Thursday, March 21, 2013


If you happen upon this particular blog post, please leave a comment if you have any suggestions about my Blogger Roll List problem.

Yesterday while visiting other bloggers, I noticed that the ones who list mine on their Blog Roll, all showed my latest blog post as "A Plethora of Writing Contests" from March 13th. BUT, since that time, I've posted four more new posts: March 14th, 15th, 17th, and 19th.

I haven't made any changes to anything, other than my profile photo. I even put the previous one back on, just in case it had anything to do with it, which it did not.

Obviously this is not really a problem, in the big scheme of things, but it sure is annoying. When readers see that a blog hasn't had a new post in quite a while and/or since they last visited it, they're most likely to skip right past it.

One other thought. If you presently have my blog listed on your Blog Roll and it still shows March 13th as the most recent post, please remove it from your list and then put it back on. Maybe that will update it. Please let me know the outcome!

* NOTE: March 21, 11:00pm  I deleted that blog post from March 13, hoping it might make blog rolls show the current post....but that didn't work as far as I can tell. Oh well...I'm going to quit thinking about it. 

Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I decided it was time to change my template and background! It's been a long time...and I kind of like my new look! *

In the meantime, I'll be listening to some great music, or half-watching, half-listening to Andy Griffith reruns, as I continue to sort and pack household items.....getting ready for our move.

"Tough times don't last. Tough people do." - Gregory Peck 


  1. Moving? Same town, smaller house?

    This same thing has happened to another blog friend of mine (update failure) and I have deleted and re-added several times and nothing has changed. I just try to remember to visit at least once a week and catch up.

    I missed so much of your great posts, but I caught up today. I have been so busy that I am behind on most everybody, so I didn't know that it had been so long.

    Kathy M.

  2. Hi dear, have you figured out the problem yet? I have no ideas for you, I'm sorry! Are you going far with your move?

  3. Don't know what the deal is - sometimes these things happen.

  4. Thanks, Kathy, Melissa, and definitely is aggravating. I've tried all kinds of things....I'm thinking about going back to a "regular" template, too,,,although I don't think that will help! :)

  5. Hope it gets worked out. I don't like when things don't do what they are supposed to! Frustrating when you can't figure out why! Grrr...

  6. Thank you, Kathi! Yes, frustrating describes it perfectly. But, I've got so much to do, I've almost forgotten about it! :)

    Kathy and Melissa, you asked about our move. We're staying in same town and downsizing! The Ronald and I are both really happy about it!

  7. I've been packing too and haven't made too much time for blogging. But I did miss your blogs and assumed you were just busy. Glad I stopped by. Don't have any suggestions except that you contact Blogger. You've probably already done that. Hope this resolves. Happy packing.

  8. I tried shutting down my computer and booting it up again, that didn't work. Next I deleted your blog from my blog roll, re-added it, that didn't work. Went to My Reading Corner, added a new blogroll and added your blog, that didn't work either.

    I've been busy this week, not at home hubby is helping a friend do some painting in her new home. Also I am fighting a cold, so mostly just setting around while they work, but I always join them for lunch. Where there is food I feel well enough to eat. hee, hee.

  9. I am one of the many who had been lied to (bad Blogger, bad bad Blogger) and told that you hadn't posted since the 13th. Whatever magic you did, I am now working my way through a plethora of wonderful posts. And no, deleting and re-installing did zip. Hiss and Spit.

  10. I've been having problems with bloggers disappearing from my reading list. I start to think "I wonder if something has happened" so I go to my blog role list on my home page and click on them there only to find I have been missing posts. Very annoying.


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