Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hanging On for Dear Life

I feel like this gray bear, hanging on for dear life, while my days go speeding along.

(photo courtesy: artymiss.com)

 I'm not complaining. Really, I'm not. I'm grateful for my busy life. I love what I do. Every now and then, though, I get a little overwhelmed with so many things on my "To Do List." Prioritize, you say? Sometimes that's easier said than done. Lately the worst part is that even when I'm exhausted at night, and climb into bed, my mind won't shut down. Not only does it not shut down, it zips from topic to topic, staying barely long enough for me to promise myself I'll remember in the morning, or to sit up and jot myself a note:

I really need to finish that greeting card I started making last week.
Don't forget to call so-and-so tomorrow.
Oh, remember that e-mail that needs a reply.
How many bills do I still need to pay?
I've got to get back to that one chapter I'm trying to complete.
There are about 5 contests I wanted to enter....When were those deadlines?
I think we're out of clean bath towels. Better throw a load in the washer when I get up.

And sometimes I do get up and begin any number of those projects, even if it's 3:00 am.
I think this is something many of us have in common. What are the answers? I'd love to hear suggestions!

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“Chance can allow you to accomplish a goal every once in a while, but consistent achievement happens only if you love what you are doing.” -- Bart Conner


  1. Hi Becky, I hear you. Not sure what the answer is, unless maybe the answer is a warm glass of milk or 1/2 of an anti-anxiety pill.

    My mind has been spinning! I am trying to make myself stay away from the computer and get a break as much as possible. I felt so relieved to go out to lunch today and then come home to vacuum and do laundry!

    And, unlike you, I am not even writing a book or entering contests. Still, there is this urgency to get as much done as possible.

    I know that you will get it figured out. God bless you, my friend, and take care.


  2. I started using Cozi.com for our familyl to-do list. It's online, so I can't misplace the paper (I do that often), they also have a grocery list option, and a calendar to help you see what needs to be done at a glance.

    And many years ago, a wise co-worker told me that I should do a 'mind flush' every night, complete with the "whoosh" sound - that's my prompt to clear my mind and get some sleep.

  3. I've been working on de-stressing. I've decided that some things are important and some aren't. If I have time to write, I write. If I don't have the time, or there are other more pressing concerns, like helping family and friends, then the writing stays on the back burner. I also enjoy reading, and want to read more and blog less. So I'm trying not to stress if I don't comment on as many blogs as I would like to in a day. I just do what I can to keep the friends I've made in Bloggerland. Are we all in this same boat?

    Thank you for expressing your thoughts about something we all suffer from--so many things we would like to do that sometimes keep us awake at night. And yes, it's easy to say we must prioritize, but how difficult this is to put into practice!!
    Ann Best, Author

  4. The insomnia - it is going around.

    Try keeping a flashlight and a notepad on your nightstand. If something just won't let go, do a brain dump by flashlight. Sometimes, cross your fingers, getting those thoughts down on paper will help quiet your mind enough to sleep.

  5. Wow, I love these four comments! Looks like I've struck a nerve, especially with women. (Sorry, guys...but we women really do carry the load!) Thanks so much Kathy, June, Ann and Janel!

  6. A former boyfriend of mine referred to the chattering that deprives sleep (or otherwise interrupts one) as "brain monkeys." So true. What really frustrates me is when I fall asleep in the living room, watching TV, but then, after I take myself to the bedroom, the chattering begins. Sometimes I just stay in the living room. I have the entire Dick Van Dyke Show on DVD. It's my ambien.

  7. That is my usual state, so if you find an answer I sure want to know.
    I do not go to doctors very often, but once I did mention this inability to fall asleep at appropriate times. He asked me a few other questions and then very nonchalantly said, "Oh, you probably have ADD." So I just relate to his statement indifferently.
    What do I do about it. I have accepted the idea that I have usually have trouble falling asleep. About the only thing that helps me is to prop myself up in bed and read until I drift off.
    Setting routines, and no late exercising did not seem to help.
    Good luck.

  8. *sigh* It got worse after I turned 50. If you find a solution...help! :)

  9. Hi, Becky,
    I stopped over from Lisa's blog and had to laugh at your post. This is happening to me in a BIG way right now. I finally figured out it's because I'm in the middle of lots of writing and my brain wants to find every idea it can. But it IS frustrating. I just hope that the really important stuff gets remembered. Good luck!

  10. Becky,
    You describe a thoroughly involved life that many would kill for. Enjoy it to the hilt. You can do as many do -- catch a few winks while driving.

  11. I sometimes do the "I can't sleep because my brain won't stop spinning" thing too. I haven't found a good solution for it.

  12. Hey everyone! Ahh, more wonderful comments! Thanks to Katie, Mya, Lisa, Debra and Daisy. And Mr. Brault, once again your wit and wisdom made me stop and think, and smile!

  13. If you figure it out, let me know.

  14. Oh, Becky, how many times I feel exactly the same!
    I found reading a wonderful way to stop the chattering going on in my mind. Anything else leaves room for thinking, while reading a book gives me the perfect opportunity to sink into the written words and solely focus on them.

    (I meant to send you over to my place as my post is related to this, but I can see you've already noticed my post. Thank you for stopping by, and I'm glad to have inspired you and reminded you of what we all need to focus on :) )

  15. I don't have answers either, but I can relate. It's funny, the other day at a stop light, I thought about you. I wondered how you do so much with the same 24 hours I have.

    Take care of yourself.

  16. Making lists really helps me. Once I get it down on the list, I can sort of let it go from my mind.

    You are a busy lady. Maybe you need to simplify! (NOt easy to do, I know.)


  17. Hi Siter, My answer is Take one Flexeril followed by a few minutes on your knees with the Lord, a dark and quiet room with a smooth fluffy pillow, a few warm quilts then........Voila! A perfectly good nights sleep. Love you, Mollye

  18. I've found that magnesium helps with sleep issues, too. :) As for the other stuff...if you find out what works, let me know!

  19. Love that picture--and I totally relate. I AM that bear. I guess an awful lot of us are in our over-accelerated culture.

  20. Sheer exhaustion and a margarita can quiet my brain sometimes! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you are not alone!

  21. sheesh!
    & i thought it was the steroids")!

  22. Becky, How did you get my to do list? . . .I really need to finish that greeting card I started making last week. Don't forget to call so-and-so tomorrow.Oh, remember that e-mail that needs a reply. How many bills do I still need to pay?I've got to get back to that one chapter I'm trying to complete. There are about 5 contests I wanted to enter....When were those deadlines?I think we're out of clean bath towels. Better throw a load in the washer when I get up.

  23. I so know how you feel Becky; I find it hard to switch off sometimes, especially late at night. I find that reading for at least half an hour is a great way to unwind.

  24. Thanks again, everyone! I am so delighted at the number of comments I've received on this subject. I'm comforted, too, in knowing many of us "suffer" from the same predicament. Reading in bed really does help most of the time, too. Won't it be funny if all of us involved in this particular post, all think of each other when we're awake at odd hours?!

  25. i try to do a daily to do list such as laundry, change sheets and if i need to do errands out of the home, i list on a piece of paper where i need to go and list places in the same area so i don't back track this goes with me. i also put sticky notes on the computer for needs on different days. this works for me. as far as the sleep, depending how much my husband snores as well as the 2 babies(dogs), inour bedroom may affect me to go to the couch. best in this direction rose


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