy and have to retain a lot in our minds.
    There are some quick and easy things you can do, that will help you:
    1. A bit of organization will solve most of this
    2. Use a datebook! Write in it and leave it OPEN on the desk or counter where you can see it. (Out of sight, out of mind)
    3. Organization is all about lists and containers. Write lists and use containers for things.
    4. On Fridays, do a little Weekly Review: check the datebook for what you need next week (send a card, get a gift, etc.) Clean your purse or tote every Friday.
    These simple things will restore a lot of order. And if you forget some things, so be it!
    Just remember the good you're doing with your lovely blog.
    It's all good!

  25. Thanks again to every one of you! How fun it is when I write something that really connects all of us!
    And it's reassuring to know that we're all in this together! LOL

  26. No worries, you're definitely not losing your mind. No where near ready for the Loony Bin, and you are at the very least "sort of" normal ;-)

    Case in point: you must notice I've been opening your blog to read every day since you posted this, and only now managed to remember reading and commenting.

    Or to be even better, I screwed up an order at work today. The client said she'll buy 1.5 times the fabric and while we only have one single option for a pleat heading that gathers the curtains 1.5 times, I asked her and she chose one that gathers the pleats 2 times. Had lost of "fun" explaining my mistake and talking to her on the phone to explain what I mean that she either has to buy more fabric or let me change the pleat type.

    Or the cherry on top: every single morning I wake up having no idea what day it is. The date I have down when I'm at work since I use it on contracts, but the day of the week that goes with it? Forget it!
    Even during the day I have to keep looking at the calendar and never fully register what I se.

  27. PS: laughed with tears at Elephant's Child's comment :)

  28. Hi Estrella! Thanks for both of your comments! So funny! And yes, I laughed out loud at EC's comment, but many of them, too!
    And it's REALLY kind of comforting knowing this happens to my friends of ALL AGES! hee hee


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