Tuesday, August 31, 2010

** Another Month Bites the Dust **

It occurred to me today, that I haven't had my August Contest yet!! Hey, Miss Cathy C....where are you when I need you to help remind me??!! I haven't even thought about what kind of contest to have, or my prizes....So...we'll just skip a month and I'll have a September Contest! I'll post about that in a day or two. (IF I can remember!)

(courtesy: irvinehousingblog)

I, for one, am thrilled to welcome the month of September! Fall is my favorite season and I cannot wait for cool, crisp days and nights....leaves turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red. Of course, here in the St. Louis area, we can still have hot and humid days right into October, with cooler temps tossed in for a tease. However it happens, I'm ready for it.

“My favorite poem is the one that starts 'Thirty days hath September' because it actually tells you something.” -- Groucho Marx                                               


  1. I can't believe August is over! I am ready for Fall but have many more days of hot weather here in Georgia! Don't forget your contest for Sept....see I reminded you!

  2. Hi Becky....I like September, too, especially since it's my birthday month! Susan

  3. Fall is my favourite season too, or as us Brits call it, Autumn. The road in which I live has several trees, and the coloured leaves are spectacular.

    Great quote!

  4. Can it be September, 2010? How did that happen?? I am so ready for fall, it's a great time of year.

    Thank you for the gift! I am so happy to have been your 100th follower! What a great cookbook, I love it Becky!


  5. Becky,
    I love autumn too. God's pallete is better than any artist's But I dread the coming of winter. If only fall lasted six months.
    Linda O'Connell http://lindaoconnell.blogspot.com

  6. Normally, I hate to leave summer, to see it end. However, I think I am ready to move on this year. Tired of heat. I bought a first hardy mum yesterday and maybe that will help fall along! I see it is dark now at 7 in the morning...another sign of advancing autumn!

  7. Hi Becky,

    I love fall the best too.

    I hope that we get one here this year. We did not get a spring, and there was snow in our rain on Monday. Mt. Bachelor (about 35 miles from us) got 3" on Monday!

    I am looking forward to your next contest and am so glad that you are getting so much accomplished.


  8. Hey Becky Gal,
    Autumn is my favorite time of the year, too.
    P.S. Love your new cap, and I agree with your "put a muzzle on her" comment yesterday at critique.

  9. HEY BECKY! (Me waving arms)

    What happened to the August contest??? :-)

    Heck, what happened to AUGUST? Onward and upwards, Becky. September is another month (paraphrasing Scarlett there, but I think it worked.)

  10. Fall is the season I love best. And today, I can smell it coming...


  11. welcome September! I remember when I was in elementary that for me September was the month where Christmas was almost here! (lol, I know... crazy) - but it was like that: September, first month of school (kinda), then October Halloween, then November to make the list of presents and taraaaaaa: December! so, in a way, September was the beginning of the best time of the year. (Love the poem!!)

  12. Hi Linda ~ Oh, I know it can stay hot in Georgia for a long time! Thanks for the Sept Contest reminder! :D

    Hi Susan ~ Well, yes September certainly is special, since you were born in September!

    Hi Ellie ~ Sometimes we Americans call the season "Fall" and sometimes "Autumn". I think it partly depends on what region of the US a person lives, and sometimes just a personal preference! I love the word, Autumn, too! Maybe you can share some photos of your lovely trees.

    Hi Nancy ~ I'm so glad you like the cookbook! Congrats, again!

    Hi Linda ~ I don't mind winter! In fact, I enjoy it, too. I love snow! :)

    Hi Bookie-Claudia! Yes, the mums are so pretty, and I've noticed how it gets dark earlier in the evening, now, too. THAT's the one thing I do not like about winter! The darkness! If it would stay sunny until 9:00pm, even if it was zero degrees, it would be better, don't ya think?!

    Hi Miss Oregon Kathy ~ Wow! Snow in your rain already! That's a bit early, even for me! You do have such beautiful scenery there, though. Every area has its good and bad points, doesn't it? Thanks for all your kind words!

    Oh, Donna ~ You are too funny!! I wish all my blog pals could've been part of the C&C Tuesday! *giggle* Sometimes I just "open mouth and insert foot" !!

    Jennee ~ You, too, are funny!! :)

    Hey Cathy C. ~ Love the waving of the arms there! Yeah, I kinda missed August. It's been a weird summer all around for me this year. I'm ready for a new season!

    Hey Sue ~ Another kindred soul...loves fall, too! I can't smell it here, yet, though!

    Hi OJ ~ I know what you mean! September IS the beginning of a lot of great months and great holidays! Glad you like the quote!


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