Sunday, November 27, 2011

* Nostalgic Sundays *

Time for Another Nostalgic Sunday
Since this is the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and the TV weather folks say we may get a few snow flurries today, I'm definitely feeling Christmasy!

Let's take a look at some Christmases past:

I bought this hat Christmas 2008
 when I worked at Barnes & Noble during the holidays.
I sewed the red ribbon on it to tie under my neck,
because it wouldn't stay on.
I couldn't wear it very long at work,
 though, because my head would get too hot!


This goes way Christmas 1977.
That's me on the left and my sister Jo Ann on the right.
I don't know if I've mentioned that she was an artist;
pencil, chalk, oil paintings, sculpture, & wood carving.
This was taken at our mother's apartment in St. Louis.
Jo Ann made the sculpture on her left...probably way back
when she was in college and gave it to mom soon after.
I also lived in St. Louis then, but Jo Ann moved to
 Florida when I was in high school. When she came home for
Christmas, I always hoped she'd get snowed in
and wouldn't be able to fly home until a few days later!
We weren't able to see each other very often for many years,
due to the expense of flying.

* All through December I'll continue to post photos
 of Christmases Past on my Nostalgic Sundays. *

Welcome to my newest follower, Linda Young. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!
"At Christmas, all roads lead home." -- Marjorie Holmes


  1. Becky, I was all set to be a Scroogette this year, but this wonderful post has be rethinking my plan. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Awww, thanks CJ. That's the nicest compliment I could possibly receive!

  3. Your sister's sculpture is impressive. She must have been quite talented. I've never been able to fathom how sculptors can make something out of nothing. Like how some of those chainsaw/ice artists can carve 3D images out of a block of ice.

    I love the hat.

  4. What a nice picture to share of you two girls,Becky! I enjoyed it so much. And you worked at B&N!!! Wow, what fun was that! Have a good week ahead...

  5. Hey! I have that hat too, and I love wearing it. It prompts tons of smiles and nice comments.

  6. What a sweet picture of you and your sister... and such a nice memory you have with her.

  7. Hi Val! Thank you. Yes, she was really talented. Fortunately I do have a few of her drawings. OH, and I agree about the ice sculptors. They are unbelievable.

  8. Hi Bookie! Thank you! I'm glad I still have some old photos. I have some REALLY old B&W ones I'll post another time. And yep, I worked at B&N for about 9 months. I really liked it, but I spent way more than I made!

  9. Hey Marcia! That is a riot that you have the same hat! You should wear it to our SW party!! :)

  10. Hey Lynn! Thank you, and yes I have tons of great memories of Jo Ann.

  11. Love the hat! It's looks so Dr. Seuss!

    Critter Alley

  12. Thanks, Pat! That's what I thought, too. It also has a bell on the top, so it can get quite obnoxious! :D

  13. I loved it when my brother and sister-in-law drove (or flew) from TX to PA for Christmas - and the saddest day of the year was when they left.

  14. Oh, Kim...yes, you know exactly how it felt....

  15. Awww! I love the nostalgic Christmas pictures idea! Your hat was AWESOME. And your sister sounds incredible!

  16. No better time for nostalgia than at Christmas! Looking forward to more posts!

  17. LOVE that hat, Becky! Only you could carry off that look. ;-)

  18. It is so fun and sometimes melancholy to think about times past.

    I am your newest follower.

    Cheryl's Christmas Chattels

  19. I love seeing pictures like this! I hope your holiday was a huge blessing to you and your entire family!

  20. Isn't that the truth, that all roads lead home at Christmastime. In some way, even on an abstract level, don't our own memories and nostalgia place us right there in that comfort. Enjoying your photos :)

  21. Hi Peggy - Thank you! Jo Ann meant so much to me. Glad you liked my goofy hat! :)

    Hey Debora - Thanks! I'm looking forward to posting more!

    Hey Miss Cathy C. - I'm pretty sure YOU could also wear that hat and be very fashionably dressed! :D

    Hi Cheryl - Great to meet you and thank you for becoming my follower! You said it just right about our past memories...happy and yet bittersweet at times.

    Hi Terri - I love old photos, too! Yes, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks!

    Hi Joanne - Another very thoughtful, writerly way of saying things! :) Glad you like the photos, too.


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