Tuesday, October 5, 2021


 Hey everyone! I honestly can't believe the last time I posted anything here was July! 

I'm fine. My family is fine. Work is fine. Green Kitty is fine. 

My excuse for not posting is the usual...been working a lot and tired (therefore sleeping!) a lot. 

I must share some of my favorite fall pictures and quotes below. 

These pictures are all pretty old and you've probably seen them before, but aren't they pretty?

Well, this is all for now. I hope all of you are safe, healthy, happy, and enjoying where you are in life!


  1. Lovely to see a post from you. Even better to learn that you are all fine.
    Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons and with the magic of the internet I can enjoy them both together.

  2. Hi Sue, great to hear from you! And yes, we all get to enjoy all the seasons via the internet. I love seeing all kinds of photos, and you always have amazing ones!

  3. So nice to see you here Becky. Glad you’re well. I’m ok too. Now I live in Florida near my daughter. Moved in June. Still adjusting.
    Don’t work too hard.

    1. Myrna! I'm so glad you commented because I had no idea you'd moved...and to FLORIDA! I really need to catch up with you and others. I'm really, really going to try to do better!

  4. Love the pocket full of gold meme. How perfect.

    You're ten days since your last post...just saying :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks so much for commenting...and reminding me about the 10 days! I do have an excuse for the past 5 or 6 days. I've been sick with a viral infection that kicked my butt! I'm finally beginning to feel normal again. I'll try to write a new post soon!


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