Wednesday, September 8, 2010

** Wednesday's Words **

I had a really great day today! And surprisingly, practically none of it had anything to do with writing....but had a lot to do with house cleaning! Yeah, crazy, huh?! I didn't even know that's how my day would go, either. It certainly wasn't planned. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that my back is finally in really good shape, and that my house was a pit! (The Ronald isn't very helpful when it comes to vacuuming or dusting or laundry....but he does help with the dishes.)

So, anyway, I was Miss Becky-Homecky today and thoroughly enjoyed myself! I get that way sometimes. Turn on some great music and just have a good old time! I also put out a few of my fall decorations on the mantle.  Photos still to come later!

Oh, I have an "Oops" to confess. When I wrote about the 6 new hardcover books yesterday, I was mistaken. When I opened the bag, there were 5 books, and only 3 of them were hardcover! Oh Horrors!! I'm so sorry! More about the books later, too!

Tonight I want to be sure and mention Clara Gillow Clark's blog. She highlighted author/illustrator Lindsay Barrett George. Please go to Clara's blog and read all about Lindsay and the contest Clara is having. Do it quickly, though, because the drawing is in one week!! Her newest book is about an adorable dog named Maggie. I certainly left a comment or two, so I can be in the drawing. The winner(s) doesn't just get a book, there's way more to run on over to Clara's and check it out!

That's it for tonight! It's midnight already and I still want to do some reading!

"Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?" -- Henry Ward Beecher


  1. Becky--I know what you mean about putting on music to get "in the mood" for housecleaning. (This is my second marriage--just celebrated our 25th Tuesday) and when my daughter's dad and I divorced, we battled more over dividing up the records than over our child. (THAT was a given, not even up for discussion.) I had given him a 3-album set of the Supremes for a Valentine's Day present, and thought that it should be considered mine. (Even though it was a gift, I liked it more than he did.) I lost that battle. It was the BEST music to choreograph my cleaning chores. Maybe that is why we are usually being overrun by dustbunnies...I need Diana Ross back!

  2. I love being homecky, too. And about those books--who can recall all the books we grab at sales. I love it when my husband is driving, because that way I get to touch all the books on the way home. Thanks for the mention on your blog, Becky, great cyber friend! Happy trails!

  3. A bookstore is the only store, beside an arts & craft store that I like.

  4. Gee, can you come and clean my house too? In the back of my mind I want to clean now that the kids are back in school, but I keep finding other things to do. I guess I can find excuses to procrastinate with just about anything, not just writing.

  5. @ Becky - I know what you mean, the simple things (or sometimes not so simple and time consuming) like cleaning can bring me, too, so much peace, quiet and much needed relaxation. I usually tend to these things especially when I'm upset over something and the pressure just lifts up, up, and away. :)

    @ Nessa - I totally share your feelings about bookstores and arts & crafts stores :D

  6. Hey Sioux ~ I see a very simple solution to your problem....GO BUY THE CD! :D

    Hi Clara ~ lovers' minds do think alike!

    Hi Nessa ~ Oh yeah, me too! Plus, office supply or teacher supply stores. All those papers and pens,etc! :)

    Hey Janel ~ Sorry, I'm no where near finished "cleaning" my house! I just made a dent in it! I'm both sorry and glad to hear that you also procrastinate about writing!

    Hi Estrella ~ I think you just answered any questions I may have had about WHY I really felt like cleaning yesterday! It totally got me away from writing, from any writing pressure!! Thanks for the insight!

  7. Hi Becky! I'm hoping this mood hits me soon so I can get some cleaning done here!!

  8. I definitely AM weakest at a book store. Great quote.


    PS. I also use mood music...for nearly every activity!

  9. I enjoy cleaning too! is a great way to stop thinking about what bothers me and mental work... is therapeutic!! - on my way to check Clara's blog, if she writes about her dog, it's my kind of gal!

  10. I just cleaned lasat weekend! IT feels good to get it done.
    Sandie w/♥


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