Wednesday, July 21, 2010

* Blogger Has Me Baffled - I'm Under Construction! *

Hey Everyone! As you can see, I'm trying to change my background and template! I have managed to do a portion of that! Doesn't it look really silly?? I want just the books and shelves as the background....not just at the top! I don't know what I did wrong, but somehow I still have the lilac swirly doo-dad thingys, too! Eeek!

Please e-mail or leave comments, if you know the clues!! Thanks!

"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand." ~ Martin Fowler


  1. It looks good - just needs some 'final touches' - you'll get it. Sandie

  2. Awwww, thanks Sandie! What a sweet thing you are! If I didn't already know you were from The South, I think I would after reading your kind comment!! :)

  3. i wish i were better with computer. it took me a good deal of time to add or change the way my blog looked. you'll get it.

  4. Not a clue! I love the bookshelf background, and I'm sure that you'll figure it out. I've been wanting to redo mine for the last 6 months, but I'm terrified I'll lose everything lol. Love the quote. Kat

  5. Wish I could help, but I'm the original tech-know-not.


  6. Hi Becky,

    I learned that you can just re=save what you have ... you don't have to choose something different. TCBOTB had to move to a different server, and they had to change their codes.

    Your blog looks really nice, but if you want to get rid of the white background, delete that HTML code from your gadgets. If the books showed up on the sides when you were looking at them on TCBOTB then they should show up after the white one is gone.

    Just let me know if I can help you. I got up early to do my 5 most used blogs ... then on to my other 25! Oh, well, it is free.

    Have a great day ... you are doing great and are learning more about programming websites!


  7. Sorry Beck. I'm the computer savvy illiterate. I'm grateful I can post my blog and photos. ha ha Love the books, though. Susan

  8. I am completely clueless, but I do wish you luck. And I admire your courage!!


  9. Your blog always looks terrific. You'll have it perfected in no time. And I agree with have a lot of courage! I want to change the look of mine, but I haven't had time to play with it. Maybe soon. You've inspired me!

  10. Becky... I change my templates every few weeks, because I like change. I use" Blogger Buz-Spruce Up Your Blog". Which I think is what you are using. If so, this is how it works for me. This will be a bit lengthy so bear with me. OK?

    Select the template of your choice.. Click on Download, go to your Blogger:Dashboard.

    Choose the blog you want to put the new template on.. Click on Design...

    Now in left hand corner at top of the page, notice Edit HTML.. Click on it.

    Now look for "Choose File" Click on it. Go to your downloads and find the name of your template choose it, I have to choose it twice, (I suppose that depends on what kind of computer you are using)

    After you choose the template from your downloads you are back to the page where you "Choose File"

    This time click on "Upload" Now if all this worked.. You should see "Edit Template" Click on "KEEP WIDGETS" Wait a few seconds until it loads.

    . Now go to the box that says. "SAVE TEMPLATE" click on it... wait a few seconds until it loads.

    Now if all is working it should tell you... "Your changes have been saved" Click to View Blog and see if that worked.

    It always works for me. I just changed one of my blogs templates so I could walk you through it step- by- step. I hope it isn't to confusing.

    Good Luck.


  11. Becky, at least you are doing something to your blog site. I can't seem to even add things I want to incorporate into mine, so it's rather dull to say the least. It looks great.

  12. Wow! Who knew that template/background troubles would get so many nice comments?? Thanks to everyone, whether you had any suggestions or not! I really appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness! I'll see if I can get it fixed....oooohhh, hope I don't lose my stuff!! :o

  13. Becky, I'm not sure why you want to change it...after all, you're an original. And so is that template! :-)

    (Good luck! I'm always messing around with my blogs and website and I've never lost anything-at least, not anything too important :-)

  14. Hey Cathy C! Thanks! Sorry, I guess I didn't see your comment until right now.I'm so relieved to have just ONE background show up when I click on my blog now! The others may have been me (how sweet was that??)...but having it change about 6 times, right before my eyes was making me wackier than usual! :D

  15. I think your blog page looks great now. I am on Wordpress and I woudl not attempt to make any such changes to my page without the help of a professional! ha! I do not get WP at all. I may consider changing it next year, not sure. I wish I had paid more attention to other blog sites before I started mine, ho-hum... as it usually goes: I'll get it eventually!


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