Sunday, August 29, 2010

* Sunday Night News *

I've had a really great weekend, and hope all of you have, too! (I have other topics I also wanted to write about tonight, but I'll save those for another time. One is about my daughters-in-law. One is about the lovely treasures I received from Linda at Ala Carte, and another is about the little gift I sent to Nancy of Nancy's Notes, for being my 100th Follower!)

Yesterday was another fun and interesting Saturday Writers meeting. Our speaker was Sylvia Forbes, who besides being an award winning freelance writer (of over 600 publications!), is also the publisher of Snowflake Press, which publishes the wonderful Bylines Calendar every year. If you're not familiar with it: Bylines Writer’s Desk Calendar includes essays on writing and a variety of helpful tools for writers, too many to mention!
(courtesy Bylines website. The 2010 cover is a replica of Will Rogers' desk.)

I know a couple of my blog writer friends have been highlighted in past issues! Check out the Bylines website, because Sylvia said she is now accepting essays for the 2012 calendar. She will be announcing sometime very soon, the writers who've been chosen for the 2011 calendar.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one!
During her presentation, Sylvia gave great advice and tips on how to get into the various freelance markets. There are thousands of magazines, for one thing, that most of us would not even think of. I took a large page full of notes and hope to venture into that....someday!

I am SO happy and proud to announce that today I wrote almost 2000 words in my book!! And, the night is not over, so the number I end up with, will most likely be over 2000! I have to say that most of it has to do with everyone's supportive comments from today, and most especially from Sioux, who said "We're all cheering you on. Remember one of the most important pieces of writing advice: BIC (Butt in Chair). Park your rump at your desk and get writing!"  Well Sioux, I took your advice, and by golly it worked!

Thanks again to all of you. I couldn't do it without the support and camaraderie of my friends and family. Thank you Sylvia for your kindness and encouragement. Thank you Lou Turner, from High Hill Press, my publisher and awesome cheerleader. I'm going to make it, because of all of you!

And to borrow a quote by the late, great Mr. Will Rogers (taken directly from Bylines Calendar!).....I thought this was THE perfect quote to end this post:

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -- Will Rogers


  1. I love that quote!

    I'm so happy to hear you are making such great progress on your book. That Butt in Chair technique works wonders, huh? :)

  2. I'm glad you're working well and getting a lot done, have fun and stay strong. The quote is perfect :D

  3. Perfect quote. I'm glad things are moving along well for you!


  4. I think the simplest advice is usually the best for some reason. Like, I've never forgotten a poster on the wall of my high school creative writing class. It said, "If you wish to be a writer, write." I'm glad to hear your writing is going so well!!

  5. What a great quote! I am so happy you wrote lots of words!!! Yeah, keep it up girl!!! I love the Butt In Chair advice! Yep that works also!

  6. I need to do more BIC's :-). Thanks for all your sharing.

  7. I need to write BIC on a huge banner and hang it over my desk! Sometimes the best advice is the hardest to listen to! My new mantra: BIC! BIC!

  8. Clever post and good advice, Becky. I'm glad to hear you are accomplishing so much towards your goal. Keep at it and you'll have that book done before you know it! :)

  9. So happy for you! 2000 words is great. Love the quote.

  10. Congrats on such a productive day! You'll get to write "The End" before you know it!


  11. Hi Janel, Sam, Sue, Tammy, Linda, Lynn, Lisa, Daisy, Linda, OJ, & Pat! Thanks so much for all the encouraging words!! I truly appreciate them!!!!!


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