Friday, August 20, 2010

** Friday Night Tails....uh, Tales...**

Our wacky weather is at it again. Waves of fierce storms blowing through; three or more just today. The trees bending sideways, the rain raining sideways. An hour after the first one, bright sunshine and dry pavement. Tonight, we even had tornado sirens blasting. That is one sound I truly dislike! I'm the first one to head for the basement and Tiger usually follows along without any discussion. Husband is always Mr. Stay Cool (or in my opinion: Mr. Wrong)...but fortunately the latest storm blew over and it's now quiet again...for now.

Another fortunate incident: Last night, I got the bright idea to fix a little bed for Tiger in our bedroom. Duh! It seems like such a simple answer to her desire to be near us, or ME, in general. I really didn't think of it before, because she's never been a dog that slept in any of our bedrooms. She had her various places she liked.....on the landing at the top of the steps....or near the front door.....or in the hallway, etc.....but never in our bedrooms.
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So, last night, I called her into our room, showed her the old comforter and pillow that I put on the floor in the corner for her bed. She circled it for a moment, layed down for a second or two, and then wandered back out into the hallway. BUT, she saw that she was Welcome and that we had begun our new Open Door Policy! I'm pretty sure that tonight will be a good night......because even if it does begin to storm sleeping on the couch required!

(Tiger in the family room)

"We derive immeasurable good, uncounted pleasures, enormous security, and many critical lessons about life by owning dogs." --  Roger Caras, A Celebration of Dogs


  1. Oh, that weather does not sound good. Glad I missed it. Why is Tiger needing so much now? Is she hurting somewhere do you think?

  2. Aaw, I'm sending lots and lots of sunshine your way, RIGHT NOW, do you notice any already? ..^_^.
    Wishing you a happy happy weekend, Becky. xxx

  3. Dogs are wonderful. Mine doesn't like thunder or fireworks. He stays close, too.

  4. It looks like you've found the perfect place to help Tiger feel safe and secure!


  5. Dear Becky...I think Tiger is a smart dog! Ha! He's wrapping you around his little "paw." ha! You are a good Tiger Mom! Susan P.S. If I heard the tornado warning sounding, I'd want to be near my Master, too!

  6. awww, what a cute picture of Tiger!

  7. Becky---Count yourself fortunate that Tiger does not get so stressed out during storms that she needs to be medicated. Both of ours need to take a pill BEFORE a storm really starts. Otherwise they pant nonstop, they pace, they get so nervous. Most dogs are nicer than many people I know, so I'm glad Tiger knows she has some options now...

  8. I'm with you on the sirens going off...not my favorite at all. Glad the storms passed and that all is well. Sweet Tiger hope he is happy he has a place in your bedroom. Pets need that comfort of closeness sometimes also. Sweet picture of him!

  9. The weather in England is very rarely extreme, so even a little bit of snow or strong winds, and the news broadcasters go crazy.

    And I too love dogs, they are wonderful companions; loyal, friendly and playful. I have three myself. The Roger Caras quote captures this sentiment beautifully :)

  10. I agree completely! And love the little tip of tongue hanging out in that picture!

  11. Hi Bookie ~ I'm glad you missed the weather, too! I don't think Tiger is hurting anywhere. She just had her visit to the vet. I truly think she just wants to be near her old age!

    Hi Saskia ~ Thank you so much for stopping and commenting! And thanks for the sunshine! It WAS here earlier! LOL The clouds keep covering it up, but then it peaks out again!

    Hi Nessa ~ Tiger also hates firecrackers. It's really pitiful because there's no way to comfort her.

    Hi K-9 Pat ~ Thanks! Yes, I think as soon as we have no more storms at night, she'll really be happy!

    Hi Susan ~ You are so right! She definitely has me wrapped around her "not-so-little" paw!! :)

    Hi Kathie ~ Thanks! I took that picture of her on my cell phone about a month or so ago! I thought she looked adorable, of course!

    Hi Sioux ~ Tiger does do all those things...the panting, the pacing, etc. I got pills for her years ago but the problem was they had to be given something like an hour BEFORE the storm hit, and heck, how can you know for sure when to give them? Usually, she'd suffer through the storm, then konk out afterwards and be drugged for hours. We decided that was worse! If you know of some that work differently, please e-mail me! I appreciate the info!

    Hi Linda ~ Thanks! Our pets sure are special to us, aren't they?

    Hi Sam ~ I can just imagine the news and weather people on your TV! The ones here get all nuts, too, and they should be used to it. We get really tired of them interrupting our TV shows with all their special "radar" and "warnings"!'d think it was the end of the world! They really do "over-do-it" most of the time!

    Hi Tam ~ Yep, me too! That's the best part of the picture! :)

  12. That's a good idea, Becky! Isn't it funny how it seems the simplest answers to our problems are right in front of us, but we don't know it.

  13. We are so lucky that Cooper doesn't mind storms. He just looks around wondering what is making all of the noise!

  14. Hi Daisy ~ That is SO true, isn't it? Thanks!

    Hi Janel ~ I'm very happy for Coop and your entire family that he's not afraid!

  15. what we try to do for our the photo. rose

  16. I LOVE dogs!! I can't imagine my life without them - stop by when you have the chance to read about my Murphy (my latest post) and his new attitude after training. Happy weekend!!


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