Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, hasn't the past 24 hours been unusual, strange and just plain aggravating?! How many of us are just a little addicted to our blog(s) and those of our friends? After my initial panic, I found some information about Blogger's problem and shared it with everyone I have e-mail addresses for. Enough about that.

At the end of Wednesday's post, I announced my idea about having a weekly post called "I Wonder."  I'm not totally sure what I'll post on those days, but for now I'll try to have it on Fridays.

I Wonder: If our country has the man-power and knowledge to build a massive space program, wouldn't you think they could figure out a way to transfer flood waters to the drought areas?

I Wonder : I can't imagine what the execs on Two and a Half Men were thinking when they chose Ashton Kutcher to "replace" Charlie Sheen. Say it ain't so!

"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." -- Greek Proverb


  1. So true... where are all the engineers and brainy planners ? Just think if we could channel all that water where it is really needed !

    I kind of freaked out when I couldn't blog for so long...I'm so hooked !

  2. Profound wonder!

    OH my, I can't believe we were out of touch for way too long!


  3. Good question. Seems our country is quite selective re how it uses its man-power and knowledge. If woman-power were the more common term, I bet we wouldn't have nearly as many problems!

  4. LOL !

    As to 2 1/2 Men...I think Ashton is a brat and I'm thinking Demi might be watching him even closer if his character is anything like Charlie's was.( art imitates life sometimes, if you can call a sitcom art ) Only watched the show once, didn't like it !

  5. Blogger be ____ !

    Kutcher might be better than we think. And since he's NOT going to take over the Sheen role, it will be interesting to see how they write him into the storyline...

  6. I felt all cut off! Missed everyone.

  7. Nice wonders - only your second one, I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't watch that show. I was so busy, I was kind of glad the blog was down! he he he.

  8. With regard to Blogger, I do think some of my comments were deleted. Maybe they'll be back, maybe not. But I'm glad Blogger is up and running again.

    About this post...I used to say quite often...."They can put a man on the moon, so why can't they make a women's restroom without a line!" Not as important as your thought, but you get my meaning.

    Finally, thank you for all those great writing links you gave a few posts down. I will check them out. As a would-be author, I need all the writing contacts I can get.

    Blessings and hugs,

  9. Hi Becky: I wonder if all bloggers missed blogging and reading others' blogs as much as I did. Oh, it was TERRIBLE. All I kept thinking was that I was going to lose two and a half years of posts and photos!. (Pessimist in me. ha ha) Thank goodness all is well. Take care and have a great Saturday! Susan

  10. Glad things are back up and running on Blogger, Becky!

  11. Yeserday was fun. Not. Actually I made myself catch up with all the writing jobs I was behind on, so in one way the blogging hiatus was good.

    Ashton Kutcher? Noooo!

    Ellie Garratt

  12. I don't know...LOL...I think I might watch Two and a Half Men now! :) Thanks for keeping us updated on Blogger. What killed me was that they went down during the very times I was able to read blogs. How mean.

  13. I wonder why our legislators think destroying teacher unions will improve education. Maybe we can improve crime by ticking off police officers! In Tennessee, they ever have a bill to do away with teacher licensing. Now that will definitely improve the quality of education!


  14. keep wondering,
    thought provoking post.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

  15. Blogging is way too addictive. Nothing like a blackout to make me realize it!


  16. Hi Nonna ~ Yep, I agree. And oh yeah about the blog issue...It was terrible not being able to reach out to my blog friends!

    Hey Nancy ~ Thanks & ditto on blogger!

    Hi Katie ~ You never cease to amaze me with your insight and wisdom! I agree with you! Go Women!

    Oh Nonna ~ About 2-1/2 may be right about Demi!

    Hi Sioux ~ Oh yes, I know Ashton isn't going to replace Charlie. And it WILL be interesting to see how they introduce a new character....but...!

    Hi Chatty ~ Yes, didn't we all feel lost!?

    Hey Lynne! You are so funny!

    Hi Patti ~ Thanks for your comments! I'm glad to know you'll check into some of the writing links, too.

    Hi Susan! Yes, it was weird. And I, too, was afraid some of my posts would get lost! I've never thought about backing up my blog!

    Hey Dianna ~ I'm sure you were glad you're on Wordpress!

    Hi Ellie ~ I actually got some other writing done, and more housework, too. :D
    And glad to see your vote on Ashton!

    Hey Tam ~ LOL. you like AK?

    Hi Joyce ~ I'm glad to see you took my post to heart and came back with your own "I Wonder"! Thanks!

    Blue Bell Books ~~ Who the heck are you and how did you find me? I don't appreciate bloggers promoting themselves in my comment section when I don't even know them.

    And Pat K-9 ~ I agree on the addictiveness of blogging!!


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