Wednesday, July 11, 2018


I think more than my love of clouds, is my love of hot air balloons!

They are so majestic.

I really need a camera that will take clear 
and close-up pictures of far-away objects. 

Five balloons floated silently over our neighborhood
 a couple of evenings ago. 

These are the only pictures I got that are half-way decent.

Although I didn't get great pictures, I experienced pure joy in looking up and watching the surprise overhead. 


  1. I am a complete balloon tragic. Our annual ballon festival is something I anticipate with glee each and every year.
    And I thoroughly enjoyed your photos too.

  2. A camera with a large amount of zoom would help. mine has 30x zoom, while others I know have cameras with as much as 60x zoom. a neighbour last year was able to get a photo of the pilot inside the cockpit of his F11 as he zipped by faster than a mosquito.

  3. Always a treat to see the hot air balloons.

  4. Hi y'all! Sorry for my slow reply. I've gotten a LOT of spam comments lately, not that it has anything to do with me replying to you! It's just weird and another reason I keep my comment moderation on, although I rather not. Hope y'all are having a great beginning to the week. Our temperatures here are REALLY starting to get to me and it's only the middle of July. August is usually our worst month "the dog days of summer." I cannot wait for FALL. I just hope we really have a fall season. We sure didn't have a spring! :o

  5. Hi, friend!! Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? My husband did----years ago, when he graduated from college. He loved it. Said it was one of the best things he has ever done.

    Here in Boise, we have an annual event called The Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival. It attracts ballooners from all over the country. When they are all in the sky, it is a beautiful sight to behold.


    1. Hi Patti! Great to hear from you! I've never ridden in a hot air balloon and don't think I could. My fear of heights is really bad! We have a beautiful balloon festival in St. Louis, too every September. You are right it is a beautiful sight to behold!


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