Sunday, December 11, 2011

* Nostalgic Sundays *

It's Time for Another Nostalic Sunday


As I wrote on Friday's post, time is flying by....and here we are at Nostaligic Sunday again, where I'm highlighting my Christmases past.

I think I've mentioned before about not having many items from my childhood. I guess my Mother just wasn't a "saver" and also the fact that we moved a few times. Things were either discarded or lost. And so, I only have a very few Christmas tree ornaments from my childhood. As you can imagine, I've protected them dearly!

Here are two of those precious ornaments.
They are wafer thin bells and made of glass.
Notice the green thread? That's how the one on the left
 was hung on the tree for many years.

Here's a view of the inside. There never was a bell clapper.
If there had been, the delicate antique surely would have broken.


Here's another one from the same era. It's green and
has the ever popular "Snow in a Can" sprayed on it.
I can absolutely swear that the "snow" has been on
this ornament for years and years.
On the top, silver "lid" it says:
Shiny Brite. Made in USA (awesome!)

I was three years old this Christmas: 1956.
(my birthday is in January, so I was almost four.)
That's me, showing my Dad my new Tiny Tears doll.
Wow, was I ever excited!
That's my brother's new rocking horse in the background.
The above ornaments would have been hanging
on our tree that year, too.

And of course, Christmas wasn't Christmas at our house,
without Bing Crosby's White Christmas album!
I still have that old, heavy, scratchy album, plus a newer one,
from when they came out with a lighter weight, non-breakable material.  
This photo is of my CD version.
Christmas just isn't the same without old Bing!

♫♪ Jingle Bells, Ja Ja Ja Jingle Bells! ♫♪

Welcome to my newest follower, Stephen Tremp. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!


"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly." -- Andy Rooney


  1. You are up and at 'em early today,Becky. I had the same ornamentgs from the same era. There used to be some wax ornaments too that broke easily. I remember my parents holding them over a stove flame to soften their heads back on...and my dad grumbling! Have a nice is gorgeous here so maybe it will coming your way too.

  2. Oh Becky, those ornaments look so fragile. I remember all our tree ornaments were like that too. I don't know what happened to them after my mum's death. I love the photo of you with your Tiny Tears doll. And of course, I grew up with Bing's White Christmas too. Thanks for the nostalgia. Blessing to you my friend, (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. I have some ornaments my grandmother made. I certainly cherish them...

  4. I had a Tiny Tears! And a Betsy Wetsy, too. But we never had any bell ornaments like yours. You must have really taken care packing them up each year, to have preserved them so long.

  5. That was a blast from the past. Fun!

  6. I am the same as you, not many things from my childhood. I think we may have had the very same bells that you have shared. I do wish I had more of my childhood things.
    I love Bing at Christmas too. It really does bring back happy Christmas memories.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Becky,

    This is wonderful, evoking so many memories for me, and I am sure for others. Like you, I have only a few family ornaments, and I treasure them as you do yours.


  8. I like so many only have a few old ornaments left but I too treasure them! I love the old Christmas music also.

  9. Bing and Christmas go hand in hand. Remember the Christmas specials he and his family did for television? And of course, the movie, "White Christmas". I had it on last night while wrapping presents...pondering as always how in the world Vera Ellen got such a teeny tiny waist!

    Critter Alley

  10. Hi Claudia! That's funny about the wax ornaments and your dad grumbling! We didn't have those, but we did have some darling little candles of snowmen, angels, and choirboys that I hated to see burn!

  11. Hi Jo! One of the biggest joys I receive from blogging is knowing people like you! And to think that life on the other side of the earth, you grew up with similar memories!

  12. Hi Sioux! Wow, homemade ornaments. That's wonderful and I'm sure you DO cherish them!

  13. Hi Val! I'd forgotten about Betsy Wetsy. I didn't have one of her, though. And yes, I don't know how those ornaments have lasted this long. I know that at least one bell was broken a few years ago...but that's all I had -- three. And then there were two...

  14. Hi Linda! Thanks! I love reading about blasts from the pasts, too!

  15. Hi Terri! It's so heartwarming to know that so many of you have similar memories. I just love it!

  16. Hi CJ! Thank you. I'm so happy I can provide some lovely memories for you!

  17. Oh I need to remember that quote on Christmas morning! Nostalgic Sunday -- what a beautiful message.

  18. Hi Linda! I was pretty sure you felt that way, too! :)

  19. Oh Pat! I always wonder the same thing!! She looks like she has a 20inch waist!!

  20. I have a few Christmas things from childhood. My sister and I shared. One of mine is a small collection of plastic Santas. I just love them.

  21. I hope to have ornaments my kids will keep when they grow up too!

  22. That Bing Crosby CD is still one of my favorites!

    (It's Christmas in Killarney.)


