Wednesday, February 13, 2013

* Gifts From Creative and Delightful Carmelina *

My beautiful "2000 Follower Give Away" gifts from Creative Carmelina! 

I apologize for the delay in getting my photos posted, but I was having problems with my camera. And as usual, the colors don't seem quite right, but if you click on the link above, it will take you directly to the specific post with Carmelina's gorgeous photos.

Carmelina is so creative and talented. She used a dress pattern as gift wrap!

This elegant crocheted starched tea cup set is just beautiful!

Lovely hand crafted floral note cards with envelopes!

Two of my favorite things in the whole world: embroidered flour sack towels!

Charming pink doily and white crochet dish cloth!



Since Carmelina is such a sweetheart, she included some extra gifts for me!
The above cream colored doily with lovely embroidery in the center.

And....these darling handmade pins!

What a fun surprise when I opened the box brought by the mail carrier!
Thank you again, Carmelina! I will definitely use and cherish my gifts!

* Welcome to my newest follower Maria. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! * 

** One more thing. My first Volunteer Guest Blogger (VGB) will be Claudia Mundell of Claudia's Page this Friday, February 15th. Be sure to stop by! **

"Give generously, live joyfully, love abundantly." -- Unknown


  1. That is a lovely selection of gifts.

  2. What a beautiful gift package from Creative Carmelina. You will surely enjoy the many gifts for years to come!

  3. Wow! What pretty gifts! I LOVE that pink crocheted tea cup! Lucky YOU!
    Have a great week!
    sandy :)

  4. What lovely gifts! That must have been so much fun to find delivered to your door.

    Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

  5. Becky!
    Thanks so much for sharing your gifts...I'm so happy you like all of my handmade treasures....from my hands to your heart! Enjoy!

    Ciao Bella

  6. That's a lovely assortment. You are very lucky.

  7. These things are lovely. You deserve to have them and you deserve so much, much more. Take care Becky.

  8. What wonderful gifts, love the floral note cards and tea towels.

  9. That was a lovely gift package, Becky. So glad you won.

    Hope your Valentine's Day is extra special. Susan

  10. Wow! You hit the jackpot, Becky. Very beautiful and very generous of Carmelina.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

    Kathy M.

  11. Very nice gift package. That pink crocheted cup is different - I like it! It can't compare to the photo of my blue chicken, but then nothing can. :)

  12. Hey Becky!

    Happy Valentine's Day! Lucky you, winning all that neat stuff (I especially like the tea towel!)

    And P.S. Glad to see the memoir moving forward--Margo's a real doll!


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