Sunday, July 19, 2015


It's Time Again for Another Nostalgic Sunday!
I'm particularly nostalgic today and I think it's because of the various challenges I've had to deal with the past month. I'm longing (at least a little bit) for those days of simpler times....of na├»ve childhood summers.....
...of window fans
...of Jack Benny & "Hoss" from Bonanza

...of aluminum tumblers, with "sweaters" to catch the moisture


...of visits to grandparents in Greenfield, Iowa

...of hand crank ice cream makers


...of hand crank ice crushers

What about you? What are some of your special, yet simple summer time memories from your childhood?

P.S. Please excuse how jumbled my photos and captions are. Blogger just would NOT work with me this evening!


  1. Summer memories?
    Tomatoes fresh from the vine.]
    Peaches fresh from the tree.
    Blackberrying with the family, with more blackberries being eaten than went into the pail.
    Swimming in clear mountain rivers.
    And I still prefer winter.

  2. Wow! This post transported me. Those tumblers, oh my goodness. Ours did not have sweaters. Stop by for a virtual trip when you get time.

  3. I remember fondly the excitement as my family and I prepared to go to the beach. Playing with the waves was the most fun, and food never tasted as good as those sandwiches my grandmother handed out.

  4. Playing hide-and-go-seek outside, playing softball, catching lightening bugs. It doesn't seem like kids play outside much anymore. They look for excitement in technology. I have to admit this makes me sad.

    Critter Alley

  5. Sorry you've had such a challenging month, Becky. Hope things get better soon.

    I remember lightning bugs, waiting for the ice cream man to come rumbling down the street, the milkman delivering bottles of milk with thick cream on their tops, eating my mother's pecan sticky rolls and rhubarb pie as well as fresh carrots, corn on the cob and tomatoes from my father's garden, and swimming in the lake! Fun memories. Susan

  6. Simple summer memories: starry nights, watermelon cooling in tubs of water, weed bouquets for mom and gram, walking down the tree lined lane to get the mail with grandad, a home made swing in the big maple tree, the smell of sun ripe strawberries, chickens clucking happily outside, an old cat wandering along with me where ever I went. Just a few for you.


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