Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Announcing a Give-Away on a dreary Wednesday afternoon in May.


Although I just announced I won't be blogging as often as I have about my book, one of my upcoming guest posts that I also mentioned is TODAY. I wrote a humorous piece for my Guest Blog post over at Maryann Miller's It's Not All Gravy. The title of it is "Pigtails? Curls? Perms?" Please stop by there and leave a comment if you have a moment. And maybe also where she reviewed my memoir: Book Review.

BECAUSE whoever leaves a comment at her book review, AND at my Guest Blog post (both links included above), and then leaves a comment HERE telling me, will be in the drawing for a GIVE-AWAY. That is THREE comments.....and the give-away is for SEVERAL ITEMS!

Those items will be posted a bit later today. I'm not trying to be mysterious....just have some things I have to do. Remember to come back!
8:45 PM -- It is now several hours later, but now I can include the pictures of the gifts! All of these items will be mailed to the lucky winner. (In the US only, though. I'm sorry that the postage rates are outrageous for other countries.)
I also forgot to say when the deadline for comments will be. Comments can be left at Maryann's blog, in both blog posts, and then back here, until midnight (CDT) on Sunday, May18th.
All of these items have never been used!
A 5 x 6 note pad

A pale pink, shabby chic, birdie tea light holder
A Tropical Drinks S&P Set
Another view of the birdie

Four note cards (2 of each)  Teapot design
Four note cards (2 of each) Floral design

Come to Tea book - all kinds of cute craft and recipes
Very cute for little girls and moms, or just moms!
approx  sixe: 9 x 10

Mary Engelbreit's Fan Fare Cookbook: 120 Family Favorite Recipes
(spiral bound, hardcover, heavy duty pages - VERY nice)
This is the cutest book, as you can imagine! I remember when Mary had a Call Out for recipes to include in this book and I never got around to submitting anything. (another time I kicked myself in the butt, which takes quite a bit of double-jointedness!!)
Each recipe gives the person's name and town.

It also contains lots of Mary's drawings and sayings!
"A friend will tuck the tag back into your collar." -- Anonymous


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity. Now, over to read your fun post!

    1. Hi Julie! Now you can see WHAT the goodies are!

  2. I just left MaryAnn a comment on Toni perms!
    I hope you don't stop blogging!

    1. Hey Bookie! I'm definitely not going to stop blogging! Just not going to be constantly promoting my book. I haven't had really fun and different posts in a long time, and especially with unique giveaways!

  3. No worries the postage would indeed be outrageous. Look forward to some fun posts. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I started blog hopping only today. So, came here first. Love your give away items.
    I will promote your give away on my G+ page as well.

  5. I can tell you that I did all the 3 comments.

  6. I haven't done the comments. Hope I can tonight. You oudid yourself on this giveaway. All items are so cute!

  7. I'm too late for the give a way, but those gifts are neat. Especially love the bird and the cookbook. I never knew about her call out for recipes. I love recipe books and have many. I've also put together a couple of family cookbooks.


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