Friday, December 10, 2010

* Anthologies, Friends, Book Store, Food Bank *

Patchwork Path; Treasure Box has arrived! I really love this book. The patchwork design on the cover and back is so unique, and the quality of the entire book is great. It has quotes here and there all throughout the book, and y'all know how much I love quotes! I've only read a couple of stories so far, but enjoyed them very much.

    Here's one of the unique things I like. The photo below is a portion of the back of the book. I took the picture this way because I wanted everyone to see my name, plus my wonderful blog friend, Claudia McKinney Mundell's name!! Besides the fact that we're both in this book, Claudia's story is the one right before mine! I consider that one of my serenditpitous happenings!! Congrats again, Claudia! I'm happy we share yet another thing in common! (love of books, writing, doilies, tea cups, etc..)

Speaking of friends and anthologies; a lot of you may have already seen Linda's and/or Tammy's blogs where they mentioned participating in a book signing tomorrow. Well, now it's my turn to mention it, too! (Theresa doesn't have a blog.) The following part is taken directly from Main Street Books website:

Four St. Charles/St. Louis area Chicken Soup for the Soul writers will participate in a multi-author book signing on Saturday, December 11th, 2010 from 1-3 p.m. at Main Street Books, 307 S. Main Street in St. Charles, MO.

Customers may bring in a canned good to be donated to a St. Charles food pantry and receive 20% off their entire purchase that day!

Participating authors include: T’Mara Goodsell, Linda O’Connell, Becky Povich, and Theresa Sanders.

Although I have stories in previous editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, I'll be signing the Thin Threads and Patchwork Path books this time. And as I've been mentioning the past couple of weeks, I'll donate $5.00 per book to the local Habitat for Humanity office, for every Thin Threads book I sell.

Those of us who have a warm home and plenty of food to eat most likely have never had to endure a time without having these necessities of life. Please come by, bring a canned good or two and buy at least one book. You'll be helping many people! Happy Holidays!

(Also, thanks to my four newest followers! I am excited because with the 4th one: Miss C.C., I have reached an unbelievable number of 150 Followers!! Thank you everyone, so much. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! The four newest are: C.C., Pam, Stephen Tremp, and a name I just love....Bill, The Old Fart!)

*Speaking of followers, here's something really cool. I was just recently one of four winners on Lydia's "500 Followers Contest". I received a $15.00 gift card to what I commented my favorite independent book store was....and yes, you guessed it.....Main Street Books! Thanks again, Lydia! I'll most likely spend that money tomorrow! Go check out Lydia's blog: "The Word is My Oyster" and you'll see why she now has over 540 followers!!

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." -- Willie Nelson

"There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quite joy." -- Ralph H. Blum


  1. Thanks, Becky! I got note from GK not to worry, my books are on the way. Great!

    You are president of writing group on the east and I will be on the west for 2011...sounds like Missouri will be in good hands!

    Hope you all have great day tomorrow!

  2. why, becky, you're most welcome.

    GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY! three are up for grabs! go here:

  3. Dear Becky...THis is all so EXCITING! Congratulations and kudos to you. Hope you have an awesome time at the bookstore. Thanks for sharing all your good news. I'm excited FOR you! Susan

  4. So, so wonderful Becky!! Congratulations to you for the story and for the book signing!! I love your quotes and that you are donating to some wonderful charities!

  5. Congrats Becky! Thanks for the links:)

  6. Thank you, Bookie, Critical Crass, Susan, Sara and Karen! The book signing today was a huge success! I'll probably post about it tomorrow! We received a TON of canned goods and sold lots of books! Yay!

  7. Congratulations, Becky! Bravo for you! Wishes for many more moments like this!

  8. cong. and continue the right path in your writing endeavors. best wishes rose

  9. I love the way they put your names on the back of the book! Congratulations to you and Claudia!

  10. Hope the book signing was successful and a lot of fun for you.
    Very nice of you to donate part of the purchase price to a good cause. Our family works with Habitat through our church, so I have a big smile om my face.


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