Friday, February 15, 2013

* First VGB: From Claudia Mundell

I'm happy to present my first VGB (Volunteer Guest Blogger), Claudia Mundell of Claudia's Page. Although the lovely and talented Claudia mentions me in her post, it was not a requirement! So, come on bloggers & friends....please e-mail me if you have something you'd like to share as one of my VGBs, and we'll go from there. I only have about five so far, so there's plenty of room. 

I forgot to ask Claudia for her bio and when I went to her blog, I couldn't find a profile page, either. Please check out her blog because she's a wonderful person and writes beautifully. Be sure and scroll all the way down to the bottom of her blog to see her publications. She's too shy, I guess, to have them readily available!

The Therapy of Blogging

The first decade of the new century started off rough for me. My dad died, my dog died, my hubby lost 18 inches of his colon, my sons faced some hard growing up experiences (always hard for a mother to watch), my job was downsized and eliminated, my mother’s house burned, the financial market floundered, and my husband along with three other men in his Fortune 500 company were forced into retirement. I felt one slam after another.

My husband was not happy about his retirement (neither were the other men), and it was grueling to see his discontent. I had to find a way to let off my own pressure somewhere other than home. Journaling never worked for me because I never stayed with it once started. On July 4th of 2009, I came to the computer and sat down. I had avoided blogging, but suddenly decided to teach myself something new, to focus outward with some small part of my life. I set up the pages, wrote, posted and it felt good. The rules were simple for me: post several times a week, write conversationally, stay off religion and politics, and not to whine!

As I posted, I also read other blogs. I found the nicest people out there in Blog Land. I read numerous pages and many of us shared activities or situations in common. Sorrow, joy, tea, writing, reading, aging and more became common ground for forming some authentic cyber friendships. The other writers began to post comments on my blog too. Oh, I found myself looking for their names, their thoughts. When I didn’t hear, I began to worry about them, wondered if they were okay in their own worlds.

The gifts came too: a tea plaque from Linda, writing markets from Donna, a give-away box from Susan, a special Precious Moments figurine from Becky, handwritten letters from Lynn and more. I felt like Sally Field when she accepted the Academy Award. Why, they like me, really like me! But I liked them back and appreciated their connections. I was glad I had gone out on a limb, risked exposing myself on the blog, and I had found a valid and sincere community of caring people I had never met.

I have met in person for brief moments Linda from St. Louis, Donna from St. Peters, and Ginny from Aztec, New Mexico, and I know personally John from Wales. I hope to meet others someday. It doesn’t matter though if we never meet face to face because these blog buddies pay off every day when they leave comments on my blog. Their words and thoughts, the shared time in print, and the jovial connections all validate me. The online associations prove to me again that the world is a great place to be and that sharing friendship over a cup of tea or on the page…well, it is all still human connection. Blogging made mighty fine therapy for me and pretty cheap to do too! -- Claudia Mundell


Thank you, Claudia! And readers, please feel free to leave a message because she'll be checking in from time to time, to answer questions and/or comments.

* Welcome to my newest follower Terra. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! * 

"How rare and wonderful is that flash in the moment when we realize we have discovered a friend."- William Rotsler


  1. I love the connections blogging has allowed me to make. I so appreciate the support and encouragement of my online writer friends. I had no idea, when I started this journey, the connections I'd make!

  2. Claudia, I really enjoyed reading your post. I guess we all have different reasons for blogging, but it turns out to be therapeutic for all. It's so nice to meet you and know that we have a mutual friend in Becky. She's the best friend I've made while blogging. Her support and genuine care are invaluable. I know what you mean about the connections being so real. Take care Claudia.

  3. Oh, this is so neat. Neat that you are doing this, Becky, and neat what you wrote, Claudia. I began blogging just a few months after you did, and enjoy the same benefits of blogging as you do. We even share some of the same friends.

    I have come to know myself better through blogging and have gained confidence too.

    Thank you for your post!

    Becky, you have a LOT of followers, congratulations.

    Kathy M.

  4. I love blogging, too, for many of the same reasons. Nice to meet you, Claudia!


  5. Welcome Claudia - it is lovely to meet you. Thank you for agreeing to play at Becky's place.

    The warmth and wonder of the blogosphere keeps me upright and sane(ish) some days, so I hear you loud and clear.

  6. Hey Becky, enjoyed your guest blogger!

    BTW, I re-signed up as a follower. Not sure why my other one disappeared.

    Critter Alley

  7. Hello Julie, Myrna, Kathy, Sue, EC, and K9 Friend! Claudia e-mailed me that she will stop by as soon as she can. She said it's been one of those Non-Stop Days! Thank you all for stopping and commenting...and please think about sharing some of your thoughts and views, etc. here, too!

  8. Thanks Becky and all you readers who took time to comment. Thanks also to those who went the extra miles to visit me at my own blog "house". This has been great to meet some new people and a few I recognize from other Sue, I think we have crossed paths over at Jenny's Saturday Centus!

    Becky was one my first three blogs I began to visit in the beginning. You can't read her jolly lines each day and not have a smile. Thanks again to you all and have a great weekend ahead for yourselves!

  9. Just stopping by to say hello! sandie

  10. Claudia is a wonderful blog buddy and superb writer. I enjoy her posts, especially the pictorial side trips she takes readers on.

  11. Great post, Claudia! I agree with all you said about blogging. I was really shy about beginning and putting myself out there not knowing who was going to read it. Then it took me awhile to connect with others and comment. But I found everyone supportive and encouraging and so friendly!

    Becky, when I get my courage up I might give guest blogging a try. One step at a time! ; )

  12. Thanks to all of you who commented. Claudia really is a great woman, and writer! One of these days, she and I will meet in person!


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