Monday, January 10, 2022

* IT'S JANUARY 10, 2022 & STILL NO SNOW! *

1) Have I mentioned I have double vision again like I did a few years ago? And did I actually tell y'all then that I had double vision??

It started for no reason (just as before), but this is different because sometimes I can see if holding my head a certain way. Last time that wasn't the case.

I got to the point recently where I didn't feel safe driving, and my neck hurt from bending it a certain way. It's a good thing I only work two days a week now, because Ron drives me to work, and picks me up to come home. (it's about 45 miles each way.)

I will have surgery (like last time) to correct the problem and I wish it was right away, but I still have an appointment for another consultation on January 24, with the surgeon. 

2) I had been scheduled to speak at our local library since before I developed the double vision...and it's next week - January 18th! I explained to the woman in charge about it and she is going to help in any way she can. I can read okay if I look straight ahead, and I intend to look at the people most of the time.

I was asked to speak because of the recent Chicken Soup for the Soul book I have a story in. The attendees will be seated at tables, and the woman in charge is bringing a crockpot of chicken soup. What a fabulous idea! 

I'm also going to have a raffle for copies of the book, and also my memoir. 

I'm looking forward to a (I hope) fun evening. I've never been nervous to speak to people before, so I hope this goes smoothly.

"Yelling really loud can sometimes ease tension…and sometimes it makes everyone else in the library jump out of their skin." – Maxine      Gotta love that Maxine!


  1. I hope it goes really, really well - and that you have fun. As I am sure that the attendees will.

    1. Thank you, Sue! One of these days I want to make some kind of Facebook video about writing.

  2. hope your vision issues are resolved soon. Good luck on the library presentation. Sounds fun.

    1. Thank you, Linda! I'll let you know how it all goes.


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