Tuesday, January 11, 2011

* Writer Information & Candle Wax Art *

Hello and Happy Tuesday, January 11, 2011, otherwise known as 1/11/11, AND my sister's birthday!

I've got some writing information to share, so no time to waste. (Sorry guys...I didn't intend for this to be entirely for and about women writers, and memoir type essays at that, but it just kind of fell into place!)

1) If you're not familiar with Terri Spahr Nelson, you're missing out on knowing a generous and unique woman! She writes, edits, answers questions, mails out "loaner" books to writers contemplating submitting stories to her anthologies, etc. Click on any or all of the three links below and see what Terri needs for upcoming books.

Writer/Editor Terri Spahr Nelson,  

Reflections From Women website,

Reflections From Women Blogspace  

2) If you're a woman and writing your memoir, or interested in writing snippets of your memoir, then Womens Memoirs is a blog you'll want to follow. There's always great info posted and they're also hosting a monthly contest  (for eleven months. They're giving everyone a one-month break.) I don't remember if there's any payment involved, but check it out, because if a story is chosen, it at least gets published on their blog..

3) The National Association of Memoir Writers is having a Call for Submissions for a "How to write about family" anthology. The first thing you need to do is submit 2-3 possible topics you would like to contribute, each described in a few sentences and a 65-75 word bio. They want that information by January 31st. Check out the website for more info. A complimentary book is payment.

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Now for my Candle Wax Art! During the Christmas holidays, instead of having a fire in our fireplace, I had it decorated with greenery and white candles. Today, I took everything out so we can burn some logs during our very Brrrrr....cold spell! Here's the wax that had melted and I gently pulled up......

 The shape at the top right looks like a flying duck to me....like Daffy Duck! See his bill and head and body? I guess his legs are tucked out of sight!
Isn't that funny? I think the shape at the very left of this one looks like a kangaroo! See her feet(foot) at the bottom, her tummy with pouch, her face and her ear(s)??

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I wish you much success with your writing! I am definitely making 2011 MY YEAR for publications....especially my memoir!


  1. I definitely see it, Becky! Very clever.

    Best of luck with your memoirs, and thank you for sharing the writers info with us.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Becky---Thanks for the links. Two out of the three sound marvelous, and the third sounds intriguing...Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much Becky. I'll check out these sites. I've had a memoir in the making for years. This is the year it must be revealed somehow.

  4. You always have a good link to offer. Thanks!

    And yes, I see Daffy AND Roo.


  5. Hello hello!! Thank you for the links and glad to see you so excited for this new year:)) Hoping you finish your book and start other amazing projects!

  6. Cool wax art! Reminds me of finding the pictures in clouds.


  7. Thanks for the info! Have a great week.:)

  8. Interesting...like a Rorschach test, but with wax! And let me see...I zink dat seeing Daffy means dat you are fun! Thanks for the websites. You are always a font of resources.

  9. Thanks for posting these! I will look into them. Very cool wax art!

  10. Thanks everybody!! Great to hear from all of you!

  11. Becky you look at melted wax like I look at clouds. That's so funny. And thanks for all the writing info! Wish I didn't have so much to do--mainly working on my NaNoWriMo novel!

  12. I definitely see the Kangaroo. Without arms, but it's still there!

  13. Thanks Lynn and Lydia! I also love to look at clouds and see different things/people, etc. in them!

  14. Yes, I can see the duck and the kangaroo. Now, do you see the half moon on the bottom toward the left side? What would Freud say?
    Happy belated birthday, and I am going to hang around to hear Mr. Mathis finish his song, "Chances Are."

  15. Hi Becky,

    I see it! Thanks for all the writers info. I'll investigate.

    You are great ... have a wonderful rest of the week!

    <3 ... Kathy

  16. I don't see the duck but I do see the kangaroo.

  17. Candle wax art-- I love it! (And there I was, just thinking my candles were a melted mess!)


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