Tuesday, July 3, 2012

* Tea Cup Tuesday *

I haven't participated in Tea Cup Tuesday in....I don't know how long! I've been so busy with other activities, mostly writing my memoir, but I wanted to join in today.

My little display is a set of three that I bought at Home Goods about two years ago. I loved it the minute I saw it. It's so summery....and I love peaches, too. It was such a ridiculously low price, I just had to buy it! I don't remember exactly, but it was around $5.00 for all three pieces.

The brand is Maxwell Williams, Designer Homewares
The name of it is Orchard Fruits
Fine Bone China

As you can see, it's not the "typical" tea cup usually shown on Tuesdays. It's more of a coffee cup, wouldn't you say? 

Many times in the summer, I use these for my lunch. It just makes a plain ol' lunch seem fancy and festive!

Ahhhhh, my morning coffee! 

(Please excuse my "presentation."
 I threw this all together this morning and didn't do a very good job!)

Thanks for stopping by. I'm joining with Terri of Artful Affirmations and Martha of Martha's Favorites. 

 *Welcome to my two newest followers, Tina and Ellie. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you! *

"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things." -- Chaim Potok


  1. Hi Becky! What a pretty and cheerful set. Peachy keen, lol.

    Kathy M.

  2. Hello Becky,
    I think this set screams "Summer"! Nothing tastes so summery as a peach, in fact I just said this to my husband yesterday while we shared one. I love strawberries and raspberries, but peaches to me are the true summer fruit I wait for.
    I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  3. Becky, I love this set. Homegoods Rules!!!!! I love peaches and this is perfect for summer ... tea fits in a coffee cup just fine! Happy Tea Day!

  4. I tend have my favorite coffee cups (don't drink tea). This looks like it would be one of them. Super cute.

  5. Lovely set. I have tons of tea cups that were my moms and grandmothers and a few I was given when I got married. (everyone gave tea cups back then) I never use them as I prefer a mug but I do keep them where I can see them.

  6. I love drinking from a pretty teacup. Makes me feel good!


  7. We 'Georgia' peaches like this a lot! Glad to see you are doing well. Enjoy your 4th!! Hugs, Linda

  8. Hi Becky. What a pretty little set - very peachy!! A real bargain too, which is even better. Hope all is going well with you my friend.

  9. Hi, BECKY!
    This is off-topic, but I just now turned on my computer and discovered that Andy Griffith passed away. The first person I thought of was you, because of the photo you always post on your 'Nostalgic Sundays' blog bits.

    My Brother and I are HUGE 'Andy Griffith Show' fans, and I own all the DVDs from the years when Barney Fife was still "terrorizing" Mayberry.

    We've really lost a major character from a more innocent age.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. Thank you, everyone! My tea cup Tuesday frame of mind has changed....after hearing about Andy Griffith's death. Thank you, Stephen for thinking of me and letting me know. You are so thoughtful.

    I'll post a special edition of my Nostalgic Sunday later this afternoon or evening. I was sad when Don Knotts passed away, but Andy's death almost has me in tears. I've never cried about a celebrity dying before, either.

    Thanks again for all the fun and sweet comments about my peachy collection, too!

  11. Your cup is peachy keen! I have not done Teacup Tuesday for months...nothing new here!

  12. Hey Bookie! I know what you mean about not doing Tea Cup Tuesdays. Just been busy with other things. Maybe we can both get into it again this fall. Ahhh, the idea of cooler temps is invigorating!

  13. I keep meaning to comment on this since you posted - love this set, very summery and so beautiful!


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