  23. It's always fun reading these from the past. Love the old ornaments.

  24. Darling post Becky.. everyone has ornaments from their childhood but me. :-( Yours are gorgeous..
    hugs ~lynne~

  25. Greetings From Southern California

    Have a Merry Christmas & Happy 2012

    ~Ron @ *TOGB


  26. Hope you have a lovely holiday, Becky! I'm afraid I'm not into the festivities much this year--with the move and the business launch, etc., it's all I can manage. Thinking of you often, though, and wishing you all the best! Hopefully, we'll meet up again in the new year.

  27. Whoops! Anonymous was ME! I guess I still don't have the hang of blogger-- I'm a wordpress gal, myself!

  28. Hi Carol! Oh, those Santas sound sweet. Will you post photos of them sometime?

  29. Hi Lydia! As organized as you are, I'm sure your children will definitely have many wonderful mementos!

  30. Hey Sue! Oh yeah! "...and Father John before he's gone will bless the house and all."

  31. Hi Lynn! Thanks, I'm glad others enjoy them. I also love to read about others' memories!

  32. Hi Lynne! Thank you! And I'm sorry you don't have any old ornaments, but I really don't have very many. You have an entire shop of gorgeous items! :)

  33. Hi Ron aka TheOldGeezer! Thanks so much for stopping by, and also for becoming my newest follower!

  34. Hi Dianna! I was wondering who was Anonymous! I kept thinking...okay, who do I know that just moved and launched a business??? Thanks so much for stopping by and yes, maybe 2012 we'll have a chance for at least a cup of coffee together!

  35. My mother actually had quite a few Christmas ornaments, but I let my sister keep them. I've saved everything my kids made, though.

    Funny you mentioned the Bing Crosby album. My hubby and I were just talking about Christmas music and how we don't like very many of the new versions. I miss Johnny Mathis singing Winter Wonderland!

  36. Hey sweet friend, I am a January baby too!

    I can picture that Bing Crosby album in our house as well. Pretty standard fare in most every American household in the 60's!!

    I remember a few ornaments from my childhood; however, they are still at my mom's house. Maybe I'll have her send them to me sometime. Of course, I haven't put up my big tree in a couple years, and I'm not putting up a tree at all this year, so there really isn't much point to having her send them, is there?

    Wishing you a wonderful day.


  37. Hey Lisa, how sweet of you to let your sister have those ornaments. But I wouldn't expect any thing less from you, either! You're such a kind and sweet person! And yes, I have quite a few Oldies Xmas albums, cassette tapes (yeah, even those!) and CD's! No 8-Tracks, though! LOL

  38. Hey Patti! If you told me before you are a January baby, I don't remember! Are you Capricorn or Aquarius? I'm a goat, myself! LOL
    No tree this year? We are the opposite of each other this year. The past couple, I only put up teeny-tiny trees that came with their own lights and ornaments. (Since my baby...uh, I mean our youngest son has his own apartment, it's not as fun anymore...) BUT, this year, I brought up the big, artificial tree and decorated it the other evening. I really enjoyed it! I'm in more of a Christmas spirit this year than I've been in since Mark went away to college.

  39. I remember the ornaments that I greww up with were smaller than ours are now, for the most part. Yours looked small to me. As a child I thought that spray on snow was fantastic. I'm from Michigan. We had real snow!

    I had a Tiny Tears too. You are the age of my sister, so 3 years younger than lucky girl.

  40. Hi there Just Stuff from a Boomer! Thank you so much for stopping and commenting. I've lived in the Midwest most of my life, and we often had real snow, too! I'm dreaming of a White Christmas right now....even though the "forecasters" say...probably not.

  41. I'm going to say what your husband probably says to you all the time: "I love your treasured ornaments!" Needless to say (I hope), I'm talking about the Snow-blowed Christmas ones left to you by your momsy!

    I, too, love the ornaments I "inherited" from my mother, who years ago was about to pitch them to Saint Vinnie, but I luckily fished them out of the heap in the Saint Nick of time!

    Most of them are Polish (Maybe German? My Grandma was from Poland, so when they hung on a tree at her house, they were considered Polish.) glass blown-intos (teapot, fancy lamp, bell, clippy bird with tinsel tail shapes, etc.), Romanian beady dodads, and a box of irrepressible, Schultz Bros. (Dime Store) Shiny Brites --all of which show beloved traces of "snow," because my Aunt Mert starred in a production of Snow-in-a-Can Gone Wild! one year. And, yes, I treasure the sprayed-on faux flakes as much as I do the Yuletidey garnishments they coat!

  42. Hey Sparkle! Thanks for stopping and leaving such an awesome comment! I clicked on all the links you left for us, and most of those pictures brought back such memories. Thank you so much!! The box of Shiny Brites REALLY did it for me....zapped me back to 50s!


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