Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intense Colors & Joy

I've mentioned before that autumn is my favorite season. I wasn't sure what kind of affect the crazy summer weather would have on the leaves in my part of the world, but I must say I haven't been a bit disappointed!

When I've been in my car the past few days, I could barely keep my eyes on the road due to my "Tree Admiring, Shrub Gawking, Foliage Observing" driving!

I thought many internal "Oohs and Aahs" and even shrieked some outloud....all to myself, while meandering through winding roads.
When I left to go on errands today I even took my camera with me. I realized immediately, though, I wasn't going to be able to stop and take pictures.

I would've been stopping every few feet, rolling down my car windows, taking pictures of gorgeous trees in people's yards....and would've probably had the police called on me! I'm going to have The Ronald drive me and see how that works.  

So..when I got back home this afternoon, it was time for Vern's walk. We try to go on one every single day. He gives me the incentive to do it even when I don't really want to, because he just loves it! AND, an added side benefit to that certainly has helped with my weight loss. I've lost between twelve and fourteen pounds, depending on how well I eat any certain day! I plan to lose at least eight more.
Vern snoozing last Saturday evening, after a hard day....consisting of one walk and lots of rest!

Anyway, while on our walk today, I picked up a few lovely leaves to share with y'all. These were right in my neighborhood which is just breathtaking.

While stooping down to pick these up, a flood of school day memories hit me: Walking home from fifth grade, shuffling through the fallen leaves carrying an armful of books, seeing a pile of burning leaves at the edge of the street, hearing the crackling noise and inhaling that intoxicating aroma, reliving the two-sentence conversation I had with the current boy of my dreams....Ahh, it seems like yesterday.
Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter." ---Carol Bishop Hipps


  1. What a perfect quote! I love your leaves. They are like colorful exclamation points, saying that God is busy with His paint brush!



  2. I, too, like your quote. It states the season situation perfectly.

  3. I love fall!

    Congrats on the weightloss!

  4. Glad I didn't miss Vern...if only I could sleep like that!

  5. Love the leaves and I'm ready to collect some. Not so pretty here in Texas yet. hugs, Linda

  6. I think I love working in a school because of those 5th grade autumn memories! Way to go Vern, getting Becky into shape like that. Looks like its an exhausting job! A little preview of some good news...a certain black labrador pup may be moving into our house this weekend...

  7. We haven't seen much of a fall yet, but it seems like it's getting colder this week, so maybe we're on our way. Sure hope so!


  8. Thanks to every one of you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  9. OK...I'm your new best friend, Becky. Anyone that shares my name gets me at HELLO! :)

    Tee Hee....I'm following you BACK!


  10. Our leaf looking is pretty much over...but it was gorgeous while it lasted. Now if I could only stay inside until Spring!

  11. It's nice to find a new blog.

    I love the color of those leaves. How beautiful.

    I am also trying to lose a little weight and I love taking my daily walks with my dog. You have a really cute dog, by the way.

  12. I want to just cry. Once again I am missing out on the Fall foliage. The colors are so stunning to me as well that I would probably run off the road and end up in a ravene. As a matter of fact, I almost rear ended a car in Tucson Az because I couldn't stop looking at the mountains! No mountains here in Florida.
    And whoop whoop for you girl! I want to lose weight so badly! Keep up the great work!~Ames

  13. I just love that quote! And picking up Fall leaves does bring back so many happy memories! We used to drive out in the country to pick them up and press them to take to school! Do they still do that I wonder? ♥

  14. Love the pictures. We don't get fall like that in my part of the world.

    Wow. You lost a lot of weight. I lost a little walking Leroy, but I'm impressed with your record.

    Take care Becky, enjoy the season.

  15. I love all those autumn leaves. I have some in a frame on my dining room wall collected by my aunt un Niagara, Canada. Vern looks so blissful too.

  16. I often wish we had these beautiful fall colours here. We do have a beautiful autumn, but it's always golden and green, with only a few wild maples to add a touch of colour, in the wild.


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