Thursday, August 19, 2010

** This 'n That Thursday **

Good Morning Everyone! In spite of the fact that:

I slept most of the night on the (saggy) couch...again, because of my beloved dog, Tiger....and my back hurts off and on....sometimes not so much, sometimes very much....ouch!....I am happy today! Why? You may ask? I have no solid answer.....I just AM!'s the little bit of This 'n That:

1)  Did you notice I changed my Play List to just one song for today? It's a mix of two songs, really. The first part, I'm Yours, was a huge hit for Jason Mraz a few years ago. The second part, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, is the whimsical tune Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole, a Hawaiian singer/songwriter, sang a few years ago. (I just love the way it's done....not as "sad" as the original Judy Garland version.) AND, it all comes together beautifully when sung by the fabulous a cappella group: Straight No Chaser. I hope you enjoy it!   (If you don't know any of the history of Iz or the guys in Straight No Chaser, just click on the links I've provided.)

2)  Last Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning, I watched a fascinating segment about a man who has invented and engineered numerous stunning water fountain displays. I couldn't get the video thing to work here, but I do have the link to You Tube, for you to visit. This is the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, just one of many others. Be sure and have your volume turned on because it is water choreography at its best! (Oh, and you'll have to click on the little mute button on the Play List part of my blog, in order to not have "dueling music"!)

3)  I've been a litte busy and/or preoccupied since receiving my 100th Follower, Nancy!
     Thank you, Nancy! Because of this, I'll be mailing a little prize to her sometime in the next few days.

I've come to the conclusion as to why I'm happy today, or at least a partial conclusion.......
Just being able to see and hear the beauty that I witnessed while searching out songs and videos....How could I not be happy? I'm continually amazed as I follow by bliss........

“It's good to be just plain happy, it's a little better to know that you're happy; but to understand that you're happy and to know why and how and still be happy, be happy in the being and the knowing, well that is beyond happiness, that is bliss.” --  Henry Miller


  1. I love both of those songs! great choices :-)

  2. I do love both sync, too.


  3. I can relate to being up with the dog in the night. My husband came home late last night and Cooper was being a good guard dog, pretty much waking everybody up before he realized it was "daddy." Gotta love those furbabies!

  4. Hi Becky...The found video on UTube was sooooo cool. Thanks for sharing that. Susan

  5. i tend to go to the couch, has nothing to do with an animal love the quote. have a good day. rose

  6. It's so good for you to be happy! I do love that Over The Rainbow version so much!!!

  7. Those are both great songs, Becky. It's hard not to be happy while listening to them.

  8. Ha! More proof we were separated at birth. I'm Yours is my cell ring tone! :D

    Tiger is lucky to have you...your a good pooch mama.

  9. Becky, I do hope your back is better soon! I don't think the couch is helping, but so nice of you to keep your doggie company.

  10. Hi Kathie ~ Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you, too, love the songs!

    Hi Sue ~ Ditto!

    Hi Janel ~ That's funny about Cooper! My poor Tiger's hearing isn't very good anymore, I'm sorry to say.

    Hi Susan ~ I'm glad you checked out the video! Wasn't it amazing? And there are so many of those fountains all over the world. You can't look at it without smiling or laughing! I'd LOVE to see one in person!

    Hi Rose ~ You are funny! Sometimes the couch is great for a nap, too!

    Hi Linda ~ Thanks!

    HI Daisy ~ True about the songs, and also about watching the fountains! :)

    Hi Lisa ~ Wow...this separated at birth thing is really getting scary!! :D

    Hi Lynn ~ Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment! And yes, I agree about the couch. In fact, I'll be writing about that today (Friday) sometime!

  11. You chose one of my most favorite songs today! I LOVE this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and what a great day for it as the storms are moving in. It helps keep things happy! I'm glad I had a listen.

  12. I feel your (back) pain. But here's something to cheer you up, my friend.

    (It's waiting at the Hall of Fame)

  13. Ouch. Hope your back feels better soon.

    Great This n That choices!

  14. Hi Jennifer ~ Thanks so much! I'm glad I could help perk up your day!

    Hi Cathy ~ Thank you so much for the award! I'm humbled, dahhhling!

    Hi Ellie ~ Thank you! It's got to get back to normal one of these days!

  15. Happy is definitely a good thing.


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