Sunday, December 6, 2009

** Various Ponderings on a Sunday Evening **

Parties: Yesterday, two of the writers groups I belong to, held their Christmas Parties. I hated the thought of missing one of them, but it really wasn't that big of a decision when one was about 2 miles from my house, and the other about 30 miles! (Sorry SLWG friends! Too bad we couldn't "tele-commute"(is that the word I want??) both parties!

So.... I attended the Saturday Writers party and had a great time. A few people read some of their work and they were all really good. As I recall, all had funny moments that got laughs and chuckles. I had a chance to chat with friends I don't see very often and also met some new writers, wishing to join our group. Oh, and did I mention lots of yummy food? All in all, a very good time!

Blogs: I've "met" some wonderful people because of my blog, and not too long ago discovered a couple of neat options. Did you know if you click on the "Next Blog" link on your home page, it takes you to a person's blog that shares your interests? Blogspot recently changed this option. It used to just randomly take you to anyone's blog...maybe in a different language and sometimes in a genre you might not want to see! I tried it again yesterday and came across different writer or book lover blogs. I didn't have time then to really read them, but put a couple in my favorites and will go back to them later. Also, if you go to your Profile page, and click on one of your favorite movies or books, etc. it will take you to a page full of others that also has that movie or book in their profile! Sometimes, you won't automatically find anyone who might be of interest to you, but other times it works! That's how I just "met" Daisy, who also loves Erma Bombeck books! We have already become Followers of each other's blogs. Give it a try and see how many fantastic people you can meet!


  1. The party you attended sounds like it was much fun, Becky! This time of year there are so many demands on our time, it is sometimes hard to decide what to do! I didn't realize Blogger had changed the "Next" feature. I used to click on that, but so often I got a blog in another language that I stopped doing it. I'll have to give it a try again. I did know about clicking on the items on the interests page and have met new people that way. Thanks for the info! :)

  2. Helpful advice on finding interesting blogs, Becky.

    Enjoyed seeing you at SW's party and looking forward to the book signing on Saturday!

  3. Hi Daisy! Thanks for leaving a comment! I vow to not "Blog Search" today, because I have SO MUCH to do!! It's just so fun and interesting....and kind of addicting!

  4. Hi K9Friend! Thanks for leaving a comment! Ditto on the party and this coming Saturday!


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