Saturday, July 13, 2019


I found it, I found it! The cute header I used years ago. Still trying to make it the correct size, but this works for now.

I've been reading A LOT and getting close to finishing Good Riddance. Even though it's about 10,000 degrees here today, I might venture out to the library...although I do have that stack of TBR books 😉

Have I shared any photos of our view? 

Here's our view from our front porch! 
(This is an enlarged photo. We're not 2 feet from the lake, but close!)

Part of our screened-in porch. I've wanted one all my life!
And white wicker? Yes! One of my best friends, Sherry, got two chairs,
a love seat and a coffee table for FREE.
  A neighbor of hers was throwing it all away!
Sherry and her husband live a couple hundred miles away now 😥 
but she comes "home" quite often. She piled all the furniture into 
her car and brought it to us. 
Note: I got the beautiful armoire on Facebook's Market Place
which is where people buy and sell used items.
I got it for an amazingly low price!
It obviously opens and has so much storage space!

Looking forward to checking out all y'all's blogs! 


  1. Your new (to us) surroundings look great.
    Books are an addiction aren't they? I totally understand going to the library despite have a tower (pile is too small a word) of unread books.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Sue! Thanks, we do love it here. And yes, books are an addiction! Loved your comment about loving going to the library even if you have tons of books at home! Wishing you a great weekend, too!

  2. Becky, I can't believe I missed your last posts going back to April! But I now went back and saw that you purchased your lovely home by the lake, that you had eye surgery, that your book is on sale at a local store, etc.
    I've had you on my mind, but been too lazy to connect. Will do so soon. I'm so happy for you! Take good care.

    1. Hello Myrna! Thanks so much. I think of you so often, too. And you put it exactly what my problem is most of the time "...been too buy to connect."

  3. My daughter had wicker furniture when she was little girl. I spray painted it red to match her Raggedy Ann decor. Then when she turned seven I spray painted it baby blue and made her a gingham clue bedspred and curtains. It looked so pretty. Enjoy your new porch. I want one!

    1. Ever since I was a little girl and saw white wicker for the first time, I've loved it and wanted to have it someday. Well, it only took over half a century... Ha! You're so talented with sewing and crafting, etc. I can't do either of those things. I wish you a screened-in-porch, too! That's another item that took many years!

  4. Lovely view....I've always had a desire to live close to water.

    1. Thanks, OSC! What's funny about this is that I never thought of living near a lake until a few months ago! It's another long story. Maybe I could submit it to Chicken Soup someday! Ha!

  5. Hi Becky. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Wicker always makes for a cozy space. And when it's free, even better. Enjoy your porch. A great place for reading. :)

    1. Hey Tammy! I love your words about wicker: "...always makes for a cozy space." Very true! Thanks for stopping by. This is really fun again!

  6. BECKY-O! ~
    Very nice view from your front porch. And very nice to hear that your vision has been surgically restored. Terrific news!!

    >>... Part of our screened-in porch. I've wanted one all my life!
    And white wicker? Yes!

    My Ma always wanted a white rocking chair, and she eventually got one. I assume she's sitting in a golden rocking chair right now in Heaven.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Aww, that's neat about your mom! I'm happy she got her chair and I'm sure she's rocking away in heaven now, too.


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