Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I've been feeling a bit "autumnly" for a few days, but our weather is wacky, and today was warmer and more humid again. Yet, October is right around the corner, and the beginning of my favorite time of the year....October, November and December. The aromas of traditional meals and desserts, seeing family and friends, drinking those yummy flavored coffees, and burning lovely scented candles. Ahhh, heavenly!

I thought I'd share some photos from around my house. Even though they are from past years, many of you may not have seen them before.

From November 2010

From October 2011
My fireplace in September 2010

Are you reading anything really great right now? Do you have any favorite books for particular favorite movies?

I'm rereading "Crazy Ladies: A Novel" by Michael Lee West. (The chapters progress though quite a few years and aren't about any certain seasons or holidays, although they certainly are mentioned.) I first purchased and read it in 2006. (I know this because I wrote my name and the date inside! And that reminded me of my excitement when receiving brand new books at the beginning of each school year!) If you click on the title, it will take you to its page on Amazon where it averaged 4 out of 5 stars in 118 reviews! I loved it in 2006 and I'm loving it again in 2012!

Besides being an author of about a zillion books...well, maybe not quite that many, Ms. West also cooks and bakes and decorates. I have no idea where she gets the energy! Click Here to visit Rattlebridge Farm. AND please click Here to visit her website. She's awe-inspiring!

One More Thing about Michael Lee West: She also wrote a book blurb for my memoir, of which I will be forever grateful, but that is not the reason I rave about her or her writing. That all comes straight from my heart and I know she knows that, too. 

Lastly, the fabulous Jennifer Daiker over at Unedited is hosting Guest Bloggers and I will be the featured guest next Monday, October 1st. Please stop by and browse all through Jen's blog. She is amazing!

*Welcome to my newest followers, Riet and Lady CatI hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you! *   

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." - George Eliot


  1. I love autumn and early winter - all the festive holidays and decorations. Loved your pictures.

    Don't you just love re-visiting favourite books? There's something special about them. Like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen in years!

  2. How I envy your Autumn. One of my favourite times of year. I like Spring as well, but Summer lurks too close behind it.

  3. Yes, the weather plays games with us. It is hard to know how to dress. I just finished a collection of essays on Grandmothers edited by Nikki Giovanni. It was wonderful. I also read How Georgia Became O'Keeffe, which was very good. Now what? A choice between 9 waiting books!

  4. Hi Ellie. I'm glad you liked my pictures. I certainly don't overdo any decorations, do I? :)
    I like keeping things simple, in most aspects of my life!
    And yes, what a great comparison....books are definitely like friends! Thank you!

    Hi EC! Again, I find it so fascinating that spring and summer are arriving for you....down there...down under!

    Hey Bookie! Yes...what to wear. This is the time of year I might change clothes a couple of times in a day! Those two books sound really interesting! Thanks for sharing the info!

  5. Hi the little scarecrow sitting on a pumpkin and your quotes! Love fall, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a good Thursday. Susan

  6. I love the autumn colours....hate the icy cold that follows shortly thereafter.

  7. Hey Susan! Thanks. That little guy is one of my favorites! I don't remember where I got him, but might've been the dollar store! :)

    Hi Delores! I don't mind winter,,,,in fact I LOVE snow!! :)

  8. I'm right there with you! My favorite time of the year is upon us and I cant wait!!

  9. Hi Becky. Like you, these are good times of the year coming up in the next couple of months. Autumn, with all the wonderful changing colour on the trees, Halloween, Thanksgiving for you of course, and then Christmas, which is such a joyful time of the year. Blessings to you my friend.

  10. I love this time of the year, cool nights and pleasant days.

    I am reading a book right now by Debbie Macomber. My favorite books are murder mysteries and John Sandford is my favorite author.

  11. Your photos are so nice Becky. There's still no real autumn here - just heat. But soon it will cool off and we'll have the best weather - but more like spring than autumn.

    I'm so excited for you. To have a favorite author write in your memoir. Wow. It sounds like it's coming along so nicely. I'm happy for you.

