Sunday, February 21, 2010

** Various Thoughts on a Sunday Evening **

Hey Everyone! It's been a fun and busy weekend. I actually had some laptop withdrawals this afternoon because I'd been so busy with other things!

I got some awesome house cleaning accomplished yesterday; due to having friends over for the evening! I don't normally "clean" anymore for friends....hey, we accept each other for who we are, right?!... but a new couple also joined us, so that was cause to get out the old dust rags, put away the clutter, and vacuum! It looks lovely and I hope we can keep it that way!!

Once again, congratulations to Kathy of the Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy blog for winning the Bread Alone book! I'll be sure and get it mailed tomorrow, for you, Kathy!

In case anyone wonders how I handle the random drawing, I am happy to explain! I asked a blogger-friend how she handles her contests and she told me about It's a fascinating site, but I've never spent a lot of time browsing through it. I just type in the number of contestants in the True Random Number Generator, click on Generate, and voile'......The Winner is chosen! (Also, I read through all the comments about bread making, starting with the first one, which was Linda O., and so she was Number 1, etc.etc. And the person with the number that came up was Kathy.) Just so everyone knows it is Fair & Square! I do not "choose" who wins....the computer does!!

How many of you are watching the Winter Olympics? My husband and I have really enjoyed so much of it. We are big fans of Apolo Ohno and watched last night as he earned a Bronze Medal, to break the tie he had with Bonnie Blair. What makes him such a fan favorite, too, is his inspiring story. Here's the link to his official website, but it takes forever to load, probably due to millions of people trying to read it! I finally gave up!

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." -- Tommy Lasorda


  1. I did a little bit of spring cleaning this past weekend too--prompted by the fact that my in-laws are coming for a visit next weekend! HA! As always, there is still more I could do.

    I've watched a little bit of the Olympics. I like the ice skating/dancing events the best, I think.

  2. Hi Daisy! Thanks for stopping by. I guess we all should have "company" come and visit about once a month, and then we'd most likely have a fairly clean house, huh?! I used to love watching all the ice skating, too, but this year I've been more into the more "dangerous" sports! The speed skating, the freestyle skiing, the ski jumping, etc.! And then there's the ever popular curling! (I'm sorry but THAT is the funniest thing I've ever seen!!)

  3. Thanks for the random drawing link. I'd probably have put numbers in a hat. Goes to show that there's automation for everything these days.

  4. Hi Pat! That's exactly what I first thought, too. I couldn't think of any other possible way to do it! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I've really been enjoying the short track speed skating too. Have you spotted the Canadian guy with red-hair and dreadlocks?

  6. Yeah, I'm a big Apolo fan, too. But I'm not exactly watching his skates :-)

    I use Sally the Crazy Dog to pick random winners. It takes FOREVER, of course, waiting for her to finally get remotely near a name on a slip of paper. But it's definitely random.

    (Thanks for the random generator link!)

  7. Hi Janel. Yes, I certainly noticed the red-headed guy! He reminded me of that "comedian"...and I use that term loosely....Carrot Top!

  8. Why, Cathy C., you're making me blush, my dear! I couldn't have said it any better myself! :o

  9. We're Apolo fans, too, and I'm with Cathy...not really watching the skates. :) We got on his site over the weekend and watched the vid about how they train. YIKES!

  10. Hey Lisa! Oh yeah...I'm watching different "areas", too! :o

    At this very moment, the short track preliminaries have just begun! GO APOLO!!


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