Sunday, October 23, 2011

* Nostalgic Sundays *

Happy Nostalgic Sunday, Everyone!

After looking at some charming "way back when" photos on Kathy's blog yesterday, I decided to attempt to post some of my own here. The problem is....trying to take a picture of a picture, and with MY camera, the results aren't very good. I couldn't get half the ones I wanted because it just wouldn't focus. But...for Nostalgic Sunday.......
This is my mom. Isn't she adorable??
She has on a tiny necklace and what looks like a mesh shawl.
This would've been taken in early 1916.
(Yes, she was almost 40 years old when I was born.)

These are my two (older!) sisters and me. I'm in the middle.
[I think it's obvious we hadn't fixed our hair yet!]
To my left (purple shirt) is my deceased sister Jo Ann.
To my right (navy shirt) is my sister Marian, who lives in Atlanta.
This was taken in March of 1983 when we were in Iowa.
A little over a year later, Jo Ann died from a brain tumor.
(She didn't even know about it at this time.)

Remember my Illinois neighbors I wrote about on October 9th?

¸ ¸ ¸¸¸

Well, here they are at my 3rd Birthday Party!!

The little boy in the striped shirt and the girl in the checkered dress next to him.
I don't know if that's me in the back right corner, or not.
But the little boy in the back, by the door, is my brother, Mike.

"Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money." ~ Author Unknown


  1. Becky, these photos are great! Mom WAS adorable. And so are her daughters. What a shame about your sister, Jo Ann, that must have been a terrible blow. I don't think we are alone in longing for simpler times these days...

  2. It is always nice to see where we have been, where we come from... enjoyed seeing your pictures!

  3. Hi, Becky, I had to stop and say hello having seen your comment on Jeanie (Marmelade Gypsy)'s blog this morning where you noted that you are on the opposite side of Missouri from KC. As am I, here in STL.
    And THEN I saw that you're involved with Writing and Writers Guild, so had to say hi.

    I've been planning to join for several years (Missouri Writers Guild) and have attended their past two conferences (this year and 2010) and, I have to get going on that.

    Anyway, will gladly hop over here to this delightful spot and hope your writing (besides this cool blog) is going swimmingly!

  4. I love that quote...and the family pictures are really fun to see.


  5. Hey, Becky, thanks for the shout-out! I loved seeing the pictures of you and your family. Oh, those '80's. Nice to see Jo Ann and the picture of your Mom is precious.

    Have a great week!

    Kathy M.

  6. I just love looking at old pictures. They bring back so many memories!

    Critter Alley

  7. A lot of good memories - I am so sorry you lost your sister.


  8. Neat old pictures, Becky. It is always fun to look back and reminisce.

  9. I love these old photos. That baby picture of your mom is just so precious. You and your sisters look so happy. I'm so sorry about your loss of your sister. It must have been such a shock. Love the little birthday hats in your b'day party picture. Those were the days. laurie @ Battling My Inner Critic

  10. It's so fun to go back and have those memories to look at. I have some old photos I really need to pull out and share with my family. I somehow found myself in possession of some pictures I think everyone forgot even exist.

  11. Love the party pic. Did you ever take the party hat and put it over your nose like a giant chicken beak, and chase your friends, trying to peck them?

  12. I too love old photos and have been studying them. My mother has a treasure trove, and I hope she will help us children identify the people and tell us stories about them. It would be so much harder to write memoir without pictures!

    Your personality shines through your blog! Thanks for your comment at my blog also.

  13. Becky, love the pics! Your mom is adorable, such a little lady. I thought it was so amazing that she had a little necklace on in her photo--modern parents would see "choking hazard" and go crazy!

  14. The pictures are fantastic. So sad above your sister. Thanks for taking the
    trouble to post them.

  15. Becky, what wonderful photos! I actually have some photos of my husband when we were in the 4th grade! We went ALL through school together.

    Such a sweet baby picture of your mom!

  16. Lovely trip down memory lane...


  17. Thanks everyone! I hope to include some old photos in my memoir,too.

  18. Hi Becky,
    Bob ( has asked me to pass on his congratulations (and me too) for the picture you contributed for Book Blurb #34 on Lisa's blog. Then, looking at these family pictures and reading what you tell, I wish to thank you for sharing these too. Take care. - [First time here.]

  19. Hello Seasons & Bob! Thank you very much for taking the time to stop and comment. I'm very flattered. I do love to take photos and would like to do it professionally, but I need a much better camera for that. Every now and then I get a good one, though, like the walking trail one!

  20. Aww that's sweet memories.I'm sorry about your sister though.
    I love to look thru my mom's photo albums. I'm always asking, "Who's this again?" So I don't forget and can tell my own children.

  21. Thanks for taking me along your memory walk. Your photos are priceless, and the quote at the end just made my day.


  22. Fun post, Becky. My Mom was 40 when she had me ... something we have in common. I have so many photos to go through ... the memories. Wonderul Nostalgic post.

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Had to come over to see yours. Love the pictures of you and your family. It is always so nice to stop and remember all those moments and all those people who are important in our lives.

    Are you near Davenport? We used to stop there all the time on road trips from Omaha to Detroit. It didn't break the trip exactly in half, but it was worth it to stop at the Machine Shed for dinner and breakfast. Yum!

  24. NOw, this is such a fun post, Becky! I loved seeing the pics of you and your family and friends. And we share something in common... my mother was almost 40 when I was born. My dad was about 45. So I have a much older sister, too. I'm sorry about your other sister and the brain tumor. My husband's aunt is battling one right now, but so far, so good.



  25. Hello Jennifer, CJ, Snap, Maryann and Sheila! Thanks so much. I truly appreciate y'all!


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