    Take care and enjoy these days.

  12. Hi Becky ... I love fall the best too. Though it is so cold here at night already. Cary forgot to turn the sprinkler off the night before last, and it got down to 21*! The poor trees were hanging with ice. It made for good pictures though.

    I'll check out the links, and am so happy about all the neat praises you are getting on your book! I can't wait to read it.

    Kathy M.

  13. Hi Becky! Love the 2nd photo from 2011 - he is a cutie pie.

  14. What a beautiful painting on your mantle. I love decorating for Fall. I went to a book sale this morning so I have a new stack of books to start tonight. I'll let you know if they are good! Sweet hugs!

  15. I used to re-read The Stand every summer, and The Shining every winter. Not enough time now. Plus, I've almost got them memorized. No good book for fall, though.

  16. LOVE your decorations, especially that first one with the pumpkin -- too cute!
    I also love this time of year, though I could do without the rains... But I did manage to buy myself a nice black coat for winter, so bring it on! ;)

    As for books, I don't really re-read based on season, just when I feel like it, no matter if I'm reading 'A Christmas Carol' in mid July ;)

  17. I love all your pictures! They make me feel so cozy and ready for autumn. Isn't fall just the best?

  18. Oh, I wish Autumn would hurry this way ... and stay forever!!!

    I particularly like your TRADITIONAL fireplace. I sorely miss seeing those -- vs. builders' creations that are OVER-done... or worse, overly modern and the resulting firepit resembles an aquarium.

  19. Hi Autumns Veil! I was pretty sure of that, since your blog's name is Autumn Veil! That's great! Thanks for stopping and commenting!

    Hey Thisisme! Thank you. Yes...a lovely time of year is upon us!

    Hi Beth! Thank you, and thanks for the book suggestions!

    Hi Myrna! So good to hear from you. I hope you're writing, too! One of these days, I'm coming to New Mexico to visit you. It seems like such a "spiritual" place.

  20. Aloha Becky!
    Lovely photos of autumn! Thank you, it put me in the mood to bring out a few decorations. In Hawaii, we don't really have great season changes like there on the continent, so it's hard to get in the mood.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment.
    hugs of aloha,
    Wayna (aka CreativeGrammie)

  21. Becky dear, I'm checking iin to wish you a Happy Fall. I feel so far behind, but I couldn't let another day pass without sending you some blog love.

    Hope you are well. Still no 'puter here, but I do intend to return.

    I loved that book by Michael. This summer I read 30 books in a month and a half when I was sick. My favorites were several histories of the American Revolution. But I read a sweet book about Andrew Jackson's wife Rachel... A Being So Gentle. I cried my way through part of that. And I read KILLER ANGELS for the first time all the way through and loved it. Somehow I always got sidetracked.

    Love to you, dear lady...



  22. Hi Kathy! Brrr...I know it's cold up in your neck of the woods! Thank you for your sweet comments!

    Hi Sandie! Thanks! I just got another cute scarecrow and a punkin at Hobby Lobby. 50% off sales, oh yeahhh!

    Hi Diane! Thank you so much. I got that picture a couple of years ago at Big Lots and just fell in love with it...and of course it was very inexpensive! Yes, Let me know about your books.

    Hi Val! That's cool about reading those 2 books. I've never reread a book more than the second time, and usually don't even do that. Hmmm, a fall book. I'll have to think on that one!

    Hi Estrella! I'm so glad you got a new winter coat! Someday I hope to visit all over Europe and maybe will be able to see your lovely city. And I agree...any book can be read in any season! :)

  23. Hi Caryn! How nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping and commenting!
    And yes, fall is my favorite!

    Hey Mevely! I hope you get some fall temperatures, too! And thank you for mentioning my fireplace! I like it too. It's my kind of style We didn't choose it; it just came with the house! :)

  24. Wayna, how wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for stopping and commenting! I can certainly understand about not feeling very "seasonal" in Hawaii! But what beautiful weather you have there!

    Sheila, another person I haven't heard from in so long! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you're feeling much better now!


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