Saturday, May 14, 2011

* This 'n That on a Saturday Night *

I posted a gadget on the top right side bar, to remind everyone of my contest celebrating 200 Followers! Don't forget to enter and tell all your blog buddies, because there are No Rules! Just leave a comment on the May 9th post. That's it. Contest ends at midnight on May 23rd.
Someone left a comment the other day that one of the things she likes about my blog is the music in my Play List. That made me so happy, because I really love all kinds of music! I've had a lot of fun putting together my play lists, too. Since it doesn't automatically start anymore, I'd like to point out how diverse the songs are. When you're in the mood to listen, just click on a song. It's set on Shuffle, so you could experience many genres in just a few short minutes. Here are just a few: Perry Como, Cold Play, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Jackie Wilson, Super Tramp, Glenn Miller, Patsy Cline, and The Temptations!

Have you ever cleaned out an old purse and found a few loose coins in the bottom? Well...I cleaned out one the other day and found a Five Dollar Bill. It was inside an old beat up envelope and was almost tossed in the trash! Just a reminder....look really well before you throw things away! 
"Wonderful friends, all kinds of music, and a few dollars in my purse.....what more could I possibly want?" --  Becky Povich 
P.S. Doh! After posting my newest post on May 16, I realized I forgot to add BOOKS!! I also need and want books!!


  1. A five book/movie deal? :)

    No, really, sounds like you have it all!

  2. I love sorting and throwing and making room for new things, and occasionally finding "green" tucked away in a forgotten place. Congratulations on all those followers. You are what makes it all a blissful place to be!

  3. Your happiness is infectious. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I love all kinds of music too! How boring it would be to just listen to the same type all the time! I beat you with the found money in the purse...awhile back I found $20!!!! Now that was a great feeling. You teach a great lesson though...a few years back I sold a purse at a yard sale. Unfortunately I had left some type of receipt with my credit card # on it. Long story short...the husband of the woman who bought it used my card to call those phone sex people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully I was alerted and didn't have to pay anything!

  5. I had to laugh about you saying we could experience many genres of music in a very short time. I said the same words quite recently. My daughter does all the cooking in our house, so I always wash the dishes. I listen to my MP3 player while I do, and I was telling someone last week that I go from Frank Sinatra, to Casting Crowns, to George Strait, to Queen in a fifteen minute period. (easy listening, Christian, country, rock). I can petty much do all types of music...except metal, hip-hop, and rap.

    I love that you found some money in your purse. I often find quarters in the washing machine. Hubby and son forget to empty their pants' pockets most of the time!!

    Have a wonderful day.


  6. Becky, I LOVE music -- it's a big part of my life, too. Unfortunately, I'm so easily distracted that I can't listen to music and concentrate on what I'm reading on a blog! The only kind of music I can listen to while I'm reading/writing is mood music without lyrics -- like Native American flute music. Other than that, I have a problem. So kudos to you for addressing the listening/reading styles of your entire audience and making the music "optional!"

  7. I love finding lost money! Hope you had a nice day.

  8. Hello dear Becky! Lovely to hear from you and I missed you too!!! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and well wishes!!!

    I just appreciate your friendship so much! I am much better now, rested up and on the mend!

    Looking forward to buying that book soon!!!

    Smiles and hugs

  9. Hi, Becky! I too love all kinds of music, and love how you've added the music to your site. Your site always makes me smile, and the music just adds to the happy feeling. :)

    Congrats on 200 followers, I need to check out the May 9th post now, I missed that. Contests are always fun! :)

  10. Congrats on the followers! Off to clean out my old purses...:)

  11. Congrats on hitting 200!

    I had a purse once that I swear made money. Sometimes just a dollar or two, sometimes as much as five. It was awesome.


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