Thursday, July 9, 2015


I chose today's blog post title for three reasons:
1) It's been raining here so hard, for so long, that I just keep thinking, When it rains, it pours. (and when will it ever stop?)
2) I love the Morton Salt logo and slogan!
3) Let's call it "Nostalgic Thursday!"

Morton Salt girl - 1956
This is the Morton Salt image that I remember as a little girl. Our home always had a container Morton Salt. Mother not only cooked meals, she baked all kinds of goodies, and every recipe called for salt then, didn't it??

And maybe one of the reasons I loved looking at the little Morton Salt girl was because she looked like me....or I looked like her!

P.S. Our dad always got a kick out of the fact that my brother and I could sing all of the cigarette commercial songs! Boy, how times have changed.

Do you remember any slogans or logos from your childhood? Please share!


  1. Yo, BECKY-O! ~
    I sure do remember the Morton Salt Girl, she lived with us in our house, too.

    Just yesterday on Cherdo's blog I mentioned the old deodorant slogan "Never let them see you sweat".

    I remember so many of those old slogans and jingles. One of my absolute favorites then (and now, except I think it was retired long ago) is (Link:->) THIS ONE.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Why was a little girl standing in the rain the image they chose to sell salt? :-) Makes me kinda laugh now.

    I remember the giant Kool-Aid guy barreling through walls when I was a kid. I don't let my kids touch the stuff. Haha...that was the era of cigarettes, sugar in everything, and no seatlbelts whatsoever. How did we ever survive?

  3. Fizz, Fizz. Oh what a relief it is!!! Alkaselzter
    Right now it is pouring again...all day so far...third day in a row...very tired of rain but trying hard not to complain!!!! Never saw a July on the prairie like this one!!!

  4. I remember the Morton Salt building next to the expressway in Chicago. My Grampy used to take us for a Sunday drive down Michigan in the city, along the lake front.
    Bill and I play the slogan game. Remember Good and Plenty, Hawaiian Punch, Texaco, Armour Hotdogs, was a simpler time. Wasn't it? ❤

  5. You do look like that little girl! LOL and yes, we sang all those cigarette commercials too. My how life has changed!

  6. The resemblance is uncanny!

    "That's what Ah said...Bunny Bread!"
    "Who wears short shorts?"
    "Sorry, Charlie."
    The Teaberry Shuffle

    Oh, dear. So many that wouldn't make it today. "Ancient Chinese secret, eh?" The Frito Bandito. That violent Hawaiian Punch dude.

  7. We didn't get Morton Salt here. And the salt we did get was in a v boring package.
    'I like Aeroplane jelly, Aeroplane jelly for me...'
    And now, drat you, I have an ear worm which I hope will die quickly.

  8. Those jingles sure could stick in your mind, couldn't they? They were a marketer's dream...

    Critter Alley

  9. Thanks, everyone! I will be back later in the day to reply individually to y'all!

  10. We always had a Morton's salt box at home, too. And yes, Becky, you do look like the salt girl. Gosh, I can't think of any recipe that doesn't use salt. Thanks for sharing this with your followers.

  11. Sure wish we could have some of that rain of yours! California is in the worst drought ever.


  12. ….Or maybe you are talking about figurative rain? We've been having some of that, too.


  13. "A little dab 'll do ya." That's the slogan that came to my mind. You do look like the Morton girl. Hope you find the sunshine within, since the ouside is so dim.

  14. My apologies for not replying individually yet. It's been a bit crazier than usual at the Povich Household. The Ronald had knee-replacement surgery on June 30th, and he is doing amazingly well! Then this past Tuesday, July 7th, I had to have a tooth pulled....Yeee-ouch! The swelling on the right side of my face has almost finally gone down.....but I still have one heck of a bruise on the right side of my jaw. Anyway....I hope to be back later today...Hugs to all of you!

  15. Hello, Miss Morton, Miss Becky! You do look like that little girl, and oh what a cutie she is! I always liked the Double Mint gum commercials. Hope Ron is doing well. Hang in there with that pulled tooth -- my jaw is having sympathy pains! Hugs.


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