Friday, December 24, 2010

** White Christmas **

I can't remember the last time I awoke on Christmas Eve morning to the sight of falling snow! I truly believe it probably hasn't happened since my childhood. Yes, I've seen quite a few white Christmases over the years, but snow was usually already on the ground.

(Trying to capture the falling snow. Not too bad considering I took this photo from inside my family room.)

(this is obviously our deck!)

(I took this from inside the laundry room)

I realize none of these pictures portray the real beauty of the snow, nor do they show the 3 inches we ended up with. Ah...but again, the battery ran out of its charge so quickly......
Dear Santa, I sure hope you're bringing me a new camera!!

Merry Christmas, dear friends, 2010.

"Close friends become family and family is the true center of the universe." -- Dave Marinaccio


  1. Merry Christmas! It is nearly 9 am on the big day and I'm waiting for the rest of my family to catch up with me. :) We might get some snow here later in the day, and if so, it will be the first Christmas day accumulation of snow since the 1800s.

    Ah, I hear stirrings in the house, at last, so I'm off to have a wonderful Christmas morning with my beloveds! Love to you and your family, and have a happy Christmas!

  2. Hello Becky! You guys got snow. We did not (not yet anyway). Big storm is predicted for tomorrow, I think.

    Anyway, hope your day is splendid! And the rest of the season, too. Susan

  3. It's snowing here today too!

    Merry Christmas, Becky!

  4. Pretty pictures, Becky, and you know I've always loved your deck!!! Hope you have a warm, delightful Christmas! I'm still waiting for teenagers to wake up. Which means it will be Christmas morning sometime this afternoon.

  5. Well, we're waiting...Did Santa bring you a new camera?

    Hope the day was a merry one...

  6. First White Christmas here in Atlanta in over 100 years. Magical!